Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby - first scan pic!

I just reach London Heathrow international airport and I got the print scan of Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby first scan, ehm.... I just kidding. I didn't visit London yet, sadly... but it is true. I was smiling when first time seeing Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby - first scan pic that spread in internet, it is so cute even it is still not clear. I think many people waiting this cute baby born as people was waiting to see it's parent wedding. The royal wedding was great moment and once again sadly I didn't get the invitation card, maybe they understand about my wallet issue. It was empty that moment so they was not invite me.
Stop this crap! 
Hahaha.... Ok that was intermezzo, I was happy when I heard my sister pregnant, now I'm happy to see the first scan of Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby too. Here is the pic:
Do you realize something cute there? The crown! That crown really a joke we know that fetus not wearing crown even it is Royal baby but this joke really sweet and cute. Oww..! For the cute image. We still didn't know about the fetus genital if she or he but it is happy to see this cute pic, she/he is already royal blood and got a crown in everything. 
Congrats for United Kingdom royal family.

Prince William accompany the wife (Kate Middleton) to home from King Edward VII Hospital in London on 6 December 2012.


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