Less traveling is the most regrettable thing

Maybe we are thinking what old people think, want or what they are regret now. Maybe you are thinking that your parent regret about their failure to send you abroad, yet also didn't have grandchildren, or do not live more healthy? Apparently, there are more regrettable things for the people who are already passed the age of 50, it is that they are not enough traveling when they was younger.

ravelling at this time are very affordable, and you can reach the other countries with low cost, depending on the method you choose. Therefore, it is not often enough to look the other world when the age is still productive as the remorse felt by 91 percent of adults surveyed from Sunshine.co.uk.

The survey of 2107 Brits revealed that the average people in the age 50s were vacation less, they were vacation once a year throughout their lives. Many people take wrong perceptions about traveling. Mostly people assume, traveling is spending a six-month vacation in exotic countries. But actually people can achieve to look around the world than the premise, and you do not have to spend a lot of money and stop working.

How to travel around the world is if you can effort to go abroad, then on each vacation you can visit different country. No need long vacation, but maybe short stay on each country and even you can explore many country in one vacation period. Like one pedal, one or two islands can be passed. 
A little by a little, you end up having passed through many places in the world, but your savings money will not be drained as if you are traveling to tropical country for three months, for example Indonesia or Thailand.

The website also reveals, Australia (78 percent), Americans (71 percent), and South Africa (65 percent) are the countries that most want to be visited by the respondent, but have not managed to visit. Then, 63 percent of respondents plan to visit more countries in the world when they retire.

10 things that regretted by the most people on the age of 50's:
1. Not enough traveling - 91%
2. Career choice - 72%
3. One select couples - 64%
4. Not a healthy life - 55%
5. Lost touch with certain friends - 53%
6. Do not manage money well - 46%
7. Too soon to have children - 27%
8. Too often worried - 25%
9. Not being a "yes person" - 19%
10. Too late to have children - 8%

Source: Female First


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