Things that enliven the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year

新年快樂 (Xīnnián kuàilè)! 
恭喜發財 (Gong Xi Fa Cai)! 
Selamat Hari Raya Imlek.
Happy Chinese Lunar New Year... 
For all Chinese generation who celebrate it.
I write about Chinese Lunar New Year 2013 because I remember the home that I ever stayed for some years, the owner was Chinese inherit so every Chinese Lunar New Year they were celebrate it and also there are many Chinese inherit in Indonesia so the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year are everywhere. 
Chinese Lunar New Year always happen in spring season in China, maybe they believe that life start when spring. Chinese Lunar New Year 2013 mentioned as the year of water snake. I don't know a lot about it. You can search something about fortune teller by yourself. Here I want to share about what things that usually appear in celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year. Here are:

1. Everything Red
Chinese believe that red is symbol of luck so they like to wear red dress and decorate their home with red ornaments.

2. Firecracker
I always hear firecracker in celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year.

3.  Chinese Lantern
In my place Chinese Lantern called as Lampion. When Chinese Lunar New Year, you can see that Lampion decorate the side of roads, buildings, trees, etc.

4. Barongsai and Liong
Performance of Barong (the lion) and Liong (the dragon) always held in celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year usually held in China Town, malls or building that owned by Chinese inherit. 

5. Ponkam orange
I don't know why each super market always supply kind of Ponkam orange/citrus more than normal day every approach of Chinese Lunar New Year.

6. Basket cake
I don't know what official name of this cake, but in my place it is called as basket cake. Some people like to eat just like this but some like to fry it with egg.

7. Many kind of sweets
Many kind of sweet from many kind of fruits also appeared more than of daily supply in super market.

8. Angpao
You get envelope red from your elder that inside of it is money, you must be very happy. Ya... in Lunar New Year celebration usually elder people giving angpao to the kids, as I remember who didn't married didn't have obligation to give angpao to the kids but who already married have to give angpao to the kids.

9. Special Discount
Why I put special discount in this list? Because every Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, in my place each mall giving special discount. So I think special discount also a thing that appear in Chinese Lunar New Year celebration.

10. Family gathering
There is nothing special if celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year without family and eat together with them.

I only can found 10 things that always enliven the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year, if you have other recommendation then I will add. Gong xi fa cai... Xinnian Kuaile!


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