Saturday Night at Batu's Town-Square

Saturday night in December 29, 2012, I have a chance to visit Batu city,  Malang, East Java in a short times because only 2 day and 2 nights. The are a lot attraction that you can visit but in my visit was not visit a lot of attraction because of the time was not enough to explore all. Maybe I can mention all the attraction later but in this time I want to talk about Batu's town square.
My stay place is near the town square so I just need walks some meters to reach this place. I stayed in local citizen home because all hotels in Batu city was full booked, so I can't freely explore all the city after night (09.00 pm I have already to stay at home). Batu town-square is kind of a new recreation place in Batu, it was announced in May 2011. There are not many thing I can mention in this small town square but this town square is cheap recreation that suitable for all economic  class level. Then  what kind of attractions in Batu town-square?

1. Bianglala 
London Eye is one icon of London then in Batu, also has an eye in the town square. Although Batu city is famous with the apple plantation but this eye in the town square will make your eyes catching. The name of this eye is "Bianglala", although it is not quite big but you can see Batu city from this Bianglala. The ticket is pretty cheap, it is about IDR 3000, but unlucky me it was too much queue when I want to try this thing. So I think the Bianglala is cute icon after the big apple sculpture. 
2. Sculptures
There are some fruits sculptures and animals, I didn't take the photos of those closely. But you can see that there are cows rabbits and the big apples. 

3. Information center
First time when I passed the town city I asked to my friend of friend what that big strawberry and apple, he said it is a building of information center. So if you want to find information about tourism in Batu then you can find out in here.

4. Fountains
There are some fountains in the Batu's town square one of them you can see on the picture of Bianglala.

5. Animals, Vegetables and fruits Lamps
In addition to the lights, there are some lights that are planted in the ground to the shape of animals, fruits, and vegetables.

6. Gamelan Performance
Each Saturday night there is gamelan performance that played by kids. Sorry I didn't take any picture of this performance because too many people watched this performance, I could not get to the first row. 


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