I love SocialSpark

Ok, I want to take a rest for discussing about travel topic. I just get wonderful travel trip to Borobudur and Merapi with my family and my friends from Taiwan. But still don't have feeling to write about it. I also plan to write about my sister wedding, really my sister wedding was so great and I never think it was great as that. Will talk about those later, I want to talk about my buddy. My buddy name is SocialSpark, hahaha. I call SocialSpark as my buddy because it is nice paid review site, feel like friend. Maybe it is late to talk about SocialSpark because I already joined it about 1 year. How much I earn from SocialSpark? Wait it is secret but really SocialSpark paid me very good. I also join other paid reviews site but I got highest revenue from SocialSpark.

Ok here some excess of SocialSpark:
  1. I don't need to bid and feel so pity because no one advertiser interest with my blog.
    But SocialSpark will send me a notification if there is a lead which compatible with my niche. If I agree to write it then I just click the "take the opportunity" button or negotiate the price button (I never click negotiate button). 
  2. SocialSpark never offer me under 5$.
    Mostly my payment for 1 post about 15$. (If you want to know my payment then you can count the paid reviews post from SocialSpark on all of my blogs. ^^)
  3. SocialSpark very hard in bidding publisher.
    It was easy for first time when SocialSpark change version from v1 to v2 (I was joined v1), but after some months I registered new blog it was take many times to be approved. Many reason of rejected, like as blog to young, many grammatical error, blog don't have niche, less posts, etc. (already forget) But now this blog already received 1 offer. So proud because I feel like finally you get a chance, you are not step Anjieya's blog again. Hehehe.
  4. SocialSpark has own wysiwyg form.
    A programmer or blogger mostly know what is wysiwyg. Wysiwyg is form that you write your post which have some features that make you easy to modify your post.
  5. SocialSpark also has deals.
    Deals usually to sell something through your blog then you will earn some money if you can sell this product. Deals like Amazon but I don't interest to try it because I'm not good in sell something through my blog.
  6. SocialSpark also has advertisement feature.
    Advertisement in SocialSpark like adsense but less option advertisement size if compare to adsense. But when I was tried it and don't know how it was work. I think they pay me even no click, maybe they pay me because of traffic also. I don't know anymore about this feature because they already disabled it from my blog, my my traffic too low now.
  7. Since first time I joined, I like it.
Maybe still many excess of SocialSpark I didn't mention but not only excess that I found since I joined SocialSpark. There are some lack also, such as:
  1. I need to wait 1 month for payment.
  2. I don't know how much or how % I shared my revenue with SocialSpark.
  3. The binding approval so hard. 
See excess are many than lack, so this site is a good site to earn money. I think it is quite a lot to talk about SocialSpark, if you interest to join then you can join here: http://app.socialspark.com/advertisers/new.

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