How to start to write your admission essay

A few years ago I watched a movie with the title "21", I didn't realize that the movie talked about a story of a brilliant student that try to win a college scholarship until the end of the movie which shown by the admission committee being amazed and astonished with this brilliant student's story. Ya... I think every student that want to win a college scholarship or study in college which they are dreaming so much, they should make the admission committee amazed with their story. The story not must as a great as the story of 21 movie but it should talk about their self that make them seem valuable and worth to be a student of that college or to win the scholarship. This part called as admission process, in the admission form that you have to fill which can evaluate if you are valuable or not, it is admission essay or application essay and sometimes also called as personal statement. Admission essay is an essay or other written statement written by an applicant, often a prospective student applying to some college, university, or graduate school. The application essay is a common part of the university and college admissions process.
Now maybe you are in stuck of idea then you reach this page and hope that you will find idea how to write admission essay. I hope that so. Sincerely, I tell you that really I’m not a professional on essay writing but I’m quite interest to talk about it in my blog recently and I just dare to try to express my mind in here. This is the point that you have to dare to write your admission essay. If you are still stuck or even didn't start any word for your essay then I got an interesting article about how to start to write a college admission essay [courtesy Sarah Myers McGinty]:
Step 1: Think about yourself
Admission essay that also called as a personal statement then it is mean you have to start by yourself, explore your strengths and weakness, your best qualities, your intellectual, your creativity, your curiousness, your passion, etc. 
Step 2: Choose a positive quality you’d like to convey to the admission committee
Well… You won’t buy a product if the product mentions any useful function and not interesting. I think it is same in the admission process. The committee won’t pick or select you if they don’t see any quality on you or kind of you are not useful or not interesting. Focus talk about the quality of your mind or your character but never pick an event or something that you've done.
Step 3: Tell a story
A good story always left a good impression to the reader or to the spectator. Set a timer about for 20 minutes. Force yourself to keep telling about your quality/characteristic that you identified in step 2 and see what reveals until the timer goes off.

Ok… I hope this article have moved you and giving you and idea to write your college admission essay. But remember if you did step 1-3 then you've already identified the important quality/characteristic which you want to convey to each college so no worry about the matter of question in the admission form. Good luck and be creative!  


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