Take the advantage of essay writing service

Many students still doubt to looking for essay writing service, maybe because their teacher prohibit them to use this service. Many professional educators also think that using an essay writing service to do essay writing task is illegal. I'm not a professional educator but I ever become a teacher and I have different opinion with those professional educators about essay writing service. Like the pros and cons, I think looking for help to write essay is fine as long as the student understand the topic and do the research if the essay based on research. In my point of view, essay writing service is like a tutor who teaches the student to write better, giving idea, give example how to write essay and also help student to finish the task on time. But it will be different when the students pass the task of writing an essay to the teacher without correcting, understanding and studying their essay writing assignments that they completed by using essay writing service, because it is same as copy-paste that makes the students do not learn. Basically, the purpose of the teacher gave the task to the students is to make the students to learn and to understand what they are learning in school.
I like writing so much but sometime when I was out of idea to write my blog content, I usually looking for a good article as my writing inspirations. I am reviewing the articles that I found, rewrite some of them and take some words from many sites that suit with my opinion, so some of my articles are not genuine from my own mind, some of them are from other people ideas and experiences, if you think it is illegal? Then what research is? Everything are depend on our view, when I became a teacher before (programming teacher), I know not all students do their own work. Many of them are just copying the task from their friends, but they are creative, they changed a few things but it did not change how the completion of the task so that the results of their work are not exactly the same and it is mean that they also learn to understand the assignment which I gave them. So I passed their programming task and give them grades. Back to the pros and cons about using essay writing service, my suggestion is to take the advantage of essay writing service but you also have to learn, study and understand what they did write to you, so you will not always using this service each time when you get writing essay task. Remember this also, if you have good skill in writing essay, you will have many chances to win essay contest, scholarship and you also can spread the wings to be a good writer. Just be creative always, because creative people who will grasp this world. 

Never hesitate to seek help for the success of your research paper

There are many kind of research-based paper's types and form according to the object and function. The simplest and the common paper is a paper that commissioned by the faculty member. Usually this kind of paper just requires libraries research and from the internet. The harder research paper and more formal are like as final project paper (Bachelor degree), thesis (Master Degree), dissertation (PhD Degree) and research reports funded by sponsors and private funded (for a promotion). These kind of papers often requires fieldwork research but the writing steps are basically the same. Therefore, the basic mastery of writing papers based-research will greatly assist the completion of your studies in college. If you feel hardly to work alone with your research paper, don't hesitate to looking for research paper writer assistance.

Then how to write a research paper? Because of your paper is based on research so you should do your research first. This means you should have researched the topic by reading various information sources such as books, magazines, newspapers, articles on the internet and published journal or other source that trusted (research libraries). Depending on your topic, sometimes you also have to conduct interviews or surveys, or even experiment (field research). Information commonly referred to data that you gather from sources then you use that information to support your opinion in the paper.

Writing papers also requires documentation of the sources of your information in the form of footnotes or end-notes  In this way, readers know where you get the information so that they can assess whether the information is trustworthy or not. So working in research paper is not easy job, sometime it will spend some years depending on the subject of research. For succeed on your research paper, never lazy and never afraid to asking for help to people that have many experiences in this field such as your teachers, your professors and other people that you trust have knowledge about research paper so you can present the best result of your research.

The importance of learning to write essay

People who frequently visiting my blog or know about my blog may be wonder, because my blog themed is about traveling but why lately I often discuss about essays writing topic? Actually there is no particular reason that made me attracted to discuss about writing essay, but I think that I should also begin to improve my writing skills by create a good essay.

Why do we have to learn to write essays?
For a student one day you'll be required to write an or some essay. When I was in high school, I got an assignment to write an essay from my English teacher's about natural disaster Tsunami. The school grade of this assignment will affect to the report of school grade of my English lessons as much as 30%. Therefore, I had to make a good essay so my English grades will not falling. I admit that at that time my English skills is practically suck, but the teacher gave me a note that I use a pretty good essay structure, so my English teacher gave a fairly satisfactory.

Maybe you are experiencing the same thing or even your teacher will let you to graduate if you can make an essay. And it's not a secret that essay writing has become one of the requirements to obtain a scholarship abroad. I ever tried to enroll scholarship to abroad university with my writing suck skill, and as the result I didn't pass the elimination. Just then I got to know one of the committee selector’s enrollments at that university, then I asked to him why I was not accepted. And his comment that my essay story is quite good but the writing grammar are still not passable so they can not accept me. Unfortunately, an opportunity lost and made me decide to go to a university in my country. The failure of not passing the elimination of scholarship enrollment was not make me gave up that time, but I also take into account the time so I do not run out of time to pursue scholarships abroad and I do not even take college. That's why it's important to learn to write essays if you really want to sign a scholarship to go abroad.

Special soto in Batu city

What your breakfast in the morning? Maybe you took cereal + milk or bread + milk. Did you try to take nasi soto + milk for your breakfast? When I was visiting Batu, I try to try some stalls that visited by many guest there. And I tried a delicious a bowl of soto in the morning before my adventure. I can't forget this experience because it was first time for me to have breakfast soto + milk and the soto was really delicious for me (maybe I was to hungry too because I didn't take dinner last night). I had breakfast with soto many times before, usually when I took soto for breakfast the drink was hot tea, ice tea or smash. 
What the name of the restaurant which sell this delicious soto?
Picture on the above is the nameplate of the restaurant. I think if you visit Batu, you have to try to taste this beef soto and choose which kind of milk that you like as your drink. The drink in this restaurant is only kind of milk, so if you don't like milk then I suggest you bring your own drink. The beef soto from this restaurant is really recommended. Then the milk which I choose was a glass of ginger milk because I got a flue before I went to Batu and ginger+milk is always work for me when I got flue than any kind of drugs, that why I always like to use herbal medicine.

 The beef soto look like:

 I finished my bowl but still rest some milk and the soup because I was could not eat and drink more.

Here are the price list of the various milk. I took this photo on December 30, 2012, if this image not valid anymore so I'm sorry.

Internet and writing are two things that influence my life

Actually I really want to write my new year travel story but because of I’m still tired and I’m still busy with my job then I will write them later. There are some articles in my site which talks about writing like essay, dissertation and paper, what the reason behind it? I like writing and my job now is around writing too, even I graduated from engineering school but I really like writing. Hobby is not depending on your degree right? I want to share a little story about experience in writing and it is my true story that being a ghost writer was helped me on finishing my paper. I was earn very small money that time maybe because I’m new about it but from 1 penny to some amount of dollars I collected all those money and that time I really need to have some tools to help my final project. I spent my saving money on that, happily it covered my needs. But now it seems that my life is can’t apart from writing too because writing is my part time job and maybe it will be my full time job.

I remember that I did talk about writing essay in this blog few times, from tips how to write essay till recommended site about essay writing. Honestly I’m not professional on essay writing, I just shared those tips in here so if people who visiting on those articles find it useful then it can help them. I got those tips from sites such as http://www.essay-point.com and others. I can’t mention all those sites because I found too much useful source on essay writing help. Gladly the development of internet makes your life easily, more creative and more sharing. I’m is one of the billions of people in this world that depends on the internet and feel so thanks because of this invention. Now its feel there is no life without internet because some of my job is depend on it. Internet and writing are two things that influence my life. When I write sometime I don’t know how to start but when I did start sometime I don’t know how to stop and internet is become a large source for my writing experience. I think I did talk too much about my writing story and by the way this hobby is helping me on my travel experience too. Ok.. I think it is all now, it is late here, it is time to take a rest. 

Saturday Night at Batu's Town-Square

Saturday night in December 29, 2012, I have a chance to visit Batu city,  Malang, East Java in a short times because only 2 day and 2 nights. The are a lot attraction that you can visit but in my visit was not visit a lot of attraction because of the time was not enough to explore all. Maybe I can mention all the attraction later but in this time I want to talk about Batu's town square.
My stay place is near the town square so I just need walks some meters to reach this place. I stayed in local citizen home because all hotels in Batu city was full booked, so I can't freely explore all the city after night (09.00 pm I have already to stay at home). Batu town-square is kind of a new recreation place in Batu, it was announced in May 2011. There are not many thing I can mention in this small town square but this town square is cheap recreation that suitable for all economic  class level. Then  what kind of attractions in Batu town-square?

1. Bianglala 
London Eye is one icon of London then in Batu, also has an eye in the town square. Although Batu city is famous with the apple plantation but this eye in the town square will make your eyes catching. The name of this eye is "Bianglala", although it is not quite big but you can see Batu city from this Bianglala. The ticket is pretty cheap, it is about IDR 3000, but unlucky me it was too much queue when I want to try this thing. So I think the Bianglala is cute icon after the big apple sculpture. 
2. Sculptures
There are some fruits sculptures and animals, I didn't take the photos of those closely. But you can see that there are cows rabbits and the big apples. 

3. Information center
First time when I passed the town city I asked to my friend of friend what that big strawberry and apple, he said it is a building of information center. So if you want to find information about tourism in Batu then you can find out in here.

4. Fountains
There are some fountains in the Batu's town square one of them you can see on the picture of Bianglala.

5. Animals, Vegetables and fruits Lamps
In addition to the lights, there are some lights that are planted in the ground to the shape of animals, fruits, and vegetables.

6. Gamelan Performance
Each Saturday night there is gamelan performance that played by kids. Sorry I didn't take any picture of this performance because too many people watched this performance, I could not get to the first row. 

One day trip to JaTim Park 2, Batu, Malang

Recently I feel my blog lost from travel topic because some friend order me to write articles related to their websites. Ya... small pay can upgrade this blog domain, hahaha. By the way, actually I should post this article some days a go or for exactly I should post it about 2 weeks a go. Ya...I'm lazy girl, whatever, but actually after I came back from my year-end vacation I suffer flue and cold about 1 week and it was made me took rest during my sickness. It is late story, I am writing it in January 19, 2013 but I will post it earlier so my blog will balance. Balance? Ya .. I did say that recently I wrote articles that not related to travel subject, so I have to make balance content. Ok... I think it's enough for the intro. 
Where did you spend your year-end vacation?
I spent my year-end vacation in East Java, in Batu, Malang and Mount Bromo. I did talk that both subject before, finally I went to these place. In this post I will talk about my vacation to Batu, Malang, East Java, Indonesia at first. My visiting to Malang was not first time, a few years a go when I was in elementary school I did visited Malang, but I visited the district of Malang. In this time I visited Batu, Malang. Do you know that there are a lot of attractions that you can visit in Batu but I only have short time and it is rainy season so almost every is rain, it is mean I can't explore all those attraction. For this opportunity I spent my vacation in Batu Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park and Batu Museum all those attraction are in Jatim Park 2 (this is my opportunity because I invited by my uncle to accompany him, so I almost not spend any money ^_^).  All this attraction cost about US$ 12 (IDR 100.000=3 attractions), you will say it is not expensive and worthy.
The guest keeper suggested me to start my adventure in Jatim Park 2 from Eco Garden because this attraction close early than other attractions. The guest keeper also told me that Jatim Park 2 has more plaything than Jatim Park 1, but Jatim Park 1 has special attraction, it is water boom. But all attraction in Jatim Park 2 is like 1 way direction, so you can cut the way as you want, I don't about Jatim Park 1 because I didn't enter it.
Eco Green Park
Although the name is Eco Green Park but you will see many death bugs and butterflies in here (insect family), but you also can't learn if those bugs life. This bugs collection are in glass house and the first attraction in Eco Green Park, the you will walking along the park that mostly consist of various birds which put in cages and some livestock animals like as cow, goat etc. And you will also learn to live with Eco life too, such as using recycle material, using green energy, make natural fertilizer, etc.

Batu Secret Zoo
I did talk about Batu Secret Zoo before and it was my reason why I want to visit this place. This place is not like common zoos that I ever visited, in here we will get fun and education too. It was raining, so crowded and I was so tired exploring Eco Green Park, so I was not really enjoy in here. We were only take short visit after find a way to exit this place. (All attraction like one way direction so we need to explore almost all attraction then we can exit). But this place is really good for kids, because I see in here the playthings are for kid.
Some animals that you saw in Eco Green Park also you can see in Batu Secret Zoo, the route of the zoo is like seeing many kind of primate (monkeys), reptile, aquatic animals, Savannah animals, etc then the play ground for kids with various playthings (I don't really remember the detail because as I said I already tired exploring the Eco Green Park).

Animal Museum
Like the name this museum is containing death animals. If you ever watched or still remember the movie The Night at The Museum then if you visiting this place you will remember this movie. Animals in Animal Batu Museum are from around the world, you saw some of alive animals in Batu Secret Zoo and you will see many kinds of death animals from around the world in this museum and it is quite complete because you won't see the polar animals like polar bear and penguin can live happily and healthy in outdoor in such tropical country like as my country.
Well... I didn't take a lot of pictures at Jatim Park 2 because it was raining two times when I was in Eco Green Park and In Animal Museum. The rain was so hard until the Eco Green Park food court could not really able to protect the visitor from the hard rain, or maybe the building design was wrong maybe the architect only thinking to protect the visitor from sun heat but not from hard rain.

I was not enjoy a lot there because of hard rain and too much crowded, ya.. it was high season because of school holiday and new year. So just waiting the queue move already make me tired and I'm sensitive type of person, there are a lot of people sweating and combining with pee from animals which spreading because of rain already make me dizzy and want to vomit, maybe I have weak stomach symptom.

Tips: You can hire motorbike if you tired exploring the area by walks, the cost around IDR 100,000-200,000 for 3 hours. But in my condition, it was so crowded so this vehicle is not worth (and I think it is quite expensive too, by the way walk can make you healthy).

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