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Writing an essay may be an easy task for people who understand the techniques to create an essay, but it would be very frustrating for people who do not really understand the technique of writing essays.  Basically the definition of essay is fairly simple, essay is a written expression of the opinions of the author. Although the definition essay is quite simple but to make a good, intelligent and quality an essay is not simple thing.

A good essay is an essay while the essay author can combine facts with imagination, knowledge with feeling, without prioritizing one of them. The goal of the combining is always the same, namely to express opinions. Essays may vary in terms of quality, type, length, style, and subject. Essays also can form simple to very complex, but they all will show a personal opinion as the final analysis. This is the difference fundamental between the writing expository essay or a report. An essay is not just showing the facts or tell an experience, but also slipped the author's opinion of the facts and experience.

Oftentimes when people decide to write an essay, they do not know what they have to write. It should not be a problem at the advanced age today. You can use the references and ideas from anywhere. You can use references from books, newspapers, internet, etc. While the idea of ​​an essay can be of all kinds of topics, from friendship, politics, shoes, selling candles, or from about essay itself. The only requirement that must be met is that the author should be enough to understand the topic so that it can form an opinion.

From the characteristic of essay, it is categorized into two categories, namely formal and informal essay. Formal essay is an essay has a structure a clear introduction, the development of the body of your essay and a conclusion, which is usually a summary of all the points discussed. Examples of formal essays are literary essays, research-based essays, reviews and reports, as well as classic essays. Informal essay is an essay that is lighter and entertaining. In writing an informal essay you can choose to be more innovative in how you write, using vivid descriptions, arguments, humor and even personal anecdotes to engage the reader. Just be creative.


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