Special soto in Batu city

What your breakfast in the morning? Maybe you took cereal + milk or bread + milk. Did you try to take nasi soto + milk for your breakfast? When I was visiting Batu, I try to try some stalls that visited by many guest there. And I tried a delicious a bowl of soto in the morning before my adventure. I can't forget this experience because it was first time for me to have breakfast soto + milk and the soto was really delicious for me (maybe I was to hungry too because I didn't take dinner last night). I had breakfast with soto many times before, usually when I took soto for breakfast the drink was hot tea, ice tea or smash. 
What the name of the restaurant which sell this delicious soto?
Picture on the above is the nameplate of the restaurant. I think if you visit Batu, you have to try to taste this beef soto and choose which kind of milk that you like as your drink. The drink in this restaurant is only kind of milk, so if you don't like milk then I suggest you bring your own drink. The beef soto from this restaurant is really recommended. Then the milk which I choose was a glass of ginger milk because I got a flue before I went to Batu and ginger+milk is always work for me when I got flue than any kind of drugs, that why I always like to use herbal medicine.

 The beef soto look like:

 I finished my bowl but still rest some milk and the soup because I was could not eat and drink more.

Here are the price list of the various milk. I took this photo on December 30, 2012, if this image not valid anymore so I'm sorry.


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