Cancun was a sleepy island which transformed into vacation destination

An island with turquoise beach water that contrast with white sand and completed with luxury hotels and resorts really inviting people to come and spend their vacation there. Cancun which also called as Mexican Caribbean is an exotic island that located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun really offers beach paradise for vacationers. 
Cancun was a sleepy island in 1970's but now this island transformed into a vacation destination for more than 3 million tourists for every year. This coast is populated with mega resorts and over 20,000 hotel rooms like as Sunset Royal All Inclusive Hotel. So Cancun’s economy is based on tourism. There are some hotels and resorts also provide live Cancun web cam in their website, so people can see the newest situation on Cancun. These live webcams updated every few seconds but the webcams sometime may go dark or show a blurry image at times due to sand, humidity, the position of the sun or technical problems.

People said that Cancun can be divided into three main areas: The Hotel District, the Town and the Ecological Reserve.

Hotel District 
In Cancun, hotel district is a place where luxury hotels and shopping centers are distributed along the main Boulevard Kuculkán. The length of Boulevard Kuculkán is about 21-kilometres (13-miles). This district is area where trendiest shops, popular discos, finest restaurant and largest entertainment venues are situated. 

Town of Cancun 
The Town of Cancun is different scenery than the hotel district but not so drastically. It is like more picturesque, folkloric and simplicity. Restaurants in this district serve typical local food which taste some genuine homemade Mexican dishes. There are a lot of shops in the town too and for the entertainment, theaters and cinemas are located on the main streets. 

Ecological Reserve 
The Ecological Reserve district is in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, where nature still reigns supreme in the history of this area. This ecological reverse is occupying about hundreds kilometers that constitutes Mexico's largest genuine ecosystem, home to a various plant and animal species. This ecological reserve functioned to preserve this area as a wildlife refuge containing many species in danger of extinction

Gatwick Hotel which provide transportation

London Gatwick Airport is the second largest international airport and the second busiest by total passenger traffic after Heathrow in the United Kingdom. As the second largest international airport in the United Kingdom, London Gatwick has many good services and facilities like shops, restaurants, landside and airside, business lounge, hotels and others. For hotel services and facilities, Gatwick Airport has several on- and off-site hotels. Some Gatwick hotel  has the facility that you can choose to book room only or hotel room with parking service. They call booking hotel room with parking service as stay and park. Stay and park become popular because it has some benefit for passenger, like as: 
  1. Passengers who have an early flight do not need to be worry and hurry to awake in the middle of the night to avoid to be late arrive in the airport.  
  2. Passenger who arrives at Gatwick in the late time, usually feel tired if they want to rest soon then it is good to stay in Gatwick hotel so they do not need to be worry will be fall asleep to drive their car because they already take rest and in fresh condition. 
  3. Passenger becomes less of risk getting stuck in traffic. 
  4. Cheaper parking cost 
People who want to go to London Gatwick Airport with their own car sometime confuse about the direction, although people said that the location of London Gatwick Airport is about 28 miles to the south of the capital but sometime it is still confusing so they choose to go to Gatwick with public transportation. But if you want want to stay and park in the Gatwick hotel because you want to go with your own car, then click for directions  and compare all the available options in some websites about this service.  
Gatwick Airport has two terminals, North and South. For information about Gatwick Hotel which provide transportation for both terminals, here are the list:
  1. Courtyard by Marriott (4*) - Well located for South Terminal
  2. Sofitel (4*) - Well located for North Terminal
  3. Holiday Inn Gatwick Worth (4*) - Well located for All Terminals
  4. Best Western Moat House (3*) - Well located for All Terminals
  5. Hilton - located at the South Terminal and connected via walkway
  6. Copthorne Gatwick - 7 minutes from terminals
  7. Ramada - 8 minutes from terminals
  8. Europa – 10 minutes from terminals
  9. Russ Hill – 12 minutes from terminals
  10. Arora – 8 minutes from terminals
  11. The Felbridge – 11 minutes from terminals
  12. Gatwick Belmont – 5 minutes from terminals
  13. Days – 7 minutes from terminals
  14. Copthorne Effingham - 11 minutes from terminals
  15. Holiday Inn Gatwick Worth – 10 minutes from terminals
  16. Menzies Chequers – 5 minutes from terminals

Tips: Smart in vacation

In this world there are two types of people, those who consider traveling as a hobby that wasting money and those who consider traveling as a certainly satisfaction. Those both types do not understand the reason for one another of the opposite choice, but both understood with one another option. For those who love traveling and budget traveler likes me then they must really wise in spending money for traveling. I must pursue a minimum of over budget when traveling so I do not have to sacrifice other needs. Here are a few tip from some budget traveler in terms of become smart in vacation:
1. Destination
If you are a budget traveler, determining travel destination is a very important thing to done long time before your trip. You also have to consider the other costs such as visa fees when your destination is a place that requires visa. By determining your destination also can get information about the place better because by knowing better travel destination will greatly affect the cost of your trip. You can find information about your travel destination from magazines, other traveler story, backpacker forums on the internet, blogs and others.

2. Transport and accommodation
When traveling to the travel destination which needs to travel by plane, besides to get cheaper flight cost you should book your ticket longs time before your trip schedule. For booking your flight, you can use the online booking service directly to the airline's website or use other flight sites. Do not forget to book the place where you will live like hotel or villa because if you go in the high season usually most of the hotels and villas are already full of booked long time before. There are many websites that provide service of hotel room booking services and price comparison, you can also directly book your favorite hotel on the hotel's website if available. For those who got information about hotel promo, before ordering the promo it is better to check available flights first so you can decide whether the cost of flying within the promo period available and it would be very exciting if there is a promo for the airline tickets too. After booked the promo do not forget to book the hotel immediately so you will not lose your hotel promo because of the hotel was fully booked.

3. Cash or credit card
Do not choose to bring money or credit card but take it both always. Having a credit card certainly provides many facilities like easy booking hotel and flight. There are many stores and restaurants that have credit card payment facilities too, but keep in mind not all stores and restaurants already have this facility so it is the usage of bringing money. The usage of bringing money besides for shopping and dining as well as to pay for local transportation. To find out how much you need to carry money, you can find the information about it on the internet or ask a friend who ever going there. Ask how much the average living cost per day to travel there. Knowing average living cost will help you on creating your budget and calculate how much cash that you need to carry on too. The benefit of having a credit card is we can cut the amount of cash that we need to carry but we should not to forget to release our credit card from all bills before we bring it for a vacation. 

4. Insurance
Sometimes people underestimate how important insurance is including of travel insurance. Usually in the airline, travel insurance typically has been an option. Some credit cards also providing travel insurance to certain limits. There are several variant of travel insurance which provided by credit card service, ranging from 1-5 packs a day, such as the cost of illness, accident, loss of luggage, and others. Handling travel insurance is relatively fast, only 1-2 days. Because we do not know what will happen next on our tour, so maybe you need to take travel insurance especially if your travel destination is abroad.

5. Checklist
Creating a checklist is really helpful. Checklist helps you to remember the important items you need to carry. Before traveling I always make a checklist to avoid the least of forgetting items which I need to bring usually avoid forgetting to bring essential items such as medicines because the drug is not always available or easily to found at your travel destination. Create a checklist for gifts that you should buy, so you will not forget what to buy and not become over budget on souvenir too. 

With the tips above I hope your journey more comfortable and not become over budget. Do not forget to bring the sufficient substitute clothes. Besides carrying a bag of goodies, you should also bring a small bag to store the often used items such as tickets, coins etc. Do not forget to bring your mobile charger, camera and the camera charger as well. Separate your cash, not stored all in one place to avoid losing all cash. Happy traveling....

Mistakes in the mastering math

Many of the students say math is a school lesson that they really hate because they think math is a difficult subject. But also not a few students who said that solving math task is fun may be because they think math is an easy lesson or lessons that have challenges in solving. For those who feel that math is a lesson that has a challenge to solve, said it is a certain satisfaction after can solve difficult equations in the math tasks or problems. My opinion about my math is not overly like or hate, because sometimes I like but sometimes I did not like too. But as I recall, I always got grades about 7 and above for math homework or exams and it mean my math grades on school report was always 7 and above too. I admit that my math grades were not purely my hard work because I often cheat when there was mathematics homework. However, you should avoid to cheat if you want to successfully mastered math and I also try to minimal of cheating, I cheated only when I forgot to do math homework or I really could not answer the questions that given by the teacher.
Keep in mind that learning math is not the same as learning the lessons of history, we can master the lessons of history by rote memorization method but the memorization method is not enough to mastering math because math is not lesson that absolutely require of memorization. If students want to succeed in doing math tasks, then the key is they need a lot of practice and understand the formula. The following are common mistakes made by the students when do math tasks are:
1. Less of learning and not confident
2. Learning mathematics with memorization and without practice
3. In a hurry
4. Not carefully or not accurately
5. Not noting the task's hints and forget to write self identity
6. Not working with priority and no strategy

The reasons Tokyo called as attractive city for tourist destination

There are a lot of charms from a country which have famous name as the "Land of the Rising Sun", Japanese has many charms like their traditions, technology, arts, festivals, etc. I've mentioned several times the charms of Japan in my previous articles, such as Wisteria Tunnel, Some interesting facts about Japan"> etc.. This time I will discuss the charm of Tokyo.

Tokyo is a capital city of Japan. Tokyo may be one of your favorite holiday destination or a dream city that you want to visit, but do you know that Tokyo is included in one of the best cities in the world? Here are some reasons why Tokyo is the best city in the world and certainly the best city in the world is also an attractive place for tourist destination.

1. Big City with full of Lights

Hard to think of another city that has a more urban environment than Tokyo. Tokyo city center has at least 50 large groups of people who all has its own charm. Tokyo city is also a big city with full of lights.

2. Otaku Wonderland
If you really like reading and you can say that you are a book worm then Tokyo is a city that really suit for you. If you are like robot so much and you want to make your own robot then Tokyo provide all the tools. Akihabara have several shops which all of it sell robot's component. Tokyo is also best place if you like and have hobby like manga, anime, cosplay, and video game. So Tokyo is just like Otaku Wonderland.
Otaku is a Japanese slang word which means someone who has a hobby that they spend more time, money, and effort on than normal people do. They know a lot about their hobby and things related to it; for example, an anime otaku might spend a lot of time watching anime, buy a lot of DVDs and other products, learn about the people who create anime (such as the people who draw it, or the people who make the voices of the characters), or create something (like music or drawings) about anime. Originally, otaku was a word to speak to someone from another family with respect.
In Japan, otaku is generally considered a rude word. Calling someone an otaku in Japan would be a very bad insult. However, in America, otaku is often used to refer to fans of anime and manga. In America, calling someone an otaku is not necessarily rude. In Australia the term "otaku" is seen not only as not rude but in a lot of anime fans' cases as a thing to be very proud of being called. The term "otaku" is used to mean a very knowledgeable geek, obsessed with anime; an extreme fan of anime and manga.

3. You can become your self
Visit Shinagawa train station in Tokyo for ever morning, there you will see so many people who wear black dress. by seeing this, feels hard to think the individualist side of Tokyo city. It will different in Yoyogi park, each weekend is like just an opposite what you had seen in Shinagawa train station. In Yoyogi park, Tokyo citizen enjoy their self freedom there. Fashion, music and part of art are develop there, so there ther is no problem if you want to be your self.

4. Tranquility
Based on statistic, Tokyo is a city with low criminality level and even more save that New York, Paris or London. Only police who have gun and their gun is very rarely used. They said even a sword very difficult to be owned.

5. Society
Substantively they said Tokyo is not really a city. According to Politic, Tokyo is a prefecture (same as state or province) which is divided into 23 special regions, 26 towns, 5 small towns, and 8 villages where each of them have their own town hall. Each region has strong community sense which always diligent come to the events that held in the temples surrounding with bring their mikoshi or doing a dance, and even in Japan there is a common thing. The common thing is giving a small gift/souvenir when just reside and introduce their self to the neighbor. 

6. Well ordered train network system
Tokyo declared as the city which has the most efficient and the most well ordered train network system in the world with average passenger about 14.6 billion every year which serve by 882 train stations and 121 trains. Hence, in every company late with any reason are not accepted.

7. Foods
A best place is not enough without best food and Tokyo is a place that really good to find a delicious food. You can imagine, the amount of restaurant in Tokyo is not known exactly how many is. It is predicted that the amount restaurant in Tokyo around 200,000 restaurants or more. If there is a restaurant who have good quality and interesting, then the news about it will spread so fast through whole Tokyo's community and they willing to queue till many hours just to try this restaurant. Even Michelin Guide restaurant put Tokyo as a city which have 1,2 & 3 stars restaurant than other big city in the world.

8 Fashion city for youngsters 
Tokyo has many fashion trend, start from the street fashion till New York and Fashion Milan.

9. Weekend trip
The Shinkasen train network system is like a brilliant idea which make the district in Japan easily to be accesses, and even to visit Kyoto is only need about 2 hours. So it is common and not something wonder if in the weekend time many Tokyo people spend their weekend in the village district than quietly stay in city.

10. Event and Concert
Tokyo really attract many industrial event and foreign culture, start from Tokyo Motor Show, Tokyo game show and international anime fair are some biggest event which held in Tokyo. Many famous musician in the world, actor, and artist also attracted to held even and concert in here.

11. Shopping center for fashion product
Tokyo has many big department stores and thousand small shops from Ginza to the center of fashion former in Shimokitazawa. Its a really nice place for shopping.

12. Cyberpunk Architecture
Tokyo city has unique architecture that can be found only in this city, dark with cyber punk nuance which make many photographers and adventurer like to come and visit this city.

13. Tokyo attraction
In Tokyo, we can visit different attraction every week in every year so we will not confuse what we will do in here because it always a new thing in here.

14. Electronic
Electronic shops in Tokyo have many choice that will surprise you. Those shops glowing with many activities and their colorful lights.

15. Festival
Calender festival in Tokyo has many event party which are interesting and gratifying. 

3 Days and 2 Nights Stay at Hotel Horison Seminyak Bali

It has been so long I didn't update my blog, why? The first reason was because last month ago my internet connection really so bad, they said the cable optic that planted under the ocean was broken.  To cope this problem, they using ground cable but again it was broken then the provider looked for alternate cable by borrowed other provider cable but once again it was broken.Ya it was like triple mishap which happened continually. And the second reason actually I need to adapted in my new place, I'm reside to my sister home in other province to find something else and different life, for the simple explanation I want to work because I still can't hang my life with blogging and freelancing. 
Ok let's talk about 3 Days and 2 Nights Stay at Hotel Horison Seminyak Bali, don't guess anything like I just back from my vacation in Bali because it is not, yet it has been so long I didn't come back to visit Bali. But I will visit Bali soon, it is mean when I can get cheap airfare ticket then I will be sure when I will go to Bali, surely before the end of October. Maybe it is nothing for other people but it is something for me when I can go somewhere with good facilities but with good price too. I did bought hotel coupon promo for 3 Days and 2 Nights Stay at Hotel Horison Seminyak Bali only with IDR 998.000 from I don't try to promote this site or this hotel and this site or this hotel also not ask me to promote them, I write this post because I want to write it and inform it.
About Horison Seminyak Bali
Horison Seminyak Bali is 4 stars hotel which located at the center of attractions, Hotel Horison Seminyak, located at Jl Double Six, the prime area of Seminyak. Just two minute walk from shopping and famous dining areas. Double Six Beach is just 5 minutes walk. Sense the complete Balinese experience, explore the Island of Gods, Watery Sensation and other cultural local delights. Embark on a journey to discover the beauty and spirit of Indonesia culture with Horison Seminyak

Deluxe Room
Deluxe room is tastefully decorated to reflect the Horison ambience and comfort. Each room consists of two single beds or one king bed, and an outdoor terrace.

Amenities and Facilities
• Outdoor Terrace
• Sofa
• Coffee and tea making facilities
• 42 inch LCD flat screen with international satellite channels
• Safety deposit box
• Mini-bar
• Hair dryer
• Bathroom with full amenities
• Heat detectors
• Complimentary hi-speed WI-FI internet connection

What you get with IDR 998.000?
*Stay at Deluxe Room
*Daily Buffet Breakfast.
*Complimentary Welcome Drink.
* Free afternoon tea (4D3N Only).
*Complimentary Internet Wi-Fi Connection.
*Free Balinese Script from Horison Seminyak.
*Complimentary stay for child aged below 5 years.
*Rate is inclusive of applicable taxes and service charges.
*Free 15 min Massage at Paras Spa for 2 person (3D2N)
*Free Photo taking with Balinese Costume (3D2N and 4D3N)
*Free Early check in at 12PM or Late Check-out at 03PM based on availability (3D2N and 4D3N)
*Free Balinese Script from Horison Seminyak (3D2N and 4D3N)
*Free Light Dinner at Mantrimanika Restaurant for 2 person (4D3N)

Rules and regulations:

- Voucher can not be exchanged
- Voucher valid for 2 people / room
- Voucher is inclusive of tax and service
- Voucher can not be combined with other promo
- There is no limit on voucher purchases per account
- There is no limit on the use of vouchers per account
- There is no limit on the use of voucher per transaction
- Voucher can not be used on the 01-15 August 2013
- Vouchers can be transferable or used as a gift
- Voucher is only valid for Domestic Market and the Permit Holder
- Required to make booking at least 1 week before the date of stay
- Voucher can not be canceled after confirmation / reservation arrival
- Voucher must be printed and presented to the Horison Seminyak Bali at check-in

Additional Information (Payable to Hotel):
- Rates for Extension Night: Rp. 650.000,- nett
- Rates For Extra Bed with Breakfast: Rp. 350.000,-nett

High Season Surcharge: Rp.100.000 per room.
- 01 – 30 June 2013
- 16 – 31 Aug 2013
- 01 – 15 Sep 2013

This coupon promo is valid till October 31, 2013 but this offer will end after 10 hours later and already sold 192 coupons, so if you are interest then you should fast to book it. Sorry if I late to inform it, because this promo only for local tourist and KITA's holder. Happy vacation...

10 Dream vacation destination ideas in 2013

Discussing the dream destination in the year 2013 is the most appropriate at the beginning of the year so that the traveler has a lot of time to prepare for their vacation plans, but there is no prohibition and it is not wrong discussing about dream vacation destination ideas in early of April because you still have many times to plan your vacation destination ideas for your summer vacation this year.

Regarding the dream vacation destination ideas list, every traveler must have their own list. For those who do not have a list of dream vacation destination and want to have it, then the Huffington Post which is an American news website gives an overview of dream destination in an article entitled 10 Great Dream Island Vacation Ideas For 2013. Here is an 10 Great Dream Island Vacation Ideas for 2013 from Huffington Post:

1. Bali, Indonesia.
2. Raja Ampat, Indonesia.
3. Jade Mountain Resort in St.. Lucia.
4. Big Island, Hawaii
5. Vanuatu.
6. Harbour Island in the Bahamas.
7. Rangali Island in the Maldives / Maldives.
8. Iceland / Iceland.
9. Ko Samui in Thailand.
10. Santorini, Greece.

Bali is ranked first in the list is very feasible, because beside having beautiful scenery Bali is also rich in culture that is still attached to the life of its inhabitants. Exoticism of Bali often described as the island paradise and also the island of the gods.

Viceroy Bali
Viceroy Bali
Viceroy Bali
Viceroy Bali
Bali is not only beautiful but also has good facilities, a variety of 5 stars hotels and resorts to pamper you are found in Bali. There are many hotels and resorts that I can mentioned and recommended which are included in the most of expensive hotels and resorts in Indonesia such as Ayana Resort, Bulgari Resort, W Hotels, Four Seasons Jimbaran, Viceroy Bali, and Amankila (I ever reviewed in article expensive and luxuries resorts in Indonesia), but the Huffington Post website recommend you to stay at Hotel Viceroy Bali which located in Ubud. The site says that the Viceroy Bali has one of the best views in the world. Ubud is famous with a view of green mountains and beautiful fields storey providing peaceful ambience and inspired many visitors.
Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat Reef
For Raja Ampat is ranked second as a dream vacation destination because Raja Ampat was ranked 1 of the Top 10 Best Island Reef in the world. When you say that you are a fan of scuba diving and snorkeling, of course you already know the name of Raja Ampat is the most eastern part of Indonesia's islands, namely the island of Papua. So if you really take seriously diving and snorkeling, Raja Ampat is a place that you should visit. Raja Ampat is also one of my dream destination that has yet to materialize because the cost is quite expensive for me. I really never dreamed to go to this island. When we will go vacation to Raja Ampat?
To review another 8 dream travel destinations in 2013, please find by yourself why these places are worthy to be your dream vacation destination. Currently I only review 2 places that are on the top list because I've discussed these places many times. Thank you for visiting.

Essay writing service maybe will help you to achieve your academic goal

Talking about goal in life, there will be many kinds of goal which come from different people. And goal life can be change depending on where the person’s pace of life. For students there will be some goal, like to get the best grade, become the best student, study on their favorite school or university, win scholarship, finish study faster, etc. Student goal for academic subject called as academic goals.  On those goals maybe required some conditions such as assign student to write an essay.  Writing an essay maybe is not an easy task for some students. Writing essay become not an easy task maybe because of lack of source, hard understanding, not confidence with the writing skill or maybe really no idea what should to write. According to which is one of a good essay writing service mentioned that the reason of many students looking for an essay writing service because of they have short of time or aren't confident enough in their writing skills to create a paper worthy of their caliber of work. Well… Some high school and university presupposing student accomplished writing an essay as part of graduation requirements too. In this condition some students maybe seek a help from essay writing service, no body want to be fail and who knows maybe essay writing service which will save them from academic failure and help them achieve their academic goals. Let’s try our best, be creative and if we must take an essay writing service to accomplished essay writing assignment then we should learn and understand what they wrote.

Less traveling is the most regrettable thing

Maybe we are thinking what old people think, want or what they are regret now. Maybe you are thinking that your parent regret about their failure to send you abroad, yet also didn't have grandchildren, or do not live more healthy? Apparently, there are more regrettable things for the people who are already passed the age of 50, it is that they are not enough traveling when they was younger.

ravelling at this time are very affordable, and you can reach the other countries with low cost, depending on the method you choose. Therefore, it is not often enough to look the other world when the age is still productive as the remorse felt by 91 percent of adults surveyed from

The survey of 2107 Brits revealed that the average people in the age 50s were vacation less, they were vacation once a year throughout their lives. Many people take wrong perceptions about traveling. Mostly people assume, traveling is spending a six-month vacation in exotic countries. But actually people can achieve to look around the world than the premise, and you do not have to spend a lot of money and stop working.

How to travel around the world is if you can effort to go abroad, then on each vacation you can visit different country. No need long vacation, but maybe short stay on each country and even you can explore many country in one vacation period. Like one pedal, one or two islands can be passed. 
A little by a little, you end up having passed through many places in the world, but your savings money will not be drained as if you are traveling to tropical country for three months, for example Indonesia or Thailand.

The website also reveals, Australia (78 percent), Americans (71 percent), and South Africa (65 percent) are the countries that most want to be visited by the respondent, but have not managed to visit. Then, 63 percent of respondents plan to visit more countries in the world when they retire.

10 things that regretted by the most people on the age of 50's:
1. Not enough traveling - 91%
2. Career choice - 72%
3. One select couples - 64%
4. Not a healthy life - 55%
5. Lost touch with certain friends - 53%
6. Do not manage money well - 46%
7. Too soon to have children - 27%
8. Too often worried - 25%
9. Not being a "yes person" - 19%
10. Too late to have children - 8%

Source: Female First

How to start to write your admission essay

A few years ago I watched a movie with the title "21", I didn't realize that the movie talked about a story of a brilliant student that try to win a college scholarship until the end of the movie which shown by the admission committee being amazed and astonished with this brilliant student's story. Ya... I think every student that want to win a college scholarship or study in college which they are dreaming so much, they should make the admission committee amazed with their story. The story not must as a great as the story of 21 movie but it should talk about their self that make them seem valuable and worth to be a student of that college or to win the scholarship. This part called as admission process, in the admission form that you have to fill which can evaluate if you are valuable or not, it is admission essay or application essay and sometimes also called as personal statement. Admission essay is an essay or other written statement written by an applicant, often a prospective student applying to some college, university, or graduate school. The application essay is a common part of the university and college admissions process.
Now maybe you are in stuck of idea then you reach this page and hope that you will find idea how to write admission essay. I hope that so. Sincerely, I tell you that really I’m not a professional on essay writing but I’m quite interest to talk about it in my blog recently and I just dare to try to express my mind in here. This is the point that you have to dare to write your admission essay. If you are still stuck or even didn't start any word for your essay then I got an interesting article about how to start to write a college admission essay [courtesy Sarah Myers McGinty]:
Step 1: Think about yourself
Admission essay that also called as a personal statement then it is mean you have to start by yourself, explore your strengths and weakness, your best qualities, your intellectual, your creativity, your curiousness, your passion, etc. 
Step 2: Choose a positive quality you’d like to convey to the admission committee
Well… You won’t buy a product if the product mentions any useful function and not interesting. I think it is same in the admission process. The committee won’t pick or select you if they don’t see any quality on you or kind of you are not useful or not interesting. Focus talk about the quality of your mind or your character but never pick an event or something that you've done.
Step 3: Tell a story
A good story always left a good impression to the reader or to the spectator. Set a timer about for 20 minutes. Force yourself to keep telling about your quality/characteristic that you identified in step 2 and see what reveals until the timer goes off.

Ok… I hope this article have moved you and giving you and idea to write your college admission essay. But remember if you did step 1-3 then you've already identified the important quality/characteristic which you want to convey to each college so no worry about the matter of question in the admission form. Good luck and be creative!  

Madeira the beauty in Atlantic

Madeira is a small beautiful island about 360 miles west of Morocco and 540 miles southwest of Lisbon. Madeira is a Portuguese's archipelago located in the north Atlantic Ocean and is one of the outermost regions of the European Union. Discovered by Portuguese sailors in the service Infante D. Henrique were known as Henry the Navigator in 1419, the Madeira archipelago is considered as the initial discovery of the exploratory period of the Portuguese.

After the democratic revolution in 1974, finally, on July 1, 1976 Portugal was officially granted autonomy to Madeira. From that day on, Madeira has its own government and transformed into a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

Madeira known for its production of wine, flowers, landscapes and embroidery artisans, as well as the celebration of the New Year with a spectacular fireworks show (considered one of the largest in the world by Guinness World Records), Madeira annually visited by about one million tourists. The main harbor in Funchal is the leading Portuguese port in cruise liner docking, being an important stopover for commercial and trans-Atlantic passenger cruises between Europe, the Caribbean and North America.
Madeira is currently the second richest region in Portugal, after Lisbon, with a GDP per capital of 103% of the European average.


Madeira traditional market

Madeira typical house

Dissertation writing assistance

When students get an education at the high school level, graduation is determined by a pass on a final exam. But for the university students, there is the mandatory final assignment that must be taken  to obtain a degree. Each level degree has a mandatory final assignment that to be passed, for the Bachelor's degree must complete the final task/assignment/project, to obtain Master's degree must to complete thesis, and PhD must complete a dissertation. After writing assignments are feasible, then the students still have to do a test or session. This task does not stop there, there is another task that is to revised and also write a journal to publish. This rules seems agreed in all universities around the world, whether in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, USA, and other countries.

Maybe you also have heard that a lot of students who admit to getting a PhD degree is quite difficult when compared to the other university levels. In fact there are many students who spend 5-6 years to obtain their PhD degree. There are students who are stuck on the completion of his dissertation. So is there a solution in order to complete the dissertation faster? There is not an impossible, find someone who can help you, and even you can also buy dissertation. There are many services that are ready to help you whatever major that you take, whether your major is belong to science, arts, medical, engineering, social science or even business studies. With the internet, dissertation writing services assistance more easily to search and found, just input services such as dissertation writing assistance/help in the United Kingdom or even buy dissertation in UK. Be confidence and you will be the winner, understand your task and you will not fail. Whatever the way you choose to complete your dissertation, you need to know the land and the risk. Good luck and keep fighting!

Buy dissertation, right or wrong?

Dissertation is a mandatory task that must be completed by university students to obtain PhD degree. There are various methods that must be done to complete the dissertation and there are also varieties of ways in which university students in completing their dissertation. Some university students may work on their own effort to preparing all activities according to complete their dissertation, including collecting the research materials, there are also some students who are seeking help in resolving certain things and even there are some students who choosing to buy dissertation and maybe they are your friend but surely if you live in United Kingdom then there are some service about it which you can seek for help.

Buying dissertation sounds sleazy, but in fact there must some university students who choosing to do it. It is like a public secret that there are some students who want to obtain their degree faster by buying their dissertation, it is also happen for final project in Bachelor’s degree and also buy thesis in master's degree. However, if you choose to buy the final project, thesis or dissertation, you would have high risk and you will bear the responsibility on your own. 

Is it buying dissertation wrong? Right or wrong about buy dissertation is dependent to the student, although the student buy dissertation but if the student understands their dissertation, can underwrite their actions and certainly passes the test, then it seemed legitimate because what the law prohibited is plagiarism. But unlike the case when students buy dissertation does not understand his actions and did not know the risks. Buying dissertation does have consequences and risks are high and the losses are certainly students who buy the dissertation. Buying dissertation right or wrong, it is all depends on your own judgment. In addition, like a school task, the aim why there is obligation to completed dissertation because to show your knowledge, experiences and your understanding about the major that you took. If you are study in England, United Kingdom, then there are some services which will help you for this case (buy dissertation) and I think it is quite easy to find because there are a lot services about it. Good luck and fighting! 

Infectious diseases that you should be aware of when you do the trip

To travel out of the country or to an area with environmental and climatic conditions different from your home area, might cause many problem to you. One of the problems that possibility is that you are suffer kind of disease. If you are just sick because suffering from exhaustion maybe you can recover only with a lot of rests, but there are some diseases that might infect you when you do your tour.

According to the experts of allergy immunology, travel trip are potentially transmit disease, especially diseases that are transmitted through coughing and sneezing and transmission fast. In certain diseases can result in death, such as meningitis. The experts stated that the vaccination, is the primary protection to prevent infection as there was quite a lot of diseases that can be prevented with a vaccine. The vaccine should be done 2 weeks to 1 month before the departure traveled.

There are a number of diseases that are categorized as "travel disease" who infectious or potentially be a carrier (carrier). Here are some diseases that you should be aware of and maybe infect on you when you do your travel trip:

1. Typhoid is a disease transmitted through food or water contaminated with the feces of infected people. The cause is a bacterium Salmonella thyphii.

2. Tetanus is one of dangerous infections because it affects the nervous system and muscles, is caused by a neurotoxin (tetanopasmin) of gram-positive anaerobic bacterium Clostridium tetani.

3. Tuberculosis or TB. Caused by the bacterium Microbacterium tuberculosis. Transmitted through the air contaminated with bacteria that are released when TB patient coughs. These bacteria enter and accumulate in the lungs and multiply, especially in people with low immunity.

4. Hepatitis, inflammation or swelling of the liver is an important organ. There are five viruses that cause hepatitis, namely hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E.

5. HIV / AIDS. The HIV virus takes a long time to cause the deadly AIDS syndrome. Transmission is mainly through body fluids or blood.

6. Japanese encephalitis. A disease that attacks the central nervous system that cause inflammation of the brain suddenly. Japanese encephalitis caused by the virus.

7. Malaria. Caused by the bite of the Anopheles mosquito or injections with a needle that has been used previously malaria.

8. Meningitis. Meningococcal meningitis is caused by the bacterium Neisseria meningitidis is transmitted through the air by splashing saliva while talking, coughing or sneezing of people with or carrier. This disease can lead to disability and death.

9. Flu. There are several different types of the flu, the flu is generally transmitted by RNA viruses of the family Orthomyxoviridae (the influenza viruses). The most common symptoms are chills, fever, sore throat, muscle aches, cough, and fatigue. The disease is mainly found in the winter.

10. Yellow fever. Acute systemic disease caused by a virus called Flavivirus. In severe cases can cause high fever, bleeding into the skin and death of cells in the kidney and liver.

Best surfing spot in Indonesia

Surfing is a water sport activity that challenging adrenalin. Surfing is one of some reasons and become part of the pleasure travelers when it intends to conduct marine tourism. Exploring and finding place that has beaches with the best waves are compulsory by surfing enthusiasts. 

Indonesia is an archipelago county. The water ocean in Indonesia is wider  than the land, so Indonesia has many beaches too. There are many famous beautiful beaches in Indonesia and some of them have best waves  that suitable for surfing.

Here are a list of the best surfing spots in Indonesia:

Most surfers would have known this place. Bali is one of the world's best surf spots and surfing center in Indonesia. In most beach of Bali, you will easily meet the surfers, from beginners to professionals. One of the best beach owned Bali is Kuta Beach, Uluwatu and Dreamland. These beaches offers the best waves for beginner to expert. The waves on those beaches roll gently with a sand beach. If you want to learn surfing in Bali then you can find surfer teacher because it is many surf schools there.

Nusa Tenggara
Not only in Bali, you can see the sea rolls underneath your surfboard when in Nusa Tenggara, exactly  in Lombok area. The place is visited regularly by the world-class surfers as beach in Lombok has the legendary waves. The beaches here have a wave that is always changing every 20 seconds. If you visit Bali then you should visit Lombok too, you can reach Lombok by ship or by airplane. 

The beach in Java that famous for surfing is G-Land. G-Land located in Plengkung Coast that known as the paradise of the surfers. On the beach, the waves will come in a row without stopping, or it can be said as the perfect wave. Plengkung beach is the best spot to surfing because the waves are friendly for the beginner surfer.

If you want to find the best surfing spots in Sumatra, you can see them in the Mentawai Islands. Line of islands in the Mentawai is like a home to the world-class surfers. In this place the surfer can find waves every time. And in Sumatra there is also challenging waves, the name of this place is Tanjung Bono. Tanjung Bono is a river that meet the ocean and make perfect tidal waves and very challenging for surfer but the water in Tanjung Bono bring mud from Sumatra forest so it is look dirty. I did write about Tanjung Bono before in post Tanjung Bono is a river which has wave, challenge for surfer. There surfing video too in this post that made by Ripcurl team. 

Hope you enjoy my post, happy traveling and happy surfing...

Adrenalin adventure Taihang mountains

China has extremely beautiful nature scenery, especially for the mountainous scenery which you see like in the paintings from China. But, maybe you don't realize that China also offer you adrenalin travel adventure on those breathtaking mountain scenery. I did talk before one of it in my article "Adrenalin skywalk Yunmeng and Tianmen mountain" and now I want to talk other adrenalin adventure in China, it is adrenalin adventure in Taihang mountains. 
Taihang Mountains in Chinese it will say Tàiháng Shān are a Chinese mountain range running down the eastern edge of the Loess Plateau in Shanxi, Henan and Hebei provinces. The range extends over 400 km from north to south and has an average elevation of 1,500 to 2,000 meters. The principal peak is Xiao Wutaishan (2,882 metres). Cangyan Shan in Hebei forms the eastern tip of the Taihang range.
The name of Shanxi Province, meaning "west of the mountains", derives from its location west of the Taihang Mountains, as does the name of Shandong Province (east of the mountains). [courtesy Wikipedia]   
Then what I mean with Adrenalin adventure in Taihang mountains? Ok.. let's talk about it.
First Taihang mountains has a tunnel road the name of this road is Guoliang Tunnel, maybe you are often see the image of this road in many Hollywood movies that took in China. According the story from this tunnel road that located in Hunan Province of China,  before 1972, access to the nearby Guoliang village was limited to a very difficult path carved into the mountainside. The village was nestled in a valley surrounded by towering mountains. It was basically cut off from civilization. In 1972, a group of desperate villagers decided to take matters into their own hands - they would carve a road right into the side of the mountain by themselves. They sold goats and herbs to buy hammers and steel tools. Thirteen strong villagers began the project. It took them five years to finish the 1,200-meter-long tunnel (a little less than a mile) which is about 5 meters high (15 ft) and 4 meters (12 ft) wide. The tunnel has more than thirty windows dozens of meters across that provided a stunning view of the deadly precipice below. The tunnel was opened to traffic on May 1, 1977. 

The second adrenalin adventure in the Taihang mountains is 300ft spiral staircase which famous with name "Stairway to heaven". which wrote article about this staircase said maybe just looking at these stairs is enough to give anyone vertigo, but they are expected to attract thousands of tourists in China. Chinese tourist officials in Linzhou, hope this staircase will give visitors a real experience of thrilling on themountain range, but senior beware people who are upper 60 years old and who suffer heart attack should not climb this staircase. All potential climbers have to sign a form stating that they have no heart or lung problems and are under 60 years of age, because on the staircase may the wind blows and batters, the birds fly past or the stairs creak. However, for health and safety reasons, the stairs do not offer admission to just anyone. 
The Taihang Mountain range encompasses 250 miles from north to south and runs through Shanxi, Henan and Hebei provinces. Most peaks range from 5,000 to 6,500ft, with the principal peak of Xiao Wutaishan reaching 9,455ft.

The third is patches on the West Side of Taihang Mountain, Shanxi Province in China.

Hope you enjoy reading my post about Adrenalin adventure Taihang mountains

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