Essay writing service maybe will help you to achieve your academic goal

Talking about goal in life, there will be many kinds of goal which come from different people. And goal life can be change depending on where the person’s pace of life. For students there will be some goal, like to get the best grade, become the best student, study on their favorite school or university, win scholarship, finish study faster, etc. Student goal for academic subject called as academic goals.  On those goals maybe required some conditions such as assign student to write an essay.  Writing an essay maybe is not an easy task for some students. Writing essay become not an easy task maybe because of lack of source, hard understanding, not confidence with the writing skill or maybe really no idea what should to write. According to which is one of a good essay writing service mentioned that the reason of many students looking for an essay writing service because of they have short of time or aren't confident enough in their writing skills to create a paper worthy of their caliber of work. Well… Some high school and university presupposing student accomplished writing an essay as part of graduation requirements too. In this condition some students maybe seek a help from essay writing service, no body want to be fail and who knows maybe essay writing service which will save them from academic failure and help them achieve their academic goals. Let’s try our best, be creative and if we must take an essay writing service to accomplished essay writing assignment then we should learn and understand what they wrote.

Less traveling is the most regrettable thing

Maybe we are thinking what old people think, want or what they are regret now. Maybe you are thinking that your parent regret about their failure to send you abroad, yet also didn't have grandchildren, or do not live more healthy? Apparently, there are more regrettable things for the people who are already passed the age of 50, it is that they are not enough traveling when they was younger.

ravelling at this time are very affordable, and you can reach the other countries with low cost, depending on the method you choose. Therefore, it is not often enough to look the other world when the age is still productive as the remorse felt by 91 percent of adults surveyed from

The survey of 2107 Brits revealed that the average people in the age 50s were vacation less, they were vacation once a year throughout their lives. Many people take wrong perceptions about traveling. Mostly people assume, traveling is spending a six-month vacation in exotic countries. But actually people can achieve to look around the world than the premise, and you do not have to spend a lot of money and stop working.

How to travel around the world is if you can effort to go abroad, then on each vacation you can visit different country. No need long vacation, but maybe short stay on each country and even you can explore many country in one vacation period. Like one pedal, one or two islands can be passed. 
A little by a little, you end up having passed through many places in the world, but your savings money will not be drained as if you are traveling to tropical country for three months, for example Indonesia or Thailand.

The website also reveals, Australia (78 percent), Americans (71 percent), and South Africa (65 percent) are the countries that most want to be visited by the respondent, but have not managed to visit. Then, 63 percent of respondents plan to visit more countries in the world when they retire.

10 things that regretted by the most people on the age of 50's:
1. Not enough traveling - 91%
2. Career choice - 72%
3. One select couples - 64%
4. Not a healthy life - 55%
5. Lost touch with certain friends - 53%
6. Do not manage money well - 46%
7. Too soon to have children - 27%
8. Too often worried - 25%
9. Not being a "yes person" - 19%
10. Too late to have children - 8%

Source: Female First

How to start to write your admission essay

A few years ago I watched a movie with the title "21", I didn't realize that the movie talked about a story of a brilliant student that try to win a college scholarship until the end of the movie which shown by the admission committee being amazed and astonished with this brilliant student's story. Ya... I think every student that want to win a college scholarship or study in college which they are dreaming so much, they should make the admission committee amazed with their story. The story not must as a great as the story of 21 movie but it should talk about their self that make them seem valuable and worth to be a student of that college or to win the scholarship. This part called as admission process, in the admission form that you have to fill which can evaluate if you are valuable or not, it is admission essay or application essay and sometimes also called as personal statement. Admission essay is an essay or other written statement written by an applicant, often a prospective student applying to some college, university, or graduate school. The application essay is a common part of the university and college admissions process.
Now maybe you are in stuck of idea then you reach this page and hope that you will find idea how to write admission essay. I hope that so. Sincerely, I tell you that really I’m not a professional on essay writing but I’m quite interest to talk about it in my blog recently and I just dare to try to express my mind in here. This is the point that you have to dare to write your admission essay. If you are still stuck or even didn't start any word for your essay then I got an interesting article about how to start to write a college admission essay [courtesy Sarah Myers McGinty]:
Step 1: Think about yourself
Admission essay that also called as a personal statement then it is mean you have to start by yourself, explore your strengths and weakness, your best qualities, your intellectual, your creativity, your curiousness, your passion, etc. 
Step 2: Choose a positive quality you’d like to convey to the admission committee
Well… You won’t buy a product if the product mentions any useful function and not interesting. I think it is same in the admission process. The committee won’t pick or select you if they don’t see any quality on you or kind of you are not useful or not interesting. Focus talk about the quality of your mind or your character but never pick an event or something that you've done.
Step 3: Tell a story
A good story always left a good impression to the reader or to the spectator. Set a timer about for 20 minutes. Force yourself to keep telling about your quality/characteristic that you identified in step 2 and see what reveals until the timer goes off.

Ok… I hope this article have moved you and giving you and idea to write your college admission essay. But remember if you did step 1-3 then you've already identified the important quality/characteristic which you want to convey to each college so no worry about the matter of question in the admission form. Good luck and be creative!  

Madeira the beauty in Atlantic

Madeira is a small beautiful island about 360 miles west of Morocco and 540 miles southwest of Lisbon. Madeira is a Portuguese's archipelago located in the north Atlantic Ocean and is one of the outermost regions of the European Union. Discovered by Portuguese sailors in the service Infante D. Henrique were known as Henry the Navigator in 1419, the Madeira archipelago is considered as the initial discovery of the exploratory period of the Portuguese.

After the democratic revolution in 1974, finally, on July 1, 1976 Portugal was officially granted autonomy to Madeira. From that day on, Madeira has its own government and transformed into a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

Madeira known for its production of wine, flowers, landscapes and embroidery artisans, as well as the celebration of the New Year with a spectacular fireworks show (considered one of the largest in the world by Guinness World Records), Madeira annually visited by about one million tourists. The main harbor in Funchal is the leading Portuguese port in cruise liner docking, being an important stopover for commercial and trans-Atlantic passenger cruises between Europe, the Caribbean and North America.
Madeira is currently the second richest region in Portugal, after Lisbon, with a GDP per capital of 103% of the European average.


Madeira traditional market

Madeira typical house

Dissertation writing assistance

When students get an education at the high school level, graduation is determined by a pass on a final exam. But for the university students, there is the mandatory final assignment that must be taken  to obtain a degree. Each level degree has a mandatory final assignment that to be passed, for the Bachelor's degree must complete the final task/assignment/project, to obtain Master's degree must to complete thesis, and PhD must complete a dissertation. After writing assignments are feasible, then the students still have to do a test or session. This task does not stop there, there is another task that is to revised and also write a journal to publish. This rules seems agreed in all universities around the world, whether in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, USA, and other countries.

Maybe you also have heard that a lot of students who admit to getting a PhD degree is quite difficult when compared to the other university levels. In fact there are many students who spend 5-6 years to obtain their PhD degree. There are students who are stuck on the completion of his dissertation. So is there a solution in order to complete the dissertation faster? There is not an impossible, find someone who can help you, and even you can also buy dissertation. There are many services that are ready to help you whatever major that you take, whether your major is belong to science, arts, medical, engineering, social science or even business studies. With the internet, dissertation writing services assistance more easily to search and found, just input services such as dissertation writing assistance/help in the United Kingdom or even buy dissertation in UK. Be confidence and you will be the winner, understand your task and you will not fail. Whatever the way you choose to complete your dissertation, you need to know the land and the risk. Good luck and keep fighting!

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