Pink around the world

Today I choose tittle pink around the world not because the world celebrate pink day. Then why? Is it the world really turn become pink? No... If today I see the world is pink then I think I can't see true color and maybe I live in barbie's world. Hahaha. I choose the tittle that tittle because I see beautiful pink scenery that really exist in this world. Where they are? They are spread a whole the world. Ok.. let's go browse whole the world.
1. Pink Beach

There are 7 pink beaches which already known in this world. Those beautiful beaches called as pink beach because they have pink sand color. The pink sand of those several beaches like Pink Beach in Komodo National Park is composed of red coral, but others say  the pink color is produced due to a sort of microscopic animals called Foraminifera amoebae that produce red or pink light on the rock. Those beautiful pink beaches are:  (courtesy
  b. Pink Beach, Harbor Island, Bahamas
  c. Pink Beach, Bermuda
  d. Pink Beach, Santa Cruz Island – Philippines
  e. Budelli Island, Sardinia – Italy
  f. Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Island
  g. Balos Lagoon, Crete – Greece

2. Pink Lake
The pink lake which has name Lake Retba or Lac Rose lies in north of the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal, north east of Dakar. It is named because of its pink waters, the pink water caused by Dunaliella salina. Dunaliella salina is a type of halophile green micro-algae (CYANOBACTERIA) especially found in sea salt fields in the water. The lake is also known for its high salt content, it is like as the Dead Sea which allows people to float easily. The lake also has a small salt collecting industry and is often the finishing point of the Dakar Rally.

3. Pink Dolphin
Pink dolphin actually is an albino dolphin. The mammal is entirely pink from tip to tail and has reddish eyes indicating its albinism. The skin appears smooth, glossy pink and without flaws. They said pink dolphin lives in the Amazon River Botos, in South America.

4. Pink Land
No... the ground is not pink but the scenery of this hillside is almost pink a whole around. Where is it? The awesome hillside is in Hillside, Hokkaido, Japan. 

5. Pink tunnel
How to say when the spring come and the cherries are blossom then the road look like have pink tunnel. Where they are? All countries which have pink cherry blossom.
In Japan there is a beautiful tunnel made by Fuji Matsuri or Wisteria Tunnel, it is blossom after Sakura matsuri (Cherry blossom). But this tunnel not all pink, it is purple, pink and white as the colors of the flowers.

And other pink natural scenery but I didn't find other, if you have other recommendation to make longer list  of pink around the world then I'm so welcome to your idea but remember it must natural pink and must amazing. Thanks for read and visit my blog, I welcome for next visit. ^^

Traveling to abroad and learn the language

Long time not updating my blog, sorry I went to travel to other city visiting my relatives. About the trip I were took, if I have eager to talk about it then I will but for now I'm interest to talk about how to learn language when you are traveling to abroad. It is easy when you have trip to the other country which the language you already knew. But how about if you have to trip to other country which the language you don't know any and you want to learn while you are there? I want to write this article long time ago since my friend shared her experience how to learn foreign language but I remember about it just now. My friend is come from Japan but she know many languages, they are Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Bahasa Indonesia and English (her English is not really good but she little bit know it, maybe she also knew Italian). Wow... admit it she is smart, right? Then how she know all that language? Here are the tips:

1. Learn the language before you go
If you plan to go a place which you don't know the language for long times, it is better to learn the language first. Take a good quality language course or you want to learn by yourself (autodidact) to saving money. It is important to learn the language because sometime the citizen don't know other language than their nation language, even sometime they don't know English. Learn the most important and common language that using everyday. My friend were learned Bahasa Indonesia before went to Indonesia and she was so easy to communicate with local residence and she was so fun there. 
2. Memories the common language
It is very important to memories the common language like if you go to traditional market and want to bargain then maybe it will so hard because the seller don't know English then you need to find someone who know English or you don't buy anything because you give up to get it.
3. Bring your book note
Always bring your book note which the content are about the common language that you have been memories. And this book note also can help if you want to make a note about new vocab, direction or draw something if you really hard to remember the word of the stuff that you looking for.
4. Never doubt to asking for help
If you don't know how to speak a word or need the correct grammar then never doubt to asking for help to the local residence and make a note for the lesson you got.
5. Practice as much as you can
My friend when first time arrive in Indonesia, her Bahasa Indonesia was so funny and I need correct almost all her sentences but after some days she practice and practice then her Bahasa quite good. It was like me when first time guiding a tourist in here, my English was so funny and need to take long time to think but after I practice a whole day long then I can communicate with the tourist. 
6. Don't afraid and shy to be wrong
This is important point, if you want to speak the right accent and grammar then never be afraid to be wrong. All people understand you are not native speaker, it's alright and make it fun if they will laughing to you.
7. Smile 
Hahaha... smile can melt the awkward moment.

Ok they are tips to learn the language while traveling to abroad, hope it will help and correct if I wrong. 

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