Breathtaking of Moraine Lake, Banff National Park Alberta, Canada and the hiking trails

When the view of blue sky meet the green forest, mountain and there is a lake, surely the lake will look amazingly beautiful and always make people who visited happy, astonished, and enchanted by these beauty. Moraine lake is a one of the most beautiful lake in the world which located in Banff National Park Alberta, Canada, has all these attractiveness of nature beauty. The turquoise water and a mountainous surrounding and also hidden in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, make Moraine like a photogenic model, suit for photography and perfect place to run away from the hurly-burly of the busy city.

Moraine lake is ranked 4 of 10 in the best attractions in Lake Lousine. Moraine lake also get 5 stars review among the traveler  So this lake is very recommended place to visit. Mostly they said that you will get what you see, hear and read from the brochure or advertisement. Here are some reviews which from traveler:
"What can I say about this lake that hasnt already been said?, people may say "Its ONLY a lake", but its not,, Its an escapism, its a picture from the brochure, its a dream, but most of all it is a memory that will last in your heart & mind FOREVER,,an absolute MUST SEE for ALL visitors. ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING.
Visited June 2012"
"Moraine Lake must be one of the most beautiful lakes in the Canadian Rockies. It is located in Banff National Park near Lake Louise at the end of the Moraine Lake Road. When visiting don't forget to walk up the rock pile for the best view of this beautiful lake. You can also walk along a path that follows the shoreline of the lake and you can rent a canoe here as well.

The color is usually a beautiful turquoise  but it depends a bit on the time of day and the light. ou might wonder how these lakes have such a colors  Well, here's a short explanation for that: These lakes are can thank their brilliant blue-green color to the light filtering effect of rock flour (a powdery substance that the glaciers grind off the mountain rocks) in the glacial runoff (melt water). The rock flour that is suspended in the water filters out much of the light spectrum except for blues and greens leaving this remarkable turquoise blue color.

The rock flour might also leave that milky look to the water. That's why each lake looks different and each lake might look different on the same day. For example, on a calm morning or evening, the lake might look like a mirror and the colors is barely visible. But on other times of the day the lake is blue. It all depends on the weather conditions and how much rock flour is present in the water.
Visited July 2012"

I think those praises are enough to say how beautiful Moraine Lake. Then what to do if you visit Moraine Lake?
While this all might sound exciting, many people prefer to stay on Lake Moraine. It’s the ideal location for a fisherman or hiker. There are hundreds of trails in Banff National Park and some of them are accessible around Lake Moraine. If you plan on going for a hike, be sure to ask the locals for more information. They will let you know what trail would be best for you. Even if you don’t plan on being active at all, you will surely appreciate Moraine Lake. Without exaggeration, it is one of the most tranquil places on Earth. 

Hiking trails
[Courtesy of Wikipedia] The area around the lake has several walking/hiking trails which are, from time to time, restricted. This is the one most commonly taken by tourists. The Rockpile Trail along the actual moraine is approximately 300 meters long, with an elevation change of 24 meters (79 ft). The view of the lake from the top of the rock pile is one of the most photographed locations in all of Canada.[1] That view of the mountains behind the lake in Valley of the Ten Peaks is known as the Twenty Dollar View, as Moraine Lake was featured on the reverse side of the 1969 and 1979 issues of the Canadian twenty dollar bill.
Along the same trail-head, the Consolation Lakes trail starts, which is approximately 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) long, with an elevation change of 90 meters (300 ft). Upon reaching Consolation Lakes hikers may continue along to the upper lake, which is not visible from the end of the lower lake. There is, however, no clearly marked trail, and can often be a scramble over large rocky areas.
Near the canoe docks of Moraine Lake Lodge[4] there is another trailhead. This trailhead is the start of two trails, one of which branches out into four different trails - so there are in total, five trails starting at that trailhead (Moraine Lake Lakeshore Trail, Eiffel Lake, Wenkchemna Pass, Larch Valley, and Sentinel Pass). The Lake Louise & Yoho Map provides information on these trails.

I love nature so much, I think it is one of dream to explore beautiful lake in the world. So where ever you go to spend your vacation then "Happy traveling!" from me. Other pictures of Moraine Lake:

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