Grasberg Mine, the largest gold mine in the world

Grasberg the largest gold mine, Papua
see on Google earth at latitude -4,053 and longitude 137,116 or ( 04°03′10″S 137°06′57″E )
Grasberg, Papua, Indonesia is the largest gold in the world. But it is not only have gold, let see how the explanation about it?  
"The Grasberg Mine is the largest gold mine and the third largest copper mine in the world. It is located in the province of Papua in Indonesia near Puncak Jaya, the highest mountain in Papua, and it has 19,500 employees. It is majority owned through a subsidiary by Freeport-McMoRan, own 90.64% of PT Freeport Indonesia, the principal operating subsidiary in Indonesia, including 9.36% owned through its wholly owned subsidiary, PT Indocopper Investama. The Government of Indonesia owns the remaining 9.36% of PT Freeport Indonesia. FCX operates under an agreement with the Government of Indonesia, which allows Freeport to conduct exploration, mining and production activities in a 24,700-acre area (Block A). It also conducts exploration activities in an approximate 500,000-acre area (Block B). All of Freeport's proven and probable mineral reserves and current mining operations are located in Block A. The 2006 production was 610,800 tonnes of copper; 58,474,392 grams of gold; and 174,458,971 grams of silver. [courtesy Wikipedia]"
Today I want to talk about world fact and I choose my own country, Indonesia which the land very rich with many kinds of mine and fertile too, the ocean have beautiful underwater see and very rich and very rich with cultures. Like a curse, I think Indonesia is the most richest country in the world but have the most stupid and idiot government because can't make this country great (sorry for Indonesia government, you deserve to called as idiot). That is a fact and so sadly. And it is fact too when you see this mount with bare eyes, the ground is shining  because the soil is really containing rich gold. But let see the green and blue words, that  amount numbers are amazing right? But let see the red words on the quotes above, is that percent fair? No! Even for the stupid people can see that are not fair, but why Indonesia government want to give those? To cleaning the stupid and idiot government maybe need one sweep? But how this powerless and weak person can against the government? What should I do? I only know how to write and blog and so this is my way to express my sadness and happiness. This is my way to express my like and dislike. Today I remember about the Freeport case, about the Papuan people who demonstrate this gold mine company because of unfairness. It was long time ago and I was never know that Indonesia as rich as this before. Gold is not only mine in Indonesia, there are coal mines, oil mines, gas mines, natural asphalt mine, tin mines, silver mines, iron/ferum mines, and still many other mines that I don't remember now.

Sadly, if you see how beautiful Indonesia and how rich with cultures then you will think that our country even can live with the tourism, without mentioning the mines, the beautiful and rich ocean, and the fertile lands. But see Indonesia still development country, Indonesia like a puppet country who agree with stupid agreements. It is pain and hurt to be Indonesian when I know the facts. But what I can do? How to make the government not only think their tummy. Seeing you all before all of you become the government who shade under the green house and after, it is like you just did body surgeon, from flat to be big tummy. Hahaha... sorry I'm sad to know all the facts today. I'm here waiting and see, when God change all of these idiots to great government, because all of Indonesian only can wait for the fair and the great. I think the curse is enough, 400 years already passed since the Dutch colonial left but why Indonesia still under USA colonial? Are Indonesia still stupid? The answer is yes, as long as we have idiot governments. 

Let's change Indonesia!!! 

Other picture of the largest gold mine in the world, the Grasberg Mine, Papua, Indonesia:


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