Chania is one of most beautiful city in Greece

Amazed with backpacker's travel stories in the city where the old and the new are blend in harmony with the beautiful nature and place. What is the name of city that they were talking about? It is Chania (also spelled: Haniá), it is the second city of Crete and one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. Chania includes the old and new city. The old town is built around the Venetian port and is also a relatively integral area where Venetian buildings and later Turkish elements compose a unique architectural style. Due to the historic center of Chania with its Venetian walls defining the borders between the old and new city and its ramparts, the city has been pronounced as preserved. It consists of five connected districts surrounding the Venetian port.

Chania is the most western of all four prefecture of the island and has much to offer and food lovers, it's a paradise! Yummy... Some of Chania city attractions are the Venetian port, the old city at Enetika, the old Turkish buildings, the lighthouse and the Firkas’ fort. Get familiar with the city of Chania by wandering around in its streets, visiting its museums and admiring the different architectural styles presenting the historical route of the city. About museums there are Historical and folkloric Museum at Gavalochori.

The capital is lovely and the area is full of wonderful beaches and isolated coves with soft sand or colourful pebbles and crystalline waters. Due to its natural beauty and variety of sights, attracts many tourists from all over the world.

Outstanding sights: Kissamos, Kasteli, Kolimpari, Meleme, Platanias, Kalives scenic village, Samaria canyon, Saint Roumeli at Liviko sea, Sougia, Palaiochora and phantasmagoric Fragokastello at Sfakia.

Beaches: Agioi Apostoloi, Agia Marina, Kalives, Kissamos, Kastelli, Palaiochora, Platanias, Stalos, Sougia, Fragokastello, Chalara Golden Dawn, Gavdos, Falsarna and Elafonisi.

Chania city really enchanted, how about where to stay? If you plan to visit Chania and spend several times then you can stay in Chania hotels or apartments. If you plan to visit Chania and stay for short time then you should choose hotel, otherwise you can choose Chania apartments. There are plenty a lot hotels and apartments which spread around Chania and now to book them is more easily because of internet service. Choose what kind of room that you prefer to stay, you can search by location, price, whether or not it has a swimming pool, and see photos and reviews. Don’t forget to enjoy and spend your holiday season in Chania.
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harbor at night 

Chania restaurants

old city

Greece food

Wisteria Tunnel, Japan like a fairy tale garden or Avatar Tree of Souls

Back when I was watching the movie Avatar, I was amazed with pink trees where they gather the energies. Pink tree is called the Avatar Tree of Souls. I never think that there are several parks in Japan like Fuji Garden Kawachi, Wake Wisteria Park and Ashikaga Flower Park which has a tree that is also very amazing. The tree has white flowers, pink and purple. The beauty of tree's flowers make Avatar Tree of Souls like really exist. Flowers of this tree blooming after the celebration beautiful floral of the cherry blossom or sakura matsuri which is famous throughout the world. Celebration of this beautiful floral is called Wisteria Tunnel or fuji matsuri. Generally fuji matsuri flowering from mid-April to mid-May.

Here are some collection pictures of fuji matsuri, credit to 

What do you feel after seeing those pictures?
It is amazing like fairy tale, isn't it?  And the last picture and before the last which are made me remember the Avatar movie. Here is one picture of the Avatar Tree of Souls. 

Romantic Honeymoon Destination Places

For couple who will marry they have to thinking beside their wedding party but also their honeymoon destination.There are many romantic places which can be your honeymoon destination. Honeymoon is important, a honeymoon moment surely it will never been forget whatever it was great or disaster.  Natural disaster we can't predict but a mistake which made by couple because their choose wrong place maybe it will become a disaster for the couple. Memory is something worthy so don't ever be a regret for your honeymoon. So here are some recommendation honeymoon places that we can suggest for you.

Miami, Florida, United States
In this region there are many luxury resorts and hotels to choose from, soft sandy beaches, and world-class boutiques. You will be able to eat some of the best restaurants in America and engaged in activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, boating, fishing, and golf.

Bali, Indonesia
Bali is a wonderful little gem in Southeast Asia. Island famous for its exotic wildlife, spectacular beaches, as well as a wealth of history, culture, and traditions. For honeymooners, you can find a variety of luxury resorts and hotels along with boutiques and restaurants.

St Lucia, Caribbean
St Lucia is a beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados is located in the north and south of Martinique. This is one of the islands in the mountainous region that creates the beautiful scenery. Landscapes are diverse and amazing with exotic habitat features and lush gardens. Weather, hotels, and restaurants as well as the outstanding natural beauty perfect for outdoor activities. 

Orlando, Florida, United States
Orlando is the ideal honeymoon spot for those who are young at heart. There are several theme parks to be enjoyed, such as Disney World and Epcot Centre. If you love animals, just visit the safari at Animal Kingdom and do not forget a trip to the Magic Kingdom. If you want to swim in the ocean and the cool, local beaches not too far away.
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Las Vegas is an ideal honeymoon destination for those who are young at heart. There are many places to gamble and party nights and a lot of interesting locations for day trips. Shopping, night clubs, restaurants, entertainment, and casinos are the best in the world and you can get a little exercise by visiting one of the golf course.

Paris, France
Paris might seem like an obvious choice for many people because the city is known as one of the most romantic city in the world. You will be able to sip wine or coffee France Paris while enjoying world-famous cuisine. There is so much to see and do here with a romantic cruise down the Seine. There are historical sites and art, such as Rodin, Louvre, and Musee d'Orsay.

Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Charleston is a beautiful city with small town charm. The city also has some of the best seafood. Only a stroll in this historic city will allow you to see some of the colonial architecture in America. In downtown, you can visit the many restaurants, there are ghost tours that allow you to hold hands tightly with a partner.

Sicily, Italy
Sicily has a view of the world's most extraordinary, such as olive groves and citrus, pure water, and the beautiful rocky coastline. There are various types of accommodation to choose from, including small bed and breakfast, charming villas and five star luxury resort. Food and wine is second to none and it's an ideal place to sit down at the waterfront and see the world.

Martinique, Caribbean
This beautiful island is full of warm blue water and white sandy beaches. You would think this place is made especially for newlyweds. Temperature is a bonus on this small island and you'll find plenty of adventure esrta romance. Martinique and cultural features French Creole, which means there are a lot of history and some fabulous food.

Acapulco, Mexico
This town has become famous holiday for years, and up the cliff used to be one of the most popular activities here. The southern part of town is filled with modern resort while the northern region is famous for its traditional Mexican architecture.

Explore Europe by train

I remember a phrase which I heard when I was still in elementary school, the phrase said it was a lot of ways lead to Rome. I always remember the phrase goes, Rome was one of the countries in Europe so I think the phrase certainly  also said  there are a lot of ways around Europe. Well ... indeed many ways to get around Europe, one of the best ways to explore Europe is by train. Around Europe by train allows you to find stunning views of rural Europe.
There are several train routes in Europe that offers a combination of sights, comfort, to the culinary. See some of them.
1. United Kingdom: route Inverness, Scotland to Gwynedd, Wales
To be able to enjoy the charm of English heritage, you feel the journey by train for two weeks. During the trip, you will go to almost 600 different places. The journey starts from Inverness, Scotland's famous Loch Ness near Urquhart Castle and explore. From here, you can enjoy the charm of Stirling Bridge, Edinburgh Castle, Dover Castle and Caernarfon Castle.

2. Russia: Moscow to Vladivostok route
The train is known as the Trans Siberian. This train will take you to feel eight different time zone when you leave the capital city of Russia to Vladivostok, which is a Pacific Ocean port. To feel this way, you need a period of 19 days.
During the trip, you can get along with everyone, from rich, poor, and local residents, young and old. However, it will pay off with an amazing journey, you will also surround the historic cities.

3. Hungary, Turkey: the route Budapest to Istanbul
This trip starts from the city of Budapest, known as the Danube Express. This is a private railway carriage is elegant and classic features of modern comforts.
You will journey through Transylvania where you can get out and explore the medieval town which is famous for taking a tour on foot. You will be able to see where Vlad the Impaler was born, you also can feel a trip along the Bosporus to Istanbul.

4. Switzerland, Italy: the route Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy
This trip takes about four hours, runs through 55 tunnels, and over 200 bridges. This trip will pass through an altitude of nearly 7400 feet which allows you to enjoy the countryside. Some routes have even been designated as World Heritage site by UNESCO.

5. Norway: Flam to Myrdal route
This is a relatively short trip because it only takes one hour. Your journey will pass through some beautiful scenery including waterfalls and Kjosfossen Rjoandefossen.

6. Switzerland: Montreux to Broc route
This trip takes approximately five hours during the summer and autumn. The journey will pass through Lake Geneva and feel the way the Middle Ages, especially Gruyères, where the famous cheese is made.

Fly in comfort with a private jet charter

Traveling by plane has become the main choice when we want a faster trip. Arrive at the destination faster it will make us not be too tired and make us have more time to explore our destination. Currently, there are many airlines that can be your choice. However, commercial airline for passengers are generally not able to go down at all the airports in the world. If you want the convenience of the airport down wherever you want then choose to use a private plane. You do not have to have a private plane like you have your own car. To get a private flight service then you can go private jet charter.
Surely travel with private jet charter is more expensive than just buying a ticket on board but with a private jet charter you are free to choose the boarding and landing airport and also freedom to choose various types of jet that you want. Flight with private jet charter would be more comfortable, flexibility, peace of mind and you also will get better service.

A private jet charter also has a commitment that passenger safety is the main thing.
Travel using commercial passenger planes also can’t give fly service according to the time and the date as we want, but we have to follow their schedule. Meanwhile, if you flight with a private jet charter then you will be free to choose the time and date of flight as you like. In general bring pets and sit with it while flying together is not allowed when you use a commercial airline but if with private jet charter then you will be free to bring your lovely pet.

Flight with private jet charter is really can’t be compared to flight with general commercial passenger airline because all comfortable private jet charter service we can’t get on general commercial passenger airline. If you ever flown using a private plane of course you know how the experience and the pleasure, but if you have never felt the fly using a private jet then you should have to try it even once in your life.

There are many videos about private jet videos in youtube, if you want to see some of them just use keyword "Gulfstream Jets" or "private jet videos". The pleasure flight with private jet is never can be compare to commercial airlines.   

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