Mistakes in the mastering math

Many of the students say math is a school lesson that they really hate because they think math is a difficult subject. But also not a few students who said that solving math task is fun may be because they think math is an easy lesson or lessons that have challenges in solving. For those who feel that math is a lesson that has a challenge to solve, said it is a certain satisfaction after can solve difficult equations in the math tasks or problems. My opinion about my math is not overly like or hate, because sometimes I like but sometimes I did not like too. But as I recall, I always got grades about 7 and above for math homework or exams and it mean my math grades on school report was always 7 and above too. I admit that my math grades were not purely my hard work because I often cheat when there was mathematics homework. However, you should avoid to cheat if you want to successfully mastered math and I also try to minimal of cheating, I cheated only when I forgot to do math homework or I really could not answer the questions that given by the teacher.
Keep in mind that learning math is not the same as learning the lessons of history, we can master the lessons of history by rote memorization method but the memorization method is not enough to mastering math because math is not lesson that absolutely require of memorization. If students want to succeed in doing math tasks, then the key is they need a lot of practice and understand the formula. The following are common mistakes made by the students when do math tasks are:
1. Less of learning and not confident
2. Learning mathematics with memorization and without practice
3. In a hurry
4. Not carefully or not accurately
5. Not noting the task's hints and forget to write self identity
6. Not working with priority and no strategy

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