Tips: Explore Universal Studios Singapore in 1 day

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is part of Resort World Sentosa is interesting place to visit in Singapore so you have to put USS in your list of places to visit in Singapore. USS officially opened on May 28, 2011 so it is relatively new attraction in Singapore. USS total area is about 20 acres so if you just walk around the entire area of USS may take about 15-20 minutes, but if you try all the attractions in the USS maybe one day is not enough because wrong time management and arrangement. Most people who first came to Universal Studio Singapore is entered, take pictures in the Hollywood area, enjoy the ride / show one by one around the region in sequence from left to the right or vice versa if everyone did the same thing then it just wasting the time to queue. Due to your time runs out to queue then you will not be able to enjoy all the attractions in USS, it is not a problem if you have enough vacation time and budget but if you have a busy schedule or a limited budget then you should maximize your time by explore USS in 1 day. 

Here are the tips to explore Universal Studio Singapore in 1 day.

General tips:

  • Before you buy a ticket, find information about promo first on the official website of Universal Studio Singapore. You may get discounts, meal vouchers, voucher souvenirs, and/or express pass for a particular ride.
  • If possible choose low season dates, avoid year end / public / school holiday. To find out when the low / high season you can see on the official site. Purchase the ticket far from the day of visit.
  • USS is not so wide it is only about 20 acre. If you walked around the whole area, it may only take 15-20 minutes. So you do not have to enjoy the attractions in sequence from left to right or vice versa, and this is what I suggest.
  • First in, do not spend too much time to take photos or buy souvenirs. Focus on your favorite ride first, especially the queue will be long. You can take photos later.
  • If you are carrying a baby / toddler, you can use the 'child swap' program. 1 person keep the baby, the other queue. After another is completed the queue, those who keep the baby can then immediately enjoy the attractions without queuing. Ask the clerk at the front of each attraction, they will help you.
  • Avoid the lunch hour at 12:00 to 14:00. Take a little lunch before 12 to avoid crowded.
  • No need to carry a tripod because officers is everywhere they will gladly help you to take pictures for the whole family.
  • Bring an empty bottle. Many tap water for drinking, it is saving pocket money.
  • Bring a hat and sunglasses because the area is quite heat in the afternoon.
  • To be ready to be wet particularly for Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure. Buy a poncho on the USS Store. Bring a change of clothes if you deliberately want to sit on while watching Water world Wet Area.
  • Use that comfortable footwear for walking. Do not wear shoes with strap because it is hard to put off especially in Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure ride. Flip-flops is ok.
  • Hollywood Dreams Parade held every Saturday, Sunday and certain holidays at 18.30 o'clock  Please check the schedule on the official site.
  • Hollywood After Party is the Hollywood area who opened the evening after hours of USS over. Opened every Saturday 19:00 to 23:00 o'clock, do not miss the fireworks show a very good at 21.30.
  • To enjoy all the ride in one day, studying the map first in the official sites or you also can studying map above but it is not very complete.

Tips to enjoy all the attractions in one day:

  • Come at least at 9:30. You can take a picture at Universal globe first. 
  • Lining up before the doors opened at 10.00.
  • Once inside, redeem your ticket with voucher / express pass at Guest Services on the left before the USS store.
  • Buy a disposable poncho in USS Store, to ride Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure later. Remember, only buy poncho, do not spend time to looking for other stuff, you can do it later before going home.
  • Download the guide and schedule studio show. Note and record the show schedule is: Waterworld, Monster Rock, & Madagascar Boogie (for those of you who bring children). Show only 3-4x a day, make sure you watch it. You can start from Water world first at noon, Monster Rock in the afternoon. Madagascar Boogie can be set as more of his show. Skip Madagascar Boogie in the morning, because the route is not suitable with these tips.
  • Walk headed to the 2 favorites first: Transformers, then Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure. In the afternoon the queue of each ride can be up to 2 hours. So make sure you go to those ride at the first time, where the queue is still small. Remember, do not spend the time to take photos.
  • Skip the ride where you have the express pass, you can use at any time because they do not have to queue long.
  • After Transformers and Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure you can go to the Canopy Flyer. Actually the ride is normal, but if you want to feel all ride in USS, go to here in the morning, due to start during the day there were long lines, while the ride of his own just 1 minute.
  • Then you can go to the Treasure Hunters. For those of you who have small children, this ride is suitable, but began the day were long lines. So make sure this becomes your priority.
  • After that you can climb Mummy, Battlestar Galactica Human & Cylon in the same region. Third favorite roller coaster, but my experience was not so long queue, except during peak season. Should third ride this roller coaster before lunch or in the afternoon. Do not just after a meal, you can get nausea & vomiting. Unless you do not like a challenge, you can choose to skip and go to the Far Far Away, Shrek 4D shall enjoy the spectacle.
  • As much as possible grab lunch before 12:00 to avoid crowded, especially at the Discovery Food Court in The Lost World. Another alternative is Marty's Casa Del Wild Madagascar in the region, is not as crowded as Discovery Food Court.
  • Note Waterworld schedule. Do not pass up. It usually starts at 12:30.
  • Until this point, if you managed to enjoy the ride / show at the top without spending the time to line up, you have the possibility to enjoy all the attractions in USS. Guaranteed at least 2-3 hours are not wasted due to queue.
  • Well after that please relax, take photos, while towards the other attractions that have not been visited.
  • Before going home at the night, it's time to buy souvenirs in the USS Store.

Rides & Shows, sort of best opinion from traveler:
- Transformers the ride
- Revenge of the mummy
- Battlestar Galactica Cylon
- Battlestar Galactica human
- Jurassic park rapids adventure
- Shrek 4D adventure
- Waterworld
- Monsters of rock
- Lights camera action
- Madagascar: a crate adventure
- Enchanted airways
- King julien's beach party go round
- Treasure hunters
- Canopy flyer
- Dino-Soarin '
- Accelerator
- Live donkey

Rides & Shows, who queued the longest sequence of:
- Jurassic park rapids adventure
- Transformers the ride
- Canopy flyer
- Treasure hunters
- Shrek 4D adventure
- Madagascar: a crate adventure
- Lights camera action
- Revenge of the mummy
- Enchanted airways

Rides & Shows, for kids:
- Madagascar boogie
- Treasure hunters
- King julien's beach party go round
- Madagascar: a crate adventure
- Dino-Soarin '

Recommended places to eat:
- Madagascar - Marty's Casa Del Wild (Southeast Asian food)
- The Lost World - Discovery Food Court (Singapore food)
- Hollywood - Mel's Drive-In (Western food)

Takapala Waterfall, Malino

Malino is a small village located in Tinggimoncong,  Gowa, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Tinggimoncong if translated into English sound a little funny because it is come from 2 words tinggi = high and moncong = snout/muzzle. Malino village located in Bawakaraeng  mountain in high approximately 1.500 meters dpl. In Malino there are some famous waterfall like Ketemu Jodoh waterfall, Biroro waterfall, and Takapala waterfall. In this post I would talk about the beauty Takapala waterfall.
If you visit Makasar don't forget to visit Takapala waterfall too because it is about 70 km from Makasar or about 2-3 hours drive. From Makasar to Takapala waterfall, after passed Malino the weather is fresh and you will see pine tree forest and tea plantation. Pine tree forest also become a recreation place in Malino, you can play out bound and horse ride in here. The beautiful scenery of tea plantation is about 3 km from Malino, ehm... but it seem that young couple make it as a place for gone out. 
Takapala is still natural because the path from the parking car area still in soil path, narrow and over the ravine. Ya.. it is sound like adventure but you don't need to worry the path is not really far it is about hundreds meters. Along the soil patch you will see some bars, small shops, resting gazebo, praying place, and toilet. Takapala waterfall high is about 50 meters when in rainy season the water fall with larger. 

After visit Takapala waterfall you can also visit Ketemu Jodoh waterfall which not far from there. Ketemu Jodoh waterfall high is about 10 meters so it is not really high but it is save to play and take a bath in pound.
Pictures from and

What will you do in New York?

If you been in New York you must know what your favorite place to visit but for people who didn't ever visit New York maybe still have question like what they will do in New York, what interesting place to visit in New York, where they will stay, where they will shop or where they will eat? But now all information is easy to get because many traveler already shared all about worst and best experiences during traveling around the world including New York. I think if you visit New York you will never have a chance to be bored if you can enjoy everything you want to see because there are many attractions in New York. According to travel sites, it is about 745 attractions list including tours, night life and shop that you can visit.

What best place to visit in New York?
It is hard to make list what best place to visit in New York, but I like to mention best place to visit in New York chosen by traveler around the world. Here are top 5 best places to visit in New York:
  1. Manhattan Skyline
  2. Manhattan Skyline is the stunning and breathtaking view of the city both in day and night which you see like in the films, TV programs, photos and postcard.
  3. Jersey Boys
  4. Jersey Boys is a place for everyone who likes music because the performances are wonderful like the music, the actors, the dancing, the writing and the acting are blend amazingly.
  5. Frick Collection 
  6. Frick Collection is recommended for art lovers because Frick Collection is a beautiful Fifth Avenue mansion and art collection of industrialist Henry Clay Frick so you can see world-class art in here even for limited time.
  7. The Lion King at the Minskoff Theatre
  8. The Lion King at the Minskoff Theatre is one of performance which the ticket sold out quickly it is because the performances, the costumes, the music and the dialog are amazing so like the movie.
  9. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  10. Metropolitan Museum of Art is a amazing museum which the exhibits, tours (docent led or audio), lectures, gift shop, food venues make the visit so worthwhile and educational.
Actually I feel not satisfied to mention only 5 best places to visit in New York but it is too much if I mention all of attractions in New York, so where you will shop in New York? Don’t worries New York is a big city and it is also famous place to shop because there are about 560 world famous brand shops that you can visit. If you ask about where you can have fine restaurant then I only can laugh because there are about 7,734 restaurants which mentioned so it must be than more 7,734 restaurants in New York. I hope you also not confuse about where you will stay in New York because there are many hotels and motels in New York. But if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city yet remain connected with your business or travel needs then you can try Hotel Queens New York.  So never confuse or doubt if you have plan to visit New York soon because you want to come back to visit this city after.  

Ways You Can Book Your Next Vacation to South America

Patagonia South America
Are you trying to find an exciting and beautiful place to take your family for your annual vacation? If so, then you need to head over to and navigate your way to paradise. You can find fun things to do if you are a thrill-seeker or if you are a nature enthusiast. You and your family will remember this vacation for the rest of your lives. You can take a fun-filled tour from El Calafate to San Martin de los Andes since they are one ofthe most popular destinations when traveling to this beautiful country.You'll be able to embrace beautiful natural vistas, including volcanoes, lakes and forests during your stay.

Remember to Bring Your Camera!
Before you head down to South America, you should view the beautiful pictures of the patagonia so you can figure out which landmarks and things you want to see and do when you arrive. You can choose from categories including destinations, landscapes, nature, panoramic and photographers. You will get a glimpse of what you will see as you sign up for the many tours they offer.You will want to forever remember this vacation for years to come, so you better bring your camera!  There are so many destinations that you can see and photograph when you head down to Patagonia.

Many Tours to Choose From
While there are many tours and destinations for you to chose from, there are single destination packages for you to make things easier. From Bariloche to Iquazu Falls, you can find a variety of tours onthe Patagonia destination website.There are even combined tour packages that will make your vacation a memorable one. There are several all-inclusive vacation packages that include hotel and flights. Or you can book select how you want your vacation to be by choosing your own hotel and tours.

Own Property in Patagonia!
Living in paradise has its perks too. If you are interested in living down in South America several times through the year, you can take a look at all the real estate that is for sale on the travel website. You can easily purchase a piece of paradise that you can enjoy when you come to stay for a while. There are many beautiful properties that surrounded by hills, canyons and ravines. If you like to fish, you can even find properties that are located next to lagoons.So what are you waiting for? Buy your piece of paradise today in Patagonia!

Stay and park in Gatwick

Gatwick Airport also known as London Gatwick is the London's second largest international airport and second busiest by total passenger traffic after Heathrow in the United Kingdom. Gatwick Airport has two terminals, North and South. Both terminals have good facilities like shops, restaurants, landside and airside, disabled passengers facilities so they can travel through all areas, facilities for baby changing and feeding, and play areas and video games for children. For business travelers have lounges offering business facilities. Important part side that there is a multi-faith prayer room and counseling room in each terminal (the prayer room is open to all faiths). Not the last facility in Gatwick Airport but it is important information that Gatwick Airport also has several on- and off-site hotels.

Talking about hotel near Gatwick there is some Gatwick hotel and parking service which let you to stay overnight and park your car. The park duration each hotel maybe different but some hotels may give you parking free service till 15 days. They called the service as “stay and park”. Stay and park Gatwick Hotel’s packages become popular nowadays because there are some benefits of this service. Here are some reasons and benefits why people choose to have stay and park in hotel:
  1. Have an early flight 
  2. If you have an early flight you don’t need to worry and hurry to awake in the middle of the night because you want be on-site of the airport in good time.
  3. Return to Gatwick late
  4. In your schedule trip you will return to Gatwick airport at late time, usually you feel tired and want to rest so when you drive your car, you won't worry if you fall asleep because you already in fresh condition (Stay on Return).
  5. Less risk getting stuck in traffic
  6. People don’t like traffic so they chose stay and park hotel service because they don't want to risk getting stuck in traffic on one of the major motorway networks serving London Gatwick Airport.
  7. Cheaper parking cost
  8. Parking cost in stay and park service is cheaper than simply parking car at the airport car park because there are subsidies parking costs by the hotel.
There are some hotel with parking service in both terminals, in north terminal and in Gatwick south terminal hotels which you can choose and even some hotels also available to serve for both terminals, just choose Gatwick hotels which suite with your need and get what you need too.
Ok enjoy your trip and don't be hesitate to use stay and park hotel service. Happy traveling.

Package rates Bali Hai Cruise, get the romantic moment in the exotic ocean

Having romantic sunset dinner in luxury cruise is a great experience for the couples or become a great adventure and pleasure moment for the happy family.

Exotic Bali ocean become a destination choice for many couples who want to spent their romantic moment in Bali and become a destination choice for many family who want to feel ocean adventure in Bali. Bali Hai Cruise is the best cruise in Bali which provide those great experiences. Bali Hai Cruise is a luxury cruise which offer complete packages, good ship and give reliable price.

Bali Hai Cruise also often give special promo usually they have promo rates 2 times each year, before Christmas and school holiday season. There are some packages offered by Bali Hai Cruise which you can choose, ie: Lembongan Island Reef Cruise, Lembongan Island Beach Club Cruise, Aristocat - The Luxury Sailing Catamaran, Oceaan Rafting - Dolphin Cruise, Ocean Rafting - 3 Islands Day Cruise, Sunset Dinner Cruise, Aristocat Evening Cruise.

Package rates of Bali Hai Cruise are:
Experience the unspoiled charms of a peaceful tropical island with Beach Club Cruise to Lembongan Island. Transferred to private Beach Club only minutes away from the pontoon. You can relax on golden sands, lie back in the shade of the tranquil gardens, or cool off in our lagoon pool. If the mood takes you, an array of activities to add to the tropical atmosphere there is an appetizing BBQ lunch, which includes salads and fresh fish grilled at pool-side cabana.

  • Adult price US$ 94/person* (10 adults US$ 90/person)
  • Children (4-14 years old) 50% from adult price*
  • Infant under 4 years is free*
  • Family package (2 adults and 3 children)  US$ 265*
  • Departs at 9.15am - Returns at 4.15pm*
Package includes:
  • Air-conditioned hotel transfers
  • Morning/afternoon tea and snacks
  • Tropical BBQ Lunch
  • Snorkeling equipment and tours
  • Beach/pool games
  • Children’s Club
  • Unlimited banana boat rides
  • Village excursion
  • Sea Kayaks
  • Semi Submersible Coral Viewer
  • Locker

Sail abroad Aristocat - The Luxury Sailing Catamaran departs from Benoa Harbor to the idyllic isle of Lembongan, off the south-east coast of Bali, where you can experience the unspoiled charms of a peaceful tropical island.

  • Adult price : US$ 95/person
  • Children 8-14 years : US$ 64/child
  • Departs at 9.00am - returns at 6:00pm (sunset)
  • Air-conditioned Hotel Transfers
  • Sail to Beach Club
  • Morning Tea/Coffee and Snacks
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Snorkeling Equipment and Instruction
  • Beach/Pool Games
  • Children’s Activities
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Village Excursion
  • Sea Kayaks
  • Complimentary soft drinks during sailing
  • 1x vouchers during lunch for wine, beer or soft drinks
  • Under-water viewing chamber, semi-submarine, towel, locker

Experience an exhilarating early morning high speed cruise along the coastline of Nusa Dua to view the dolphins.

  • Adults Price US$ 57/person
  • Children 10-14 years US$ 38/child
  • Day of Operation; Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Departs Daily at 7:30am - returns 9:30am
  • NOTE: 90% dolphin sighting success rate, guests that do not see dolphins may come on the cruise again on a complimentary basis, subject to availability. Ocean Rafting is not suitable for children under 10 years of age, pregnant women or people with heart or back problems
  • Air-conditioned Hotel transfers
  • Fruit Juices and Pastries served prior to boarding
  • High Speed Ocean Rafting Cruise along the coastline of Nusa Dua and Uluwatu
  • Dolphin spotting off the South Bali Coast
  • High Speed Cruise back to Benoa Harbour
  • Air-conditioned transfers back to Hotel
  • Coffee and tea

Make evening moment begin with a champagne cocktail and canape in Marina garden then be welcomed on board Aristocat, 64ft Sailing Catamaran, to the sounds of our live musical entertainment. Aristocat, strewn with twinkling lights, will set sail towards Nusa Dua for an evening of fine dining and entertainment. From the scrumptious fresh food to the sounds of the sea, Aristocat Evening Cruise promises a truly memorable evening aboard.

  • Adult price: US$ 55/person,
  • Child price: US$ 37/child (8 - 14 years).
  • Welcome champagne cocktail
  • Floral lei and canap├ęs
  • Tropical 5 course dinner
  • Live musical entertainment
  • Air conditioned return hotel transfers
  • Vessel Options

The best way to spend a balmy tropical evening is on Bali Hai’s evening Dinner Cruise. As the sun goes down we set off on a relaxing cruise around the harbor. Take in the cool night air on the top deck, be entertained by our live musical entertainers at the bridge deck, savor a delicious international buffet dinner, then dance the night away at our disco or enjoy our live cabaret show.

  • Adult price: US$ 45/person
  • Children 4 to 14 years 50% of adult price
  • Infants under 4 years free 
  • Departs at 5.45pm - returns at 8.45pm
  • Air-conditioned hotel transfers
  • Welcome cocktail and floral lei
  • International Buffet Dinner
  • Live cabaret show
  • Live Musical Entertainment

Ever dream of being swept ashore onto your own private island paradise? Begin the morning sailing to Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida on board Aristocat, 64ft luxury sailing catamaran. Located on a remote tropical island, you’ll be swept ashore at Crystal Bay, exclusive to Bali Hai Aristocat guests only.
The Castaway experience is a complete haven of relaxation. Massage is available to guests throughout the day or simply relax in a hammock overlooking the bay. Go Back to Nature, Relax and Escape in your own Private Castaway

  • Adult price: US$ 100/person
  • Childern 8 to 14 years US$ 67/child
  • Departs at 9.00 am - returns at 6:00 pm (sunset)

  • NOTE:
    Castaway Cruise program operates every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday between the months of 1st April- 31st October. During non operational months Aristocat will sail daily to Bali Hai’s Private Beach Club at Nusa Lembongan.
  • Morning Tea/Coffee, fresh juices and tropical fruit
  • Danish Pastries
  • Complimentary soft drinks during sailing
  • 1x vouchers during lunch for wine, beer or soft drinks
  • Tropical BBQ Lunch
  • Savoury snacks and fruit on return sailing
  • Snorkeling Gear and instruction
  • Volley ball
  • Guided Village Tour
  • Beach Towel
  • Air conditioned return hotel transfer

Island Reef Cruise offers a full day’s activities - above and below the water. The luxury Bali Hai II catamaran moors alongside our purpose-built pontoon in peaceful Lembongan Bay. See the island’s exotic marine life and colorful corals from the comfort of our semi-submersible coral viewer.

  • Adult price: US$ 93/person
  • Children 4 to 14 years 50% adult price
  • Infants under 4 years free
  • Departs at 9.15am - returns at 4:15pm
  • Air-conditioned hotel transfers
  • Return transfers to Lembongan Island aboard the luxurious catamaran Bali Hai II
  • Morning/afternoon tea and snacks
  • International Buffet Lunch
  • Semi Submersible Coral Viewer
  • Village excursion
  • Unlimited banana boat rides
  • Snorkeling equipment and instruction
  • 35m Water Slide
  • Diving Board
  • Locker

Experience Bali’s fastest and most exciting full day cruise as you discover the magnificent sights of Bali’s three sister islands. Ocean Rafting, designed with the highest safety standards and equipped with 750hp, promises an exhilarating day of sight seeing and snorkeling at some of Indonesia’s finest pristine coral reefs.

  • Adults price US$ 90/person
  • Children 10-14 years US$60
  • Departs Daily at 10:30am - returns at 5:30pm
  • Air-conditioned Hotel transfers
  • High Speed Ocean Rafting Cruise to the 3 Islands of Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida
  • Cruise the South Coast of Nusa Penida and view 300 foot high coastal cliffs and Bat Rock
  • Visit pristine bays, snorkel, swim or go beach combing on deserted beaches
  • Cruise through spectacular Ceningan Channel mangrove area
  • Visit one of the many small seaweed farming villages
  • Picnic lunch is served onboard Ocean Rafting
  • Visit to Lembongan Bay marine park and Bali Hai Private Beach Club
  • A Towel

The daily Ocean Rafting itinerary will be determined by prevailing weather conditions.
The Ocean Rafting 3 islands day cruise does not have a fixed daily itinerary and will vary from cruise to cruise in an effort to maximize passenger’s enjoyment.
Each cruise will always include a variety of sightseeing of 3 islands, high speed cruising and snorkeling.
Ocean Rafting is not suitable for children under 10 years of age, pregnant women or people with heart or back problems.

For booking and reservation please submit:
  • Name and how many member who will take the activity
  • Packages which want to book
  • Hotel where you stay (address + telephone number)
  • Date of reservation 
  • Active mobile number (make easy contact when the driver will pick up)
  • Reservation to

  • Full Payment 2 days before the day of activity
  • Cash on arrival, pay when the driver of Bali Hai Cruise pick up (no cancel!).
    • After booking no cancel with any reason!
    • Scan identity card, office/firm where you work then send to or

  • After booking done, we will send confirmation via SMS/email and marketing name of Bali Hai Cruise who handle the activity.

My friend trip story to Fort Wayne

A few days ago my friend went on business trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana. She always likes to tell all about her trip to me because we stay in the same place. She talked a lot about her trip on this occasions, it seems that she was so happy and satisfied. She told me that she get a great trip and a place to stay on. Well… Everyone will be happy when they stay in hotel or inn with reasonable cost but get the best services and facilities. She feels so lucky and happy because she stayed in a good suite hotel. She talked so much about this hotel and recommended it to me if I go to Fort Wayne someday. Fort Wayne IN hotels she was talking about have easy on and off expressway. After her tiring trip she can sleep well because the hotel is quite and comfy. What she really like about a hotel is a great breakfast menu because a breakfast is very important thing for her and in the hotel she was stayed gives great breakfast for her. 
Talk about trip and travel for women there are not complete without shopping and enjoying food there. After she talk a lot about the excellent staff service which fast act and solve for any complain then she shown a box of chocolate and my gift which she bought in the shop near hotel. Wow… Finally I know the reason of her satisfy and happy face on this time trip because she got what she like and more than she thinks. Before she went to sleep she end her trip story with list of places which I have to visit when I go to Fort Wayne, here are:
  • The Embassy Theatre
  • DeBrand Fine Chocolates
  • Lakeside Park & Rose Garden
  • Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory
  • History Center
  • Science Central
  • Hyde Brothers Booksellers
  • Historic Fort Wayne
  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art
  • The Olive Twist, Inc.
  • And still more.

Top 5 Tenerife Wildlife Attractions

Bargain all inclusive holidays are one of the most cost efficient Tenerife holiday deals. Leaving you with no food costs to worry about, you’re free to enjoy the wide range of attractions the island has on offer.
As well as the beautiful natural areas of Tenerife – including Masca Valley, Volcan El Teide and the Cliffs of the Giants – there are also some superb wildlife attractions to keep everyone in your tribe entertained.

1. Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz
Easily Tenerife’s top tourist attraction, Loro Parque offers far more than meets the eye. Go expecting to visit merely a wildlife park and you will be blown away by the sheer amount of species on site, as well as the fairground and marinelife areas.

2. Tenerife Zoo Monkey Park, Los Cristianos
Much more than a monkey zoo, Monkey Park is an ‘international breeding centre for endangered species of primates.’ Spend a day viewing the magnificent primates at the attraction, such as rare breeds of apes, baboons and chimps.

3. Siam Park, Adeje
Adeje’s Siam Park is largely an impressive waterpark – with a difference. On entrance, be sure to confirm the times of the sealife shows and add a little bit of animal magic to your day.

4. Jardin Botanico, Peurto de la Cruz
Enjoy a relaxing stroll around the Botanical Gardens at Peurto de la Cruz, established in the late 18th century.

5. SCUBAYACI Dive Resort PADI Tenerife
There is no better way of getting up close and personal with Tenerife’s wildlife that to dive into the depths of the surrounding seas. Whether you’re a scuba newbie or you’ve got some previous practice under your wing, SCUBAYACI Dive Resort has the perfect package for you.

Explore the natural wonders the Canaries with Tenerife holiday deals. 2013 bargain all inclusive holidays are available now, online. Book your break soon to secure a sensational price on your favourite hotel and ideal flight times.

Moyo Island a destination for your romantic honeymoon

After search some interesting exotic place to talk for this site then I decide to talk about Moyo Island in Sumbawa, Indonesia. I did think to write about Moyo island long time ago but I did some job which make me forget to write about this island. Why it is interesting to talk and share about Moyo island? Although this island is a small island but it is said that some famous people like Hollywood celebrities and the beloved deceased Lady Dianna ever spent their Holiday in here. After you know the beauty of this island then you  won't be doubt why those famous people choose this place to spend their vacation.  

Moyo island combines the beauty of the beach, sea and nature which still very natural. It is surrounded by reefs are still intact with the fish you may rarely encounter in other ocean. You can enjoy the fun of snorkeling, scuba diving, or just relax on the white sandy shore. For those who are planning a honeymoon, can be anchored to Amanwana Resort. Offers lodging in a very private location.

Amanwana resort's concept  is unique with exclusive 5 starts tent set in the coast of the Flores Sea with jungle as the background of your tent. You can see monkey that move and ignoring you sometime, deer came in at dusk, butterflies everywhere and sea snake huddled in the rock. Think of greens,breeze, deep blue, aqua blue and baby blues embracing light beige canvass tents as ceilings over a mostly windowed structure. Imagine those scenery of Amanwana resort in Moyo Island will make you sure that this place is almost paradise for honeymoon that exist in this world, feel close to nature and beauty.

How about the food there? I'm sure the food is great because I know some original food from there taste so great and delicious, it is not only my opinion but it is opinion among traveler from a whole the world. Ya... they call this island as hidden treasure because it is quite hard to reach this place long time ago but now everything is better because it is easy jump from Bali, Indonesia with Cirrus SR 20, Cessna or floatplane - all booked through the Amanwana.

Well let's share the beauty of Moyo island because a picture is worth a thousand words then let's check it out:

Amanwana a resort with unique concept. Tent with the view of seashore and jungle as the background. Bed with mosquito net to protect your skin from biting by mosquitoes. This resort also has great spa service which you can choose, one of it is jungle spa.

To visit Mata Jitu Waterfall is highly recommended because without it you will not have the full Amanwana experience, ya... something must to see to complete your adventure.

Clear, blue and beautiful underwater sea, for diving lover and snorkeling lover. Those scenery make you won't to miss to try scuba diving and snorkeling there, don't worry the instructor is very nice and patient to teach and guide you.

Happy traveling and happy honeymoon.

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