Option car parking in Heathrow airport London

London Heathrow Airport is the main international airport in England, United Kingdom. Heathrow airport also known as the busiest airport in United Kingdom and in 2012 also nominated as the third busiest airport in the world in term of the total passengers traffic. This Airport is used by over 90 airlines flying to 170 destinations worldwide but officially it is the primary hub of British Airways and base for Virgin Atlantic Airways. 
There are 5 terminals in Heathrow, terminal one, two, three, four and five but terminal two is under construction now. Each terminal has good facilities i.e. shopping stores, book stores, restaurants, cafés, Bureaux de change, Internet access, prayer room and car parking. Car parking is one of the most important airport services. There are 4 options car parking in Heathrow:

1. Long Stay Car Park
Long stay car park is ideal for people who are planning to park their vehicle for a couple of days or more. Each terminal has different availability of Long stay car parks. The Long Stay Car Parks are open all year round with a free courtesy coach service connecting them to the terminals.  To ensure that you book the most appropriate one for your flight then you can visit www.Heathrowparking.com to book car parking and  to get more information.

2. Business Car Park
Business parking is ideal for people who are in hurry to board their flight, it is closer to the airport terminals with an even more frequent and fast transfer service. Heathrow Business Car Parks are suitable for all travellers parking for a number of days. The business car parks are located closer to the terminals than the Long Stay Car Parks.

3. Heathrow Short Stay Parking
Heathrow Short Stay Parking is recommended for the fetcher or who stay of up to 5 hours. It can be found next to each of the terminals. Heathrow Airport Short Stay Parking is convenient and safe. The Short Stay Car Parks at Heathrow are frequently patrolled, well lit and have comprehensive CCTV in operation. 

4. Heathrow Valet Parking
Valet Parking at Heathrow is recommended for all traveler which looking for quick and convenient airport’s car parking service and also suitable for who travelling with children or with large amount of luggage. Valet parking in Heathrow is available at all terminals. 


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