Travel story: New Year in Mount Bromo 2013

After 1 month have been passed, but I still didn't have time to write my trip story to Mount Bromo. Finally, I have time to write this story today. (Actually little bit lazy to write about it)

So where did you spend your new year holiday?
Every people have their own taste about how to spend their holiday, including me, sometime I like just to stay in home but sometime I like to go out. For some of my new year holiday I spent it by climbing mountain or just take camping some where. Like the new year of 2013, I spent it in mount Bromo with my uncle and some of new friend which has same interest to visited Bromo.

On my post before I mentioned Bromo for several times, like Let's go to Bromo, Madakaripura Waterfall, the hidden beauty in Bromo, and Mount Bromo beware status. Actually I didn't visit there before, my New Year 2013 vacation is my first visit after dreaming for some years want to visit this place. Like the dream came true, my uncle invited me to accompany him to visited mount Bromo. So how is my story?
My trip to Bromo started from Solo Jebres train station to Malang city station. I took an economy class but with air conditioner and it was only 3 vacancy seats that was left before I booked so I was lucky still getting the tickets, and guess I depart from Solo Jebres train station at 01.00 AM. Although I did trip by train many times but went to East Java was only once time before and it was only as far as Kediri city (place of the Gudang Garam cigarette factory), and Malang is farther than Kediri from my place so the trip was amazing. The train was pas very big reservoir Karang Kates (reservoir) and also 2 tunnels that so dark and so stinky. And something that I never forget is the food seller at the train that shouting too load when they selling their wares.

Arrived at Malang city train station was about 09.00 AM and we taken visit to my uncle's friend in Malang. After stay 2 night there we went to Mount Bromo took route from Probolinggo, well we didn't know that from Malang is better.
The route from Probolinggo: Malang city train station  → Arjosari bus station (using mini bus in front of train station) → Probolinggo bus station (using AKAS bus from Arjosari bus station) → Bromo (using mini bus/elf from Probolinggo bus statiun).
Arrived in Promo we almost not getting any inn because all inn, motel or hotel are full booked, but luckily our elf driver help us to find the inn. Then we share the inn with our new friends (9 friends). That night was the New Year so after some hours many people come to visit Bromo. So the place become busier and crowded. Well... when we already take our diner, we tried to find Hardtop/Jeep which will bring us take around Bromo. High season what you can hope? All are booked so want or not we have to share with other visitor with time schedule. We got our jeep then we comeback to our inn. Tired... some took sleep, some took around, I tried to take around the place although I we can't see anything but I want to know how was the New Year celebration in Bromo. It was so crowded, I decided to comeback to inn after I can't see anything there. Comeback to inn like useless because I was hard to sleep and feel cold, so I just stay awake till the firework launched. Sorry I didn't take any photo of firework but let me tell you that I was disapointed with the firework attraction was not great, just common, so the special was I saw the firework in location of Mount Bromo. Ok..firework end then try to sleep, but still I can sleep easily and I awake early too at 2.30 AM maybe because they said that they want to started the adventure at 3 AM, but guess it was late. Ya.. we didn't lost the Bromo sun rise but we can't see it because the cloud cover it. After so tired climbing and we can't see it, sad. But it was amazing when first time I saw mount Bromo.
Me at mount Bromo

Then after we satisfied in this place that called as Penanjakan 2 then we continue our adventure to Penanjakan 1 (I'm sorry if the reverse). In the middle of our journey to Penanjakan 1, my jeep was stroked then Jeep behind us which also still our group pushing our Jeep, our some effort then the Jeep engine work again and we can continue the adventure.

Oh my... The jeep stopped and the Penanjakan is still so far. It is mean that we must to walk to go there. We have to walk maybe about 1,5 km from the Jeep parking to the Bromo's crater, and the surrounding all are sand, I can imagine how if we visit here in dry season... ehm dust must so annoy but we was visiting in rainy season the other problem is rain. Well..if you don't want to walk that long in the desert then you can ride horse. But I want to try to walk because I already like walking and already try to climb mountain before, so I think I can do it.
See... how far we need to walk from the  top the bottom of this picture and with so many visitors which also visit Mount Bromo
The Bromo's Crater
Next trip actually I want to share all story went I visit Bromo's Crater like people who take extreme way to go down the mount and I have the video too but sorry I'm lazy to upload, then let's go to next trip to Savanna hill on other side of this place. Let's back to the jeep and get adventure.
Went to Bromo's Savanna feel quite far because we need to take round the mount and like your eyes washed because a whole trip to crater was sand and sand but in here you will see green and green. Here are

Teletubbies hill
The teletubbies
My  uncle and my new friends
After green and green every where then we will comeback to take a trip with jeep to sand and sand again to "Pasir Berbisik" (The Whispering Sands). The location called as Pasir Berbisik because this place ever became the setting/location of the movie shot that has tittle "Pasir Berbisik". Here are:

First time I saw this place, what I felt that this place like touch me and make me say what amazing this place. And when we were here actually rain drop and we were using mantelpiece as our shelter because the jeep left us alone to take another customer. But sorry I wasn't take any picture when rain because too much busy to have shelter. All was fun... so the adventure is finish and we are comeback to our inn and prepare for next trip. My new friends continue trip to Ijen Crater but me and my uncle have to go back to home.
Ok see you on my next travel story. Thanks you so much for visit, living comment and for reading this post till the end. Happy traveling...

P.S. Sorry if  the pictures quality not very good because I was taking them with pocket camera.


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