The reasons Tokyo called as attractive city for tourist destination

There are a lot of charms from a country which have famous name as the "Land of the Rising Sun", Japanese has many charms like their traditions, technology, arts, festivals, etc. I've mentioned several times the charms of Japan in my previous articles, such as Wisteria Tunnel, Some interesting facts about Japan"> etc.. This time I will discuss the charm of Tokyo.

Tokyo is a capital city of Japan. Tokyo may be one of your favorite holiday destination or a dream city that you want to visit, but do you know that Tokyo is included in one of the best cities in the world? Here are some reasons why Tokyo is the best city in the world and certainly the best city in the world is also an attractive place for tourist destination.

1. Big City with full of Lights

Hard to think of another city that has a more urban environment than Tokyo. Tokyo city center has at least 50 large groups of people who all has its own charm. Tokyo city is also a big city with full of lights.

2. Otaku Wonderland
If you really like reading and you can say that you are a book worm then Tokyo is a city that really suit for you. If you are like robot so much and you want to make your own robot then Tokyo provide all the tools. Akihabara have several shops which all of it sell robot's component. Tokyo is also best place if you like and have hobby like manga, anime, cosplay, and video game. So Tokyo is just like Otaku Wonderland.
Otaku is a Japanese slang word which means someone who has a hobby that they spend more time, money, and effort on than normal people do. They know a lot about their hobby and things related to it; for example, an anime otaku might spend a lot of time watching anime, buy a lot of DVDs and other products, learn about the people who create anime (such as the people who draw it, or the people who make the voices of the characters), or create something (like music or drawings) about anime. Originally, otaku was a word to speak to someone from another family with respect.
In Japan, otaku is generally considered a rude word. Calling someone an otaku in Japan would be a very bad insult. However, in America, otaku is often used to refer to fans of anime and manga. In America, calling someone an otaku is not necessarily rude. In Australia the term "otaku" is seen not only as not rude but in a lot of anime fans' cases as a thing to be very proud of being called. The term "otaku" is used to mean a very knowledgeable geek, obsessed with anime; an extreme fan of anime and manga.

3. You can become your self
Visit Shinagawa train station in Tokyo for ever morning, there you will see so many people who wear black dress. by seeing this, feels hard to think the individualist side of Tokyo city. It will different in Yoyogi park, each weekend is like just an opposite what you had seen in Shinagawa train station. In Yoyogi park, Tokyo citizen enjoy their self freedom there. Fashion, music and part of art are develop there, so there ther is no problem if you want to be your self.

4. Tranquility
Based on statistic, Tokyo is a city with low criminality level and even more save that New York, Paris or London. Only police who have gun and their gun is very rarely used. They said even a sword very difficult to be owned.

5. Society
Substantively they said Tokyo is not really a city. According to Politic, Tokyo is a prefecture (same as state or province) which is divided into 23 special regions, 26 towns, 5 small towns, and 8 villages where each of them have their own town hall. Each region has strong community sense which always diligent come to the events that held in the temples surrounding with bring their mikoshi or doing a dance, and even in Japan there is a common thing. The common thing is giving a small gift/souvenir when just reside and introduce their self to the neighbor. 

6. Well ordered train network system
Tokyo declared as the city which has the most efficient and the most well ordered train network system in the world with average passenger about 14.6 billion every year which serve by 882 train stations and 121 trains. Hence, in every company late with any reason are not accepted.

7. Foods
A best place is not enough without best food and Tokyo is a place that really good to find a delicious food. You can imagine, the amount of restaurant in Tokyo is not known exactly how many is. It is predicted that the amount restaurant in Tokyo around 200,000 restaurants or more. If there is a restaurant who have good quality and interesting, then the news about it will spread so fast through whole Tokyo's community and they willing to queue till many hours just to try this restaurant. Even Michelin Guide restaurant put Tokyo as a city which have 1,2 & 3 stars restaurant than other big city in the world.

8 Fashion city for youngsters 
Tokyo has many fashion trend, start from the street fashion till New York and Fashion Milan.

9. Weekend trip
The Shinkasen train network system is like a brilliant idea which make the district in Japan easily to be accesses, and even to visit Kyoto is only need about 2 hours. So it is common and not something wonder if in the weekend time many Tokyo people spend their weekend in the village district than quietly stay in city.

10. Event and Concert
Tokyo really attract many industrial event and foreign culture, start from Tokyo Motor Show, Tokyo game show and international anime fair are some biggest event which held in Tokyo. Many famous musician in the world, actor, and artist also attracted to held even and concert in here.

11. Shopping center for fashion product
Tokyo has many big department stores and thousand small shops from Ginza to the center of fashion former in Shimokitazawa. Its a really nice place for shopping.

12. Cyberpunk Architecture
Tokyo city has unique architecture that can be found only in this city, dark with cyber punk nuance which make many photographers and adventurer like to come and visit this city.

13. Tokyo attraction
In Tokyo, we can visit different attraction every week in every year so we will not confuse what we will do in here because it always a new thing in here.

14. Electronic
Electronic shops in Tokyo have many choice that will surprise you. Those shops glowing with many activities and their colorful lights.

15. Festival
Calender festival in Tokyo has many event party which are interesting and gratifying. 


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