Caribbean island has many stunning and beautiful tourist destinations

Caribbean island is a beautiful island located along the Caribbean Sea from the southeastern area of Mexico to the northwest of Venezuela in South America. Caribbean island is a group of countries and islands, consists of 7000 islands, islets, reefs, and Caye. Caribbean island also known as West Indies, according to the story the name of "west Indies" is an idea of Christopher Columbus who had landed in here and though that he was landed in  India when actually he had reached the Americas. The name "Caribbean" is named after the Caribs, one of the dominant Amerindian groups in the region at the time of European contact. The Caribbean consists of the Greater and Lesser Antilles and is often considered part of North America.
Caribbean island has many stunning and beautiful tourist destination places are also known as a great place for island honeymoons. Many people from around the world come to this island to enjoy the beauty of this island. Two famous and most visited places is Saint Barthelemy (St. Barts) and Barbados. A short about St. Barts and Barbados. St. Barts has a very beautiful beaches and the reputation has been known as an upscale tourist destination since a few decades ago. Then Barbados, is the ideal place for all people to admire the beauty of the sea because the sea is blue toska and shine like crystal flakes. Most of people spent their leisure time here with snorkeling, drinking cocktails, sailing and party at the Saint Lawrence Gap. For diving and snorkelin lovers, Caribbean island's regions has coral reefs, which contain about 70 species of hard corals and between 500–700 species of reef-associated fishes.
Blue Hole Dive Center is located in San Pedro Belize, on the island of Ambergris Caye

Diving at Costa Rica
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Casa de Campo resort

3 Planning Points for the Perfect Vacation

With the necessity of long work weeks and workdays of the utmost importance in terms of paying bills and support your family, most often travel and vacations are sacrificed for the good of saving money. While putting in a 60 hour week is very admirable there have been conclusive studies that correlate long work weeks and increased stress levels or personal unhappiness. Plainly speaking, when you don't allow yourself the time you need to let go of your workday burdens and experience this wonderful planet we live on, you're putting yourself at risk for EXTREME unhappiness. Now, having the desire to take an extended vacation is terrific, but how realistic is this goal? Oh looky there, here comes that marvelous word we all love to hate...BUDGET! Budgets are ridiculously daunting, with the needs of now likely trumping any potential wants of later. I am here today to affirm the evasive fact that having a budget is possible, regardless of how much or little you make.

Today I will generously provide you with tips on planning and budgeting for your potential vacation.

  1. The Perfect Location - It would be quite pointless for us to discuss vacation budgets if you never decide on where it is what you want to visit. There are many travel agencies out there that allow you to pick from a myriad of destinations, all the while graciously being your historical guide throughout the vacation. These businesses, like several LDS travel agencies out there, make it easy and rather needless to think about destination and plan out every step of the trip. While this may be the route for some, there are others who prefer to adventure forth on their own. There are sites that help you Budget Your Trip, but follow these tips for self-planning.
    • Most couples plan to spend around $2,000 to $5,000 on any given trip. The most expensive part of the trip tends to be the travel. A common misconception is that a vacation needs to be to a distant location, but it might surprise you how many people haven't even visited tourist destinations in their own state or country. Instead of flying, try driving to a nearby destination, thus allowing you more money to spend on potential luxuries.
    • It would make sense that beaches will be packed around summer and ski resort lifts all full in the winter months. The natural way to avoid the big crowds and hiked up accommodation prices is to visit a destination in its off-season. Not only does it save money, but it can cut down on potential stress caused by other travelers. If you were to travel in a mid-size group, much like in LDS Church History tours, it can help cut down on line waits and increase the amount of destinations you are able to see due to the established relationship most tour companies have with locations.
  2. When To Save and Where To Splurge
    • Save On:
      • Airport luxuries (food, drink or idle time activities)
      • In-room service and phone calls
      • Forgettable and poorly made souvenirs
      • Taxis or other transportation costs
      • Purchasing new clothes for a vacation
    • Splurge On:
      • A comfortable and clean hotel
      • Balcony and great views
      • A trustworthy camera
      • Comfortable shoes
      • A 5 star hotel (a few times throughout your trip)

When on vacation we tend to let our guard down on our wallets, but frivolous spending never makes a trip more enjoyable. The only thing it's good for is causing anxiety issues once the good feelings of the vacation have worn off and you're back at home once again.

Sightseeing UK

UK (United Kingdom) or Britain is The United Kingdom of  England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and many smaller islands. United Kingdom's political is a unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system, with its seat of government in the capital city of London. As we know there are many attractions that we can visit there because UK is one of the most popular destination place . The capital city (London) also have many free attractions with good facilities, it is different with other capital city in Europe because many of them like no free attraction there. So we still can have a lot of fun and save money when we go to London. To have more fun then it is important to looking for professional of London and UK guided tours so you will get the best trip and vacation there.
What are the best places to visit and the most famous sightseeing of United Kingdom (The Britain)? From many sites I got these recommendation about 10 best and famous UK's sightseeing and a little information about it.

British Museum
British Museum is one of popular museum and happy news for you to enter the museum is free but the exhibitions are ticketed. British museum has good facilities, accessible via lifts, has a map and leaflet for disabled visitors is available plus there are facilities for people with hearing and visual impairments e.g. sound guides and sign-interpreted talks and assistance dogs welcome.

Tate Modern
Tate Modern is one of the city’s most beloved attractions and it is the national gallery of international modern and contemporary art from 1900 on wards. Information about Tate Modern facilities is it has good wheelchair access to all areas plus various facilities for people with hearing and visual impairments, such as touch tours, audio guides, materials in large print and raised image, induction loop, radio mics, and British Sign Language interpreted events. Assistance dogs are welcome.

National Gallery
Who love art must love The National Gallery because it is has many collection of arts of Western European painting. The entry ticket to the National Gallery is free but the exhibition are ticketed. The facilities of National Gallery is wheelchair accessible, with the exception of the Portico entrance and mezzanine. There are good facilities for people with hearing and visual impairments e.g. BSL interpreted events and touch tours. Assistance dogs welcome.

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum I think is a museum where the movie of The Night at The Museum have been shot.  The collections of the museum is Botany, Zoology, Mineralogy, Entomology and Paleontology, it is mean that you can see dinosaurus skeletons in here too. The entry ticket to the Natural History Museum is free but the exhibition are ticketed. It is said that the museum is also wheelchair accessible, apart from the Earth Lab. Facilities are available for people with hearing and visual impairments. Call ahead about assistance dogs. If need to have any access requirements, it is essential to pre-book a tour. 

The EDF Energy London Eye
The EDF Energy London Eye is one famous icon of London. From London Eye you will get breath taking of 3D views of London in big capsule on the high. The facilities for disables are wheelchair accessible (wheelchair spaces should be booked in advance, maximum of two per capsule) and can be temporarily stopped to allow safe entry. A fast track service is provided for elderly and disabled people (must be booked in advance). Assistance dogs are welcome.

Science Museum
The National Museum of Science and Industry must be a good place to learn and play, as we know science is interesting because our life is about science but it feels always find something new when we learn and study it. So The National Museum of Science and Industry will be good place for all people from all ages, from children to adult. The museum facilities is wheelchair accessible, except for the flight/ships gallery and rides. There are exciting "hands-on" exhibits. Visitors with additional needs are advised to contact the museum. The IMAX cinema is wheelchair accessible with an infrared hearing loop system. Assistance dogs are welcome.

The Victoria and Albert Museum
The Victoria and Albert Museum if you know this museum maybe you will say that this museum is the greatest museum in the world. This museum near the Science Museum and Natural History Museum in London. The museum contains a great collection of design and art and holds over 3000 years worth of artifacts from many of the world’s richest cultures, there are sculpture, photography, ceramics, furniture, and much more. This includes the most comprehensive collection of British art and design from the 1500s to the 1900s. The museum's facilities is largely accessible for people with hearing and visual impairments including subtitled videos, BSL interpreted events, large print materials, audio and Braille tours. Assistance can be arranged. Assistance dogs welcome. Good news again entry to the museum is free but exhibitions are ticketed.

Madame Tussaud's
Madam Tussaud's is a museum of wax figure of famous people, like singers, artist and actors. The wax figures at the museum are have similar with the real figure. So it is interesting to take pictures with many artist in the one building. The facilities in the museum for disable people are good access for wheelchair users. However the Spirit of London ride is not wheelchair-accessible. Only 3 wheelchair users may visit the exhibit at a time. Therefore it's best to book tickets in advance. There are facilities for people with hearing and visual impairments. Happy news for you museum lover and traveler that entry for accompanying assistants or carers is free.

National Maritime Museum
Who like the pirates of Caribbean maybe will like this museum because The National Maritime Museum from the name we know that this museum has collection about maritime things and stuffs but when you go in deeper then you will gets more interesting and fun. The focus of museum is on Britain’s seafaring past, including the bullet that felled Horatio Nelson, a replica of Ernest Shackleton’s life boat and plenty of kid-friendly interactive exhibits. The museum facilities very good too, like wheelchair-accessible and there are good facilities for people with hearing and visual impairments, including British Sign Language interpreted events and touch tours. There's free wheelchair-accessible transport (the Road Train) that runs between the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory. 

The Tower of London
The Tower of London actually is a Royal Palace and Fortress but it is commonly called as The Tower of London. I don't want to talk a lot about this place because this place look scary for me, they said there is Royal family murdered, beheaded, executed and imprisoned there. But this castle was important to controlling the country. Sadly this historic building has limited access and there are suggested routes for wheelchair users. Touch tours are available on request and there are facilities for people with hearing impairments, such as touch screen computer panels, transcripts of tours, and subtitled videos. Assistance dogs are welcome.

Finally I finish writing about sightseeing UK. Hope all reader enjoy it. 

10 best places to visit in Rome, Berlin and Barcelona

When talking about a trip to Europe, it feels like want to travel the entire continent of Europe because a lot of interesting places to visit in Europe, start from natural attractions, history, food and shopping. But in the following posts I chose three well-known places are Rome, Berlin and Barcelona to discuss. 

Rome, Italy  
Rome is a city that has a famous legend, the legend about Romulus and Remus.  Romulus and Remus is the twin as believed as the founders of Rome. The legend is probably a myth, but the fact that Rome is a tourist spot that must be included in the list of your trip to Europe. Because Rome is a city which famous for its beautiful building architecture and many historical places. 10 historical places that you have to visit when you come to Rome are: 
1. The Colosseo (Coliseum) 
2. Trevi Fountain 
3. Imperial Forums 
4. Roman Forum 
5. Piazza Navona 
6. Piazza Venezia 
7. The Capitol 
8. St. Peter's Basilica 
9. Piazza di Spagna 
10. The Pantheon 

When visiting Rome, where should I stay? There are many hotels in Rome, there are about 1.283 hotels in Rome from 1 star-5 stars hotel. give you recommendation from the expensive hotels like Hotelier Montecitorio (5-star hotel) with rate start from 400 €, Hotel Lord Byron (look like a palace) start from 203€ or Hotel Stendhal (close to Trevi’s Fountain) with the price of 159€. Looking for a room in one of cheaper hostels? Hotel Artis is an elegant and brand-new (4 star hotel) with the price per night - 39€, Hotel Colombo, where price per night is 47€, Hotel Picasso with modern convenience costs from 49€.
So no need to worry about where you will stay. Just choose the hotel according to your taste and your budget. 

Berlin, Germany
Berlin is the capital city of Germany. When I remember Berlin then I remember the Berlin Wall which devided Berlin into West Berlin and East Berlin. But that was past, that was happened before 3 October 1990. In 3 october 1990, the two parts of Germany were reunified as the Federal Republic of Germany, and Berlin again became the official German capital. In June 1991, the German Parliament, the Bundestag, voted German capital back from Bonn to Berlin, which was completed in 1999. Then what best place to visit in Berlin, it is hard choice but according from many recommendation then here are 10 best places to visit in Berlin:
1. Reichstag (Parliament of the German Empire)
2. Holocaust Memorial
3. Brandenburg Gate
4. Ku'Damm (Shopping Street)
5. German Historical Museum
6. Zoologischer Garten (Zoological Garden)
7. Berliner Fernsehturm
8. Checkpoint Charlie
9. Humboldt Universität
10. Berlin Wall Memorial (Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer)
How about inn and hotels in Berlin? Don't worry because there are about 658 hotels in Berlin. give recommendation for the top and popular cheap hotels in Berlin are Generator Berlin Hostel (from 7€), Hotel Art Nouveau Berlin (from 10€), Three Little Pigs Hostel (from 12€), Hostel Ostel (from 15€), Hotel Aldea Novum Berlin Centrum (from 20€), Hotel Apartment Schulz (from 25€), Metropolitan Hansa Hotel (from 29€). Want to make a reservation of one of the best and more expensive Berlin hotels? Recommended for you Berlin Mark Hotel (from 51€), Vacation Rental City Center Checkpoint (from 69€), Hotel California am Kurfürstendamm (from 74€), Hotel Sofitel Berlin Gendarmenmarkt (from 104€) and The Mandala Hotel (from 145€). Just choose which best for you. Enjoy to visit Berlin.

Barcelona, Spain

It is funny when I remember Barcelona then I remember the football team because Spain famous with the football teams, I don't follow football news too much because I'm not really fans to foot ball and for now I don't want to talk about foot ball. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain and the number 1 is Madrid. Barcelona also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Europe. Many traveler put Barcelona in place to visit list but trip to Barcelona actually is not cheap. However, you still can have fun  for cost less place to visit but memorable. Here are 10 places to visit in Barcelona recommendation for cost less.

1. La Rambla
2. Parc Guell
3. Montjuic
4. Beaches
5. Seaside Promenade in the Barceloneta District
6. The Gothic Quarter
7. La Boqueria
8. La Sagrada Familia
9. Parc de la Ciutadella
10. La Placa Catalunya

But there is no cost less hotel in Barcelona, according to traveler site there is 534 hotels in Barselona with various type hotel. Again give recommendation for cheap hotels offers double rooms for around 55€ to 90€ per night like Hotel Abalon, Comercio, Internacional Cool Local, Lyon and Roma Reial. Looking for the top and expensive hotel, then recommended hotel Condes de Barcelona (101€), Hotel NH Barcelona Centro (104€), Vacation Rental AR Barcelona Avenir (110€).

Have fun and happy traveling. 

Reason to spend holiday in Turkey

Turkey is a country located between Europe and Asia which made this country has specific characteristics of both continents. Spend holiday in Turkey should be in your vacation list because Turkey has many amazing historical places and the cuisine is so delicious. Let's talk all about them.

1. Cappadocia
Cappadocia located within the Goreme National Park of Turkey. Cappadocia are rock formation which was laid down three million years ago by the volcanic eruption of two local mountains that covered the plateau deep in volcanic ash. The wind and the weather molded those rock into amazing shapes like pillars, cones, and "fairy chimneys" in a rainbow of colors.

Around 4.000 years ago, people have carved and hollowed out dwellings in this soft rock. They said that the early Christians was created over 600 cave which has function as churches, chapels, and monasteries, some of which are still well preserved. In Cappadocia there are also underground cities which had function to retreat the people from waves of enemies passing through the area. Cappadocia is included as U.N. World Heritage Site and the cave dwellings around 20 years ago, most of it were abandoned for more modern life and concrete homes. About the last several years, the Turks and foreigners have started turning them into second homes and boutique hotels like the Cappadocia Cave Suites or Anatolia Houses.
Adventure flight above Cappadocia with hot air balon.

2. Ephesus
Ephesus is an ancient city, it was the major city of Asia Minor during the New Testament era. If you still remember history about ancient trade, Ephesus was a major port, it is located at the end of the Spice and Silk Road that ran west from Arabia and Asia. 
If you see the ruin, it is like Romanian architecture. Yes it is, the ancient city of Ephesus houses is the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean region and was once home to the Temple of Artemis (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world). Ephesus dates from the 13th century B.C but when the port silted up, most of the citizens left, abandoning the city in a short space of time. Some of those amazing building ruins still stand in surprisingly good condition. Visitors can still see the ruin of the amphitheatre and library, along with many other ruins and relics. 

3. Hierapolis and Pamukkale

Still talk about ancient history. On the road to Hierapolis there is a white cliff. That white cliff is Pammukake. Pamukkake translated as Cotton Castle is cascades of lukewarm calcareous water, which drop after drop of the thousands years the calcium deposits have covered the walls of the mountain with lacework creating a kind of natural swimming pool. In Pamukkake as dusk falls, the light is dazzling, creating a spectacle that is one of nature's marvels. Tourist visit Pamukkake only because of it's beauty but the water also contain therapeutic as being cure for rheumatism and asthma.

Hierapolis is an impressive ancient theater, it is beautiful and majestic with fifty rows of stairs. The theatre is still in use for dance performances during the city's festival. The theater's ruins showing how massive these cities must have been. The warning, because of the theater open air mean no air conditioner so you will getting hot if standing here  for long time in day time. 

4. Sumela Monastery
Sumela monastery is a monastery which located in Altındere village,  Maçka district, Trabzon province. İt settled on the side of "Mela" hill and it is a church and monastery that has a altitude of 1150 meters.  The architecture of the monastery building carries it's old tradition that settled beside of abandoned places like forests, caves or near water which no human existing.
The meaning of "Sümela" is from Greek language "sümela" which has meaning "colour of black" and that black word is coming from  mountain or hill that Monastery existed. That mountain name in Turkish is "Karadağlar". And that Monastery or church is named "meryem ana" from natives of area that word means "Virgin Mary"

5. Istanbul
Remember Istanbul, remember Turkey because it is the largest city in Turkey, and the only city in the world that sits and nested on two continents, Asia and Europe. I choose Istanbul in the last number of place on the list of the reason to visit Turkey because this city is the richest treasure of adventure to discover compare to the number of places I mentioned before. Istanbul has a rich history that can be seen all over the city. Sightseeing opportunities are everywhere – from the majestic Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace (centre of the Ottoman Empire for more than 4 centuries) in Istanbul’s old city, to the thousands of shops and stalls at the Grand Bazaar, the worlds largest covered market.

Almost forget to talk about Turkey's cuisine. Food is one of the reason people come to visit to a place and Turkey's cuisine is in among the top five countries in the world for cuisine. And here are time to jaw drooling for the photos of Turkey's cuisine. 

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Whangarei is one of beauty of New Zealand

Remember New Zealand remember that there are a lot of Hollywood movie which take shot there. I don't want to mention all movies which took shot there but the movie which make me amazed and want to visit New Zealand is all series of The Lord of The Rings; The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Avatar; The Adventure of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn and The Hobbit.  Maybe many people also have planned to visit New Zealand soon then don’t forget to visit Whangarei. Where is Whangarei? Whangarei is the most northern town in New Zealand and the regional capital of Northland Region. Many fun and tourist attractions you can find and explore in Whangarei town. 
What make Whangarei special? Whangarei is a small city with over 50.000 population and it is said that Whangarei have beautiful beaches and scenery. Let’s take a look a little of attraction which make Whangarei special. 

The beaches
There are some beautiful beaches in Whangarei ie Ocean Beach (recommended for surfing), Pataua, Frogtown, Smugglers Cove and Taurikura and Sandy Bay. Sandy Bay is a sub-tropical beach, in Sandy bay the popular activities are swimming, surfing and sun bathing. Other activities up and down coast line are find fishing, sailing, and other water sports for entertainment. This beautiful clean beach is a best spot to spend the day.

Mount Parihaka
Mount Parihaka is famous mount in Whangareis, it is offers the highest lookout point about 241 meters above Whangarei. Doing mountain climbing and enjoy the fantastic views over the city including Quayside and the yachts.

Mount Manaia
Mount Manaia also has titled as the castle rock because of its like 5 castle peaks which sit approximately 460 meters above the entrance to Whangarei Harbor.  There is famous legend about this mount. It is said the Maori consider the peaks to be Chief Manaia, Pito (his wife and ex-wife of chief Hautatu), his two children and last but not least chief Hautatu in pursuit of his wife. When the God of Thunder judged them they were turned into stone. From this Mount Manaia’s trails offer great views of the costline, islands, and the harbor.

A H Reed Kauri Park Canopy Walkway
A H Reed Kauri Park Canopy Walkway is a remnant of the original Kauri Forests which were once extensive throughout Northland. In this park you can see is 500 year old Kauri trees with the features a canopy walkway giving a bird’s eye view of the forest. 

Whangarei Falls
Whangarei Falls is a fomous waterfall in Whangarei and it is a must to see for visitors. This waterfall is about 25 meters high and situated about 5 km northeast of Whangarei at Tikipunga. The short paved trail offers different perspectives to take photographs.

Town Basin
Town Basin is a popular area, it is located in the center of Whangarei. Structure the town is with a waterfront, colonial style buildings which invite the tourists to the many galleries and museums housed within. It is like every building is a home to a different type of art or business. There are a lot shops, restaurants and cafes nestled among the streets as well. The tourist said that pizza in Town Basin is unforgettable
1 meter pizza in Town Basin, Whangarei

Want to know more about Whangarei and about accommodation there just visit hope you enjoy and happy traveling.

Tips Packaging The Luggage when Travelling Using a Private Vehicle

Because the holiday feast of Muslims or Eid al-Fitr, then tips this time associated with returning home (mudik in Bahasa Indonesia). For the event to welcome the holiday of feast a lot of the traveler chose to return home using a personal vehicle, on the following post I will share tips on packing when traveling using private vehicles although these tips for preparing to back home special to welcome Eid Al-Fitr but it is also important tips for traveling using a personal vehicle. Travel using private vehicles is provide comfort in terms of packing, but keep in mind wrong technique on arrangement of packaging the luggage when traveling using private vehicles can be fatal error because of the arrangement of goods in the car will determine the convenience, security and even driving safety.
For that, consider a few points and tips on how to package the goods when traveling using private vehicles from Astraworld following:

1. Define the purpose and will route you take. This helps us determine what items should be transported in a car.
2. After fix and clear, make a list and start the inventory. When compiling a list of do not forget to adjust the luggage capacity and haulage cars. This adjustment is important to avoid a risk of a bad time to maneuver or a car braking.
3. Luggage classified in two broad categories. First, the goods will not be used during the trip (for souvenirs, clothes for vacation, etc.). Second, the goods are most likely needed during the trip (our hometown, phone, snacks, medicines, books, tapes, CDs, one or two pieces of clothes / underwear if you need to replace when traveling, etc.).
4. Benefit from the car. If there are empty seats can be folded, use the remaining space to store goods.
5. Place the second category of goods in the area which is within easy reach so that unnecessary loading and unloading during the trip.
6. Prioritize heavy luggage in the down position, and stacking sideways with the meeting.
7. Avoid stacking items that could potentially interfere with driver visibility.
8. If necessary, use a cargo net to keep luggage securely in place even though shaken.
9. For reasons of stability of the car and the potential for disturbing other riders, carrying goods on the roof rack or less is recommended. Even if forced to place items on top, make sure bound fast, reasonably high and tightly sealed.

Happy planning Muslim holidays for Muslims and survivors plan a vacation as well for others. Happy Vacation and Traveling ...

10 days trip to the land of my birth (part III)

Part III of story visiting my birth of place was in Mesuji. Visited Mesuji on Lampung include on stop by story but it was pleasure too. We went to Mesuji to visit my uncle citrus plantation. We went to Mesuji from BK 9  need to take travel car 2 times since there is no bus direct there. From BK 9 we went to Bumi Agung, I was lot of laugh on the way to Bumi Agung. Because it was a lot of dance inside the car, the dance was not by music but by shaking because of the rough road. When I was laugh there was a person said to me don't laugh, road like this is normal in Sumatra. It is different than Java. Than I quite my laugh just enjoy to be shaking and body dance, ya... it is some kind of exercise.
I didn't take picture during trip, now I regret. Everything is keep in my mind and you just can imagine it. Then from Bumi Agung to Mesuji the name of the road is Lintas Timur. The road so smooth and it was make faster arrived in to the destination (actually no too much smooth just it so smooth if compare to the road before). A long the road as I remember only plantation of rubber latex, oil palm and Acacia mangium,  it seem there is no wild forest anymore. They said the wild forest which still exist only in National Forest which is protected. 
The driver dropped us in market which has name SPUA. In SPUA my uncle picked up us to his citrus plantation. It still quite about 20 km and the road already damaged. Arrived in my uncle plantation just take a rest for a while and the rain drops. Ehm... it was cold and I was so happy seeing a lot of citrus fruits that still hanging in their branch. After the rain finish I looking around to measure how large the plantation. My uncle said the plantation is 6 ha large but only 5 ha which plant by citrus. 
I take a rest 1 night in my uncle farm house. In the farm house there is no electricity.. It was dark but the sky was clear so the stars look so beautiful and bright. All those reflections made me remember when I had a camp with my friends was on the mountain and in the beach.  I didn't took the picture of the house, once again I'm regret. hahaha. I remember to keep the citrus plantation save my uncle also look after 4 dogs, all are white and I'm still afraid with dog so I didn't take any picture them. Ya... they don't like stranger. 
Here pictures of my uncle citrus plantation.

After visited my uncle citrus plantation, we went to my uncle home again in Bandar Lampung. In Bandar Lampung we were only take 1 night stay then go to Jakarta by travel car. On the way to Jakarta there was traffic jammed in Tangerang. It was made us so depress because we angry to all people which don't know about their attitude using public road. Reached my uncle home about 9 PM took a bath then rest. In the early morning around 5 AM we went to my sister house in Cikarang. And on the afternoon we comeback to home to Sragen, Central Java.  See... It was so crowded schedule that is why can visited many places for 10 days.

10 days trip to the land of my birth (part II)

In the morning about 8.30 AM we were depart from Raja Basa terminal bus to Belitang. I still remember we went there by Belitang Jaya bus but the make me most remember was the bus driver was non stop to smoking. It was torturing my whole trip till I don't want to open my eyes or choose to sleep a whole trip and covered my nose with scarf. There is no AC bus from Bandar Lampung to Belitang, said my uncle or my uncle don't know. My father also told if we go by executive bus then it can't ride in narrow road. Really annoying because it was pain in my breath system, I did took a seat near window beside the driver but my uncle prohibit me then sat behind the driver. It was like a curse... (T_T) The window is high so I feel almost can't breath. The driver really smoking non stop for a whole trip if he stop it was only for 5 minutes. Just imagine for who can't breath properly like me took a trip from 8.30 AM till 5 PM with that bus, it was like a curse, right? I was crying inside of my heart but I didn't have other chosen. I didn't take the bus picture for evidence because it is not worthy to take picture of that bus. (T_T)
Arrived in BK 9 around 5, I was thinking that I was really arrive the destination but it was not arrive yet. Still 15 km far away from BK 9. There are no bus to the destination, we go there by motor taxi which has name ojek. We don't have number of family there so we took ojek to the destination. The ojek sales was cheat us, he gave high price for us. But it was fine as long as we are save till the destination because my father told me if we are not lucky sometime the local can do bad thing to us like take our money and hurt us. 
Pakde Cip home
That home is the home where I stayed for 2 night. The owner of that home is Pakde Cip (Pakde is big elder uncle). Pakde Cip was my father friend from Java, as the story Pakde Cip was invited to Sumatra because of my father but my father couldn't stay longer. Pakde Cip who is loyal stay there till he is life better. 
My father said that home was our house 26 years ago (but it was not beautiful as this) but we resided to other region because beside this home is cemetery and the soil was not fertile. My father said that time even grass can't grow but now surrounding are green. Beside this house still cemetery and I took the cemetery picture too. And the fact I was not born in here but after moved from here my mom pregnant me. Those pictures I took when we will go to a place where I born in the morning time.
The cemetery

Here are trip to my place of birth...

oil palm plantation

Before seeing my land of birth, we went to pak Jumiran and mbok Jumiran home first (they are married couple). Pak Jum and mbok Jum was like father and mother to my elder sister and my elder brother. They were caring my brother 3 months when my father reside to Palembang because my brother can't leave his school. That home is Pak Jum and mbok Jum's home. It was so touching when we visited there. It was like something already missing but almost desperate, so it was big surprise. And both of them are crying, I almst crying too but if I was thinking if I cry too then they will crying sober. I don't remember anything about them but I saw they are good and warm people. Meet them 1 time can make me missing them. Here are the couple.

Es Cendol by Mbok Jum
That house I took from behind, my father told me it was our house too but it was not like that, now it is better than before. We reside to there after we felt not save in the place where I born. I'm and my father walking into house where I born. It is not far from there so we just take a walk.

photo of rubber latex

That is my father, he walk into the house where I born. See... it is still exist but careless while there is people live there. I want to cry when I saw it. Only this one is worst than before while other become better and beautiful. I took some pictures there but I don't want to share all. Just for memories my birth time which I don't remember.

After from that house we comeback to Pak Jum and Mbok Jum home then go to other family who still loyal stay there. After finish take around we come back to Pakde Cip home then take the night there. So we stay 2 nights and 1 day there. On the morning time we were continue day trip to Mesuji. 

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