Writing Tips for Essay Contest

Although I took a title "Tips Writing Essay", it doesn't mean I'm expert on it but actually I still learn how to create good essay too. I still remember the first time when my teacher asked me to write an essay , then I thought an essay is an ordinary written story but in the reality they are not the same. 

Essay is a written expression of the opinions of the author. From this definition makes to write essay is easy job, but in reality it could make people depress, like me because they and me do not know the technique.

I have a friend who used to be a jury in the essay contest and he gave me some tips on how to write a good essay for the contest. I think you can use these tips as a recommendation, here are tips that I got from my friend:
  1. Choose a nice topic, although we can take any subject as the topic but it is better to choose the best of best topic. 
  2. Offer fresh ideas like no one ever write before.
  3. Avoid plagiarism! You should avoid plagiarism in everything because it is illegal now.
  4. Embed the material sources.
  5. If we cite sources from the internet, try to find a trusted site. Do you know, my teacher prohibit me to  blog as my material sources, he said that the writer of this sites cannot be accounted.
  6. Choose and select short, dense, and eye catching of title.
  7. Use lightweight language and easily understood by anyone.
  8. Attract committee / jury since the first paragraph. We know when we read any stories but if we bored since first paragraph then we will lazy to continue to read, it is same in the technique.
  9. Note the use of punctuation.
  10. Avoid the pronoun 'I' or 'me' but use 'author'.
  11. Set writing neatly. 
  12. Note the coherence or relationship between paragraphs one to another paragraphs.
  13. Re-read the essay and make corrections before you collect. I always re-read when I wrote article in this site although I know my article are not perfect but re-read and correcting can decrease the writing mistake or make better phrase.
Then the criteria of a good essay are same in every country, for example essay in Austalia are the same? I think the criteria for each country is same. When I read the tips through internet I saw that "makes the reader interested from the first paragraph" is one of most important tips because if since the first paragraph is interesting then the reader would want to read the next paragraph. I hope those tips are useful and be creative always.


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