Gatwick Hotel which provide transportation

London Gatwick Airport is the second largest international airport and the second busiest by total passenger traffic after Heathrow in the United Kingdom. As the second largest international airport in the United Kingdom, London Gatwick has many good services and facilities like shops, restaurants, landside and airside, business lounge, hotels and others. For hotel services and facilities, Gatwick Airport has several on- and off-site hotels. Some Gatwick hotel  has the facility that you can choose to book room only or hotel room with parking service. They call booking hotel room with parking service as stay and park. Stay and park become popular because it has some benefit for passenger, like as: 
  1. Passengers who have an early flight do not need to be worry and hurry to awake in the middle of the night to avoid to be late arrive in the airport.  
  2. Passenger who arrives at Gatwick in the late time, usually feel tired if they want to rest soon then it is good to stay in Gatwick hotel so they do not need to be worry will be fall asleep to drive their car because they already take rest and in fresh condition. 
  3. Passenger becomes less of risk getting stuck in traffic. 
  4. Cheaper parking cost 
People who want to go to London Gatwick Airport with their own car sometime confuse about the direction, although people said that the location of London Gatwick Airport is about 28 miles to the south of the capital but sometime it is still confusing so they choose to go to Gatwick with public transportation. But if you want want to stay and park in the Gatwick hotel because you want to go with your own car, then click for directions  and compare all the available options in some websites about this service.  
Gatwick Airport has two terminals, North and South. For information about Gatwick Hotel which provide transportation for both terminals, here are the list:
  1. Courtyard by Marriott (4*) - Well located for South Terminal
  2. Sofitel (4*) - Well located for North Terminal
  3. Holiday Inn Gatwick Worth (4*) - Well located for All Terminals
  4. Best Western Moat House (3*) - Well located for All Terminals
  5. Hilton - located at the South Terminal and connected via walkway
  6. Copthorne Gatwick - 7 minutes from terminals
  7. Ramada - 8 minutes from terminals
  8. Europa – 10 minutes from terminals
  9. Russ Hill – 12 minutes from terminals
  10. Arora – 8 minutes from terminals
  11. The Felbridge – 11 minutes from terminals
  12. Gatwick Belmont – 5 minutes from terminals
  13. Days – 7 minutes from terminals
  14. Copthorne Effingham - 11 minutes from terminals
  15. Holiday Inn Gatwick Worth – 10 minutes from terminals
  16. Menzies Chequers – 5 minutes from terminals

Tips: Smart in vacation

In this world there are two types of people, those who consider traveling as a hobby that wasting money and those who consider traveling as a certainly satisfaction. Those both types do not understand the reason for one another of the opposite choice, but both understood with one another option. For those who love traveling and budget traveler likes me then they must really wise in spending money for traveling. I must pursue a minimum of over budget when traveling so I do not have to sacrifice other needs. Here are a few tip from some budget traveler in terms of become smart in vacation:
1. Destination
If you are a budget traveler, determining travel destination is a very important thing to done long time before your trip. You also have to consider the other costs such as visa fees when your destination is a place that requires visa. By determining your destination also can get information about the place better because by knowing better travel destination will greatly affect the cost of your trip. You can find information about your travel destination from magazines, other traveler story, backpacker forums on the internet, blogs and others.

2. Transport and accommodation
When traveling to the travel destination which needs to travel by plane, besides to get cheaper flight cost you should book your ticket longs time before your trip schedule. For booking your flight, you can use the online booking service directly to the airline's website or use other flight sites. Do not forget to book the place where you will live like hotel or villa because if you go in the high season usually most of the hotels and villas are already full of booked long time before. There are many websites that provide service of hotel room booking services and price comparison, you can also directly book your favorite hotel on the hotel's website if available. For those who got information about hotel promo, before ordering the promo it is better to check available flights first so you can decide whether the cost of flying within the promo period available and it would be very exciting if there is a promo for the airline tickets too. After booked the promo do not forget to book the hotel immediately so you will not lose your hotel promo because of the hotel was fully booked.

3. Cash or credit card
Do not choose to bring money or credit card but take it both always. Having a credit card certainly provides many facilities like easy booking hotel and flight. There are many stores and restaurants that have credit card payment facilities too, but keep in mind not all stores and restaurants already have this facility so it is the usage of bringing money. The usage of bringing money besides for shopping and dining as well as to pay for local transportation. To find out how much you need to carry money, you can find the information about it on the internet or ask a friend who ever going there. Ask how much the average living cost per day to travel there. Knowing average living cost will help you on creating your budget and calculate how much cash that you need to carry on too. The benefit of having a credit card is we can cut the amount of cash that we need to carry but we should not to forget to release our credit card from all bills before we bring it for a vacation. 

4. Insurance
Sometimes people underestimate how important insurance is including of travel insurance. Usually in the airline, travel insurance typically has been an option. Some credit cards also providing travel insurance to certain limits. There are several variant of travel insurance which provided by credit card service, ranging from 1-5 packs a day, such as the cost of illness, accident, loss of luggage, and others. Handling travel insurance is relatively fast, only 1-2 days. Because we do not know what will happen next on our tour, so maybe you need to take travel insurance especially if your travel destination is abroad.

5. Checklist
Creating a checklist is really helpful. Checklist helps you to remember the important items you need to carry. Before traveling I always make a checklist to avoid the least of forgetting items which I need to bring usually avoid forgetting to bring essential items such as medicines because the drug is not always available or easily to found at your travel destination. Create a checklist for gifts that you should buy, so you will not forget what to buy and not become over budget on souvenir too. 

With the tips above I hope your journey more comfortable and not become over budget. Do not forget to bring the sufficient substitute clothes. Besides carrying a bag of goodies, you should also bring a small bag to store the often used items such as tickets, coins etc. Do not forget to bring your mobile charger, camera and the camera charger as well. Separate your cash, not stored all in one place to avoid losing all cash. Happy traveling....

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