Looking back on the time of finishing my final project

Looking back to the time about finishing my final project time, it was about a half year ago. That time I felt become a pessimist and felt that I can’t finish it on schedule. I almost surrender because date line is closer but still many part didn’t finish. I did late on finishing my graduation because I can't finish my final project on time and I was crying a lot when I'm thinking if I will postpone my graduation once again because I still can't finish my final project. That time my mind also often thought if I could disappear and vanish but I know it is impossible. Keep struggling finishing it with lack of sleep and rest, I did all alone (my final project and the report/paper/essay) and then finally I can finished it but still have problem almost couldn't present it because miss communication with my teacher.

Finishing my project not mean I’m done but I still have one obligation, I need to presented it in front of my examiners (two examiner and my teacher), if I fail on presentation it is mean I will fail on all too or start from zero again. On my presentation I didn't feel afraid or nervous but I still feel worry if I will fail. Happily it was success. I shared to other friend who did finished their presentation first and they told me why I didn't take help from other people like they did so I don’t need to be stress because of did all everything alone. Sometime I think why that time I am not looking help to finished it so I don’t need to be stress? In the same time too I think, well looking for help to finished it doesn't mean it was cheating but maybe will make my project have better result. I know many students also feel the same with what I did feel when the date line of their paper, thesis or dissertation is closer but didn't finish it. Maybe if I know a kind of site like www.911essay.com  which can help people write their paper before, then maybe it was easy. Ya… looking of help is also an effort, it is better looking for help than never presented your project.


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