Traditional Javanese Wedding

Finally I have passion to write a post about my sister wedding party and celebration. My sister wedding was held in February 12, 2012 and it was great wedding party. What I can say about my sister wedding is a sweet moment and sweet memory celebration because it was been waiting for long time finally it was happened. I didn't think before that my father arranged the party as great as that, I just see everything done. Ya.. surely I also help to arrange the party also (^_^). 
My family feel honored because many guests also came even guests from other country also came, they are Yhsun jiejie and Clarise jiejie. Yhsun jiejie and Clarise jiejie are from Taiwan, they are specially came to Indonesia to attend my sister wedding party. Yhsun jiejie was sister teacher when my sister learn Chinese language in Taiwan. Many thanks for them because they attended to the celebration make my sister wedding more life and more fun. Yap... because we feel so special because of their visit.
Ok.. come back to talk about my sister wedding party. I know this kind of celebration maybe out from travel topic, but I want to share that my sister wedding party also was held in traditional Javanese wedding ritual ceremony so for people who love custom and cultural maybe my sister wedding party like something that need to know. My sister wedding party not very traditional but also quite modern with Muslim style. Ok..let start to talk about the wedding  ceremony.

The marriage settlement (Akad nikah) 
I didn't see the akad nikah ceremony because I was being make up even how my sister was looked like I also didn't see because when my make up already finished, the akad nikah also already finished. But don't worry because we have the pictures and the video about it also. The akad nikah is in Javanese Muslim style, my sister wore white dress called as kebaya. Here is the picture:
When the  groom gave the Muslim praying cloth (I designed it)

Akad nikah dress (  I want to wear it in my wedding too)
The wedding party
In my sister wedding party (reception), my sister wore red and silver dress. She was looked really beautiful.
When my sister in red

The ceremony were like this:
When my sister in silver
That boys bring ornament that called kembar mayang (twins coconut flower)
Master of ceremonies (introduce groom's family to the bride family)

The groom came from my neighbor home then they are met in in front of my home. Before the bride and the groom made, they have to thrown rice. Thrown rice are symbolic that before Adam and Eve met they thrown stone to the each bushes they found then finally they met.

Prepared stuff before the bride and the groom meet.
The bride and the groom met, the groom is giving flower to the bride 
The groom step on egg (I don't know the meaning of this ritual)
The bride washing the groom feet
(Maybe it is symbolic that wife should give dedication service to husband)
The bride's father bring the groom and the bride to place where they have to put
(maybe it is symbolic that parents should treat their son of law like their own children)
The mother giving blessing to the new couple

The groom is giving rice to the bride
(Symbolic that husband should giving basic necessities of life to his wife) 

Giving the rice to the bride parents
(Maybe symbolic as the groom ready to care the bride)
The decorations:
My sister's hair decoration

The throne of the bride and the groom

The gamelan (Javanese traditional band)
The singers & gamelan

The stuff complement
the blessing rice
My other grandma arrange the small stuff, in Javanese they are called "Cok Bakal"

Rice for the couple

Food that put in the roof

Bonus pictures:
The man called as "cucuk lampah", this man followed by 6 girls and 2 boys
(2 boys called "manggolo yuda", 6 gilrs called "putri domas")
The kids in front of couple called as Patah
The receptionist
My brother, Yhsun jiejie, My sister husband, My sister, Me and Clarise jiejie

Souvenir from Lombok that you have to buy

Did I talk about Lombok before? I don't think so. I want to talk and discuss about tourism in Lombok one day, yea.. a lot of beautiful place in Lombok that already famous among the travelers like Lombok Kuta Beach and Senggigi Beach  but for now I want to talk about something that you have to buy when you visit to Lombok. Souvenir in Bahasa Indonesia called as oleh-oleh. Souvenir that you have to buy mean oleh-oleh yang harus dibeli atau wajib dibeli (compulsory to purchased).

Yap.. what they are?
1. Dodol Rumput Laut 

I don't know what the name of this kind of food in English but I will try to translate it. Dodol is a kind of taffy made of sticky rice, coconut milk, and palm sugar. Rumput laut is seaweed. So Dodol rumput laut mean taffy seaweed which made of seaweed flour, sugar and fresh fruits. Taffy seaweed from Lombok has different taste with other taffy, usually dodol taste are so sweet but dodol from Lombok taste sweet and fresh. The dodol from Lombok taste fruit are  jack fruit, mango and soursop but there are other taste like corn and vegetables. Dodol seaweed can be purchased with prices starting at Rp 10,000 - Rp 15,000 per package weighing 200 grams. One popular place to get it is in Phoenix Food, located in Cakranegara.

2. Honey Sumbawa

Sumbawa is a region that includes to the West Nusa Tenggara Province is one of the best honey producers in Indonesia. Honey can be obtained Sumbawa, Lombok. There are two types of honey that is sold, the usual honey-colored brownish yellow and white honey comes from bees that live in the white rocks. Honey Sumbawa has become a national icon and believed to enhance the immune system and treat various diseases,  for example believed to treat neurological diseases.
Honey is sold at a price range from Rp 30,000 for the packaging of 250 ml up to nearly USD 200,000 for the package containing nearly 1 liter. Honey can be obtained relatively easily. Honey Sumbawa sell in food stores such as Phoenix and at the center of souvenir Cilinaya.

3. Ointment Sumbawa

Ointment or rub oil is an appropriate gift for a old people or grandparent, although it could also for yourself when you are tired of working. Sumbawa ointment made ​​from the roots of mace. This oil gives the warmth and special smell to heal aches, sprains, arthritis pain relief and other muscle diseases.
Oil is available in various volume ranging up to 200 ml bottles of 800-1000 ml bottle. Oil prices were the cheapest around Rp 30,000. Ointment Sumbawa can be found in many places in the region Cilinaya and Cakranaegara.

4. Pearls Jewelry
Pearls can be said as the most luxurious gift. You must be dug deeper pockets to be able to buy it. Pearl bracelet is available in color black and white. Pearl bracelet is sold at prices starting at Rp 100,000. Cheap or expensive price depending on size. Pearls necklace is more expensive than bracelet, the price of necklace ranging from Rp 400,000. Expensive necklace could be more than Rp 1,000,000.
The most expensive pearl jewelry is ring, for both men and women. A ring with pearl seed could be worth Rp 1,000,000. This pearl jewelry can be found in souvenir shops in the area Cilinaya.

5. Sasak cloth
For fans of the fashion fabric of Indonesian archipelago, these items must be purchased. Sasak fabric available in a variety of pricing options. The more subtle and good motives, the more expensive price.
There sasak batik cloth that can be used as a shirt with prices starting at Rp 150,000 - Rp 350,000. Motive was quite simple and interesting, the material is too soft.
Another result of hand woven fabric with gold thread are sold at higher prices. For the smooth material, the price could more than Rp 600,000. Not all fabric must be purchased in the form of material. Fabrics can also be purchased in the form of a shirt with a starting price of Rp 200,000 and in the form of scarves starting price of Rp 100,000. There is also a form of gloves with prices starting at Rp 150,000.
Sasak fabric can be found in the area Cilinaya. Be smart to choose and bid price.

6. Lombok T-Shirt 
Lombok T-Shirt is a souvenir that you should not miss. The price is cheap, shirts Lombok could also indicate that you've come to Lombok which famous with the exotic beach.
Lombok shirt prices start from Rp 25,000. Available in various colors and image printing. Just select the appropriate size and desire.

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