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****This post updated according to newest Hotel and Villa promo****

The smell of Holiday is so strong, did you plan where will you spend your Christmas and New Year holiday? How if spend your holiday in Bali? Bali is like a magnet for pleasure because this exotic island has many attraction and beauty, I think never regret to visit Bali but want to visit more in other chance maybe. And when holiday time there are many hotel and villa and also attraction giving special promo, before I did talk about Bali Hai Cruise special promo then now it is time to talk about hotel and villa promo in Bali for December. 

This is some hotel which giving special promo in 20-21 of December 2012 (will be update if there is other promo for special Christmas and New Year):

:: The Astari Villa & Residence ::
Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Gg. Kencana Selatan No. 1, Jimbaran
  • Deluxe Room : IDR 560.000/room/night
  • Suite Room : IDR 715.000/room/night
  • Villa 2 Bedroom : IDR 2.200.000/room/night

:: The Spot Legian :: 
Jl. Raya Legian - Ground Zero, Gg. Troppozone No.8
Valid until 20 December 2012
  • Room The Usual Spot : IDR 450.000/room/night

:: Hotel Ibis Kuta ::
Jl. Raya Kuta No. 77
-->Promo start now – 20 December 2012 (Special Campaign Rate)
  • Standard Room : IDR 500.000/room/night
  • Rate inclusive
    • Breakfast for 1 (one) or 2 (two) person as per registration
    • 21% government tax and service charge
    • Free wifi in room and public areas
--> Promo : 21 December 2012 – 29 December 2012
  • Standard Room : IDR 725.000/room/ night
  • Rate inclusive :
    • Breakfast for 1 (one) or 2 (two) person as per registration
    • 21% government tax and service charge
    • Free wifi in room and public areas

--> Promo berlaku : 30 and 31 December 2012
  • Standard Room : IDR 2.250.000/ room/ 02 nights
  • Rate inclusive :
    • Breakfast for 1 (one) or 2 (two) person as per registration
    • Brunch on 01 January 2013 for 02 persons
    • 21% government tax and service charge
    • Free wifi in room and public areas
It seem save money a little is worth so you can more souvenir. Finding special promo before go for vacation so worth more money saving but lot of fans.
For reservation : 0813-2973-1283 or email : or

Anambas Island, a beauty in the border

Anambas is islands that part of Indonesia, before this island was not famous between Indonesia citizen but already famous as tourist destination from other country but after the issue that Malaysia want to possessed of it then it become populer among Indonesia citizen and then even more famous in abroad. Anambas is a collection of islands like as Matak island, Telaga island, Jemaja island, Temiang island, Ayerabu island, Bawah island and other small islands (total island large and small islands are no less than 238, about 212 islands which are uninhabited), those islands are included in Natuna island, Riau located in the South China Sea nested between eastern and western Malaysia and Borneo, Indonesia. 

Anambas have large reserves of natural gas that exported to other countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Other potential natural capital of Anambas is oil, Matak island is the main base for oil exploration. Anambas not only rich of natural capital but also have an exotic beautiful natural scenery (mentioned in CNN as the first top tropical island paradise in Asia) especially the beauty of underwater scenery then I can say that Anambas is like a beauty in the border. Yes... Anambas is a beauty in the border because it is part of Indonesia like the outer island and also near Malaysia and it is famous among scuba diving lover and snorkeling lover as I said the underwater scenery of Anambas is so beautiful. Best-known sites are the underwater reefs of Tokong Berlayar, the Malang Biru island which has steep slopes, the Katoaka reef, and shipwrecked vessels "Seven Skies" and "Igara".

Here are some collection of Anambas's underwater sceneries:

Cableslaps, cable management/ties which do not cause interference with electronic devices

Cable tie is very important for me when I'm in home or when I have to go to travel. When in home cable ties make my gadget cables like laptop charger, iPad charger, mobile phone, camera charger can be save easily and when I have to go to travel cable ties make me easily pack and bring all my gadget cables. I call cable ties's simple function is to avoid the cable tied and messed like spaghetti.
Usually I use self-locking nylon cable ties but I think this kind of cable ties not suitable to ties my gadget 's cables because after tighten then its hard to un-tight again. Then after some time I found Velcro cable ties, ya.. I was like this stuff  and it was solved my problem because it is easy to tighten and un-tighten but after I used some decade, this cable ties look disgusting because of too many material cling on it like wool, hair, yarn etc. Ya... I have to find new Velcro cable ties, in my search I found nice cable ties with colorful choice. The cable tie's name Cableslaps.

Cableslaps is a new product founded in 2012. According to official Cableslaps website in, it was found because the founder felt frustrated with all the various cellphone, camera, ipod, and computer cables littering the kitchen counter and making a mess of in his junk drawer. Then he remembered the slap bracelets that were a fad when he was a kid in the late 80's and realized that with a fully-bonded, soft but grippe silicone coating replacing the traditional loose fabric jacket, would be effective at bundling cables. I think it is nice story that founding a great think can come from around as or sometime our child memories.

Cableslaps features
Cableslaps are vailable in two sizes, large and small. Small measures 220mm x 20mm when flat and large measures 280mm x 30mm when flat. The coil-up of large and small are same but the small size is suitable for for ipod, iphone, ipad, smartphone, cellphone, and digital camera cables while the large is heavier and has a more powerful coiling action that is best suited to larger cables, laptop cords with power transformers, extension cords and similar applications. Cableslaps are constructed with a solid steel bi-stable spring core for durability and a fully-bonded soft but grippy silicone outer casing to hold and coddle your precious cables. Cableslap unique design do not cause interference with electronic devices. In fact, performing musicians who have tested Cableslaps proclaim that these are the only cable management product they have found that does not add interference or noise even when used with powerful amplification.

For more information about Cableslaps just check out the official website of Cableslaps that I mention the above paragraphs. 

Pagerank Google drop

I'm sure many blogger sad or maybe happy now because Google just updating the pagerank (PR). I feel sad now because I always hope that my blog's PR always increase never drop but today I realize that my PR is dropping. I know I did mistake that I was too much lazy in updating my blog but what other reason that makes my PR drop? I know it is out of travel topic but I feel sad because of my PR drop, PR drop mean I have to do hard work to make it up again. I try to search because I want to know why my PR drop then I found some article related to my curious. Here the reason why PR can drop immediately:

1. Rarely updating blog
Ya.. I know I was rarely updating my blog but I still updating my blog. Ya.. they said I should updating my blog at least at 3 days.

2. No visitor or less visitor
Ya.. I haven't proud about amount of my blog visitor but my blog visitor not decrease, I think it is still stable.

3. Less blogwalking
Blogwalking is visiting other blog and left a comment. Ya.... I admit it that I am almost never blogwalking since several months ago because my friend told me that it is only wasting time. Ya... I don't know but now my PR drop because I never blogwalking anymore.

4. Too many spam comment
Well... I do filter spam comment in this blog which the name is anonymous, I think it is not the reason why my PR drop. But if you didn't filter it then it can cause your PR drop.

5.  Inbound link from site which Google don't like
It is important that Google don't like negative site like a site which talk about gambling, porn, sex etc. But I think  it is not the reason of why my blog PR drop because I don't think I have inbound link from kind of that site.

6. Too much spreading link
Well... if you spread too much link into your blog then Google will indicate that your blog is spam so don't do it. Spread your URL is important but do over of it. But I think it is not the reason why my blog's PR is drop too because as I know I was lazy blogwalking and active in forum again.

7. Too many broken link
Just check if there are many broken link in your blog with webmaster Google tool. I did check too, ya... there are some broken links but I don't make it, I don't know why I had those broken links.

8. Post that hate by Google
Ehm... once again Google hate negative site so if you make post article about negative thing like sex, porn, gambling etc so it can make Google dropped your PR but me I think it is the first time I mention those words, it is mean that this reason is not a reason of my blog PR drop.

9. Many outbound link but less inbound link
Well... Many inbound link make your blog have good reputation. I don't know if it is the reason my blog PR decrease because since few months ago I wrote some article with some outbound link inside but less wrote article without outbound link (I wrote because of $_$). I think it is the reason... so I have to do hard work to cure it. I have to write many post without outbound link start from now.

10. Quality content of blog
I don't know if my blog content quality is not good because I feel I wrote my content by myself, ya.. there are some article post by guest but only few. I think quality content is important because if you did a lot co-past content then the content is not good anymore.

11. Quality link to our site
I think a good quality link is a link with good keyword, like the keyword is relevance to the blog/article or not.

12. Interlinking
Interlinking is link in your site to your site, like article to article. Bloggers said that interlinking is good way in blog SEO, but I think too much of it also not good make the reader don't like. In my blog only few interlinking, I only give interlinking if the article really related.

13.  Load blog speed
Everyone know that good blog or site must have fast load, less image and less widget will make your site load faster. So you should delete those things.

14. Bounce rate
Bounce rate is important. A good bounce rate mean if many of your visitor after landing into your blog or one article then they visit other article if bad bounce rate then after they landing they just left.

15. Page that indexed by Google
If you have many page that indexed by Google then it is good but if less then it is bad. Many indexed mean Google know all content of your blog. Well... I see in Google webmaster tool that my blog index is dropping immediately and I don't know the reason about it.

Ok... I hope this information can help your problem, well... I still feel sad because my PR drop. Thanks to which make me understand about this issue. 

First-Class Luxury Bus Charter in Phoenix

Phoenix is the largest capital city in the state of Arizona, US. According the population Phoenix is the 6th largest population in USA and also most populous state capital in United States. In populous city must need good facility like as transportation.  In Phoenix there is professional and good service transportation provider such as bus charter.
In the service of bus charter you will get:

  • First-Class Customer Care
  • Customer care is very important because it is like a guarantee that the provider really care about customer.
  • Courteous, Professionally-Trained Operators
  • Professional and courteous is always like the deal of business service to make the customer comfortable.  
  • Safe, Clean, Well-Maintained Luxurious Coaches
  • Safe, clean and well maintained are to make the customer satisfied and have great moment during the travel so they are significant point of services. 

A bus charter provider that offering bus tours with more than 5,000,000 miles yearly and more than 75 years of experience in fleet of luxury coaches moving safely across the miles is to make the customer satisfied. In this services include:
  • Southwest Bus Charters
  • Phoenix Bus Tours including Arizona Bus Charters
  • Contract Services
  • Maintenance Services and more

Those great services are All Aboard America services which offer First-Class Luxury Motorcoach Charters. In the 75th Anniversary, All Aboard America spread the wings by making a strong move to the future success.  All Aboard America in celebrating their 75th Anniversary finding another company to be their business partner like as:  Hotard Coaches and Calco Travel of New Orleans. Looking for a professional school bus rental Phoenix, Arizona may refer to All Aboard America which family owned and operated since 1936. All Aboard America offer all of your Southwest bus service needs. 

The most desirable locations to stay in Dubai

Dubai is a shining glittering city that growing rapidly in the Middle East. Dubai was a small desert city then now it is becoming a big city with complete facilities. Dubai also like a dazzling and glowing place where you can enjoy luxurious life style inside the desert like hotel Burj Al Arab the 7 stars hotel, the artificial oases, Ski Dubai the third largest ski indoor slope and the first open in the Middle east where you can play ski and snowboard indoor, Burj Al Khalifa the highest building in the world now and a country which make artificial lands for residence in the ocean. The artificial lands are The Palm Jumeirah and the world. In the world artificial archipelago you can buy and then have your own island if you rich enough to buy one of that islands but if not then you can rent apartment in Dubai.

The rapidly development, the progress and the growth of Dubai has been the subject of gazillion news items in several years make many people interest to come to Dubai. People interest to come to Dubai like as for traveling, doing business or work. Ya… For many people Dubai like a place for work hard and play hard because this day it’s become a centre of wealth and prosperity and the lifestyle locally is exceptionally good, particularly for Western expats who benefit from a largely excellent climate, wonderful leisure facilities, a relatively laid back pace of life and good education and healthcare standards. You also have to know that Dubai is becoming the melting pot of different cultures from all over the world and definitely the only place in the Middle East that practically lives of the global village dream. Multicultural taste in Dubai gives you the chance to meet people from different religions, social background, and serves as a bridge that helps people see beyond stereotypes. It is common if you see 10 people sitting on a table from 10 different cultures and be able to call them friends that were amazing moment and experience.

People who consider short stay like for leisure or business travel and long stay like for work can choose to stay in the most desirable locations in Dubai. I think it is better to choose desirable locations to stay in Dubai because the place is convenient with the local facilities nearby. So where is the most desirable location to stay in Dubai? There are many desirable locations in Dubai like location in Jumeirah where there are complete choice like Palm Jumeirah Shoreline, Palm Jumeirah Marina, Palm Jumeirah Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah Villas, Jumeirah Beach Residences, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers and The Springs. Confuse to choose? Don’t be confuse just choose the most from the most of desirable locations in Dubai which ideal for you and ask the agent for the best suggestion for you. Happy traveling… 

Stay at a Luxury Villa Instead of a Hotel for Your Next Vacation

Do you wish you could afford to vacation like the rich but you don't think you have the budget for it? Have you wanted to take your family on a paradise vacation in another country for years now and you have the money to spend on a luxury villa? Then you need to check out the Amanyara resort you can rent from Preferred Escapes luxury rentals. You will find you have been missing out on the best vacations of your life for years once you stay at these luxurious resorts.

Enjoy Staying in a Private Villa
When you book a hotel room at a fast-paced, all-inclusive resort, you and a thousand other people are trying to relax and party along with you. You will find families who have screaming kids who want to go home, intoxicated people stepping all over your beach supplies and guests stomping on the floor above you when you are trying to get some sleep. Now you don't have to worry about any of these nuisances when you book your vacation at a private resort. You'll be staying in a place that not many people think they can afford and you'll be able to enjoy peace and quiet for a change.

You Get Your Own Beach
How would you like to be the only one on a beautiful private beach? You wouldn't have to worry about people stepping on you, yelling across the beach or blasting their music in your ears. When you reserve your own villa, you get your own private beach. You won't have to share it with anyone else and you can relax all day enjoying the beautiful tropical weather.

Learn More About Luxury Rentals
If you are interested in learning more about what luxury rentals have to offer, you can head over to or you can visit the preferred escapes blog to view up to date postings on the units they have to offer. You will find new villas and private luxury resorts that are added as well as any other information you should know about when you are renting your first rental home for your vacation. You will never want to spend another night again in a hot, humid hotel that has loud people who just want to party the night away. Savor your vacation when you stay in a private residence with your family instead.

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