Corpus Museum, a fantastic journey to human body

To have sensation of exploring the human body  does n't need to be tiny as bacteria. There is a museum located near Oegstgeest in the Netherlands named Corpus museum. Going to Corpus museum can give the sensation like have a tour inside the human body. The idea of this unique museum is "a journey through the human body" that makes this museum visitors get a different experience, as well as entertainment and education. Corpus science museum is about 35 meter (115 feet)  tall, a building with the contours of the human body situated along the A44 highway between Amsterdam and The Hague, this museum has permanent and variable collections.

Your journey will start with an escalator ride into an open sore on your giant leg and ends among the pulsing neurons in his brain. When journey from the leg to the brain, you will watch cheese being digested in the intestines and explore the ventricles of the heart. Interesting thing especially for the kids, they can bounce up and down on the rubber tongue with the background burping noises and you will take in various scents wafting through the giant nose. 

Did you see how an image or video when sperms meet the egg? I think it is beautiful and amazing moment, Corpus museum provide this amazing scene with unusual display is the hologram of sperm fertilizing an egg, viewed via 3D glasses. I think to have journey to human body is interesting and what the founder of this museum hope from his invention? It's simple the founder of the Corpus museum hope that the visitor after have experience visit the museum they will live in healthier life. After you visited this museum, I'm sure you will see how amazing human body is and you’ll never look at your human body as the same way as before again.

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