Bamboo Museum-Undagi Jatnika Nagamiharja

A 54 years old man, Jatnika Nanggamiharja grown up in the bamboo forest and his life is about bamboo. Jatnika Nanggamiharja famous for bamboo works from furniture to houses. Jatnika never study in architectural education, but because of his creativity, he was able to process a simple bamboo into valuable art objects with high selling. Bamboo furnishings of his work has been exported to Spain, United States, Taiwan, and Germany. He made more than 3000 housing units which built in Indonesia and foreign countries such as Malaysia, Brunei and Dubai.

In creating his works Jatnika Nanggamiharja only armed with arts  Karawitan Parahyangan (traditional music like gamelan from Parahyangan) and crafts bamboo since childhood hereditary acquired from his parents. He said, with the proper processing of bamboo harvesting starts from soaking up the secret recipe to be more durable bamboo, bamboo houses can last up to 30 years.

In addition to being a bamboo craftsman, Jatnika also believed to be Chief Executive of the Bamboo Foundation of Indonesia, which was established since 1994 by the former vice president Try Sutrisno. With this foundation Jatnika Bamboo Indonesia seeks to preserve the bamboo plants that are currently several endemic species of bamboo is getting hard to find. Of the approximately 154 species of bamboo in Indonesia, 37 species of them, especially in West Java Province scarce due to lack of awareness and preservation. 

Bamboo Foundation of Indonesia area of ​​land about 5,000 square meters located in Bumi Cibinong Endah Jalan Sarikaya Blok E3 No 1, Sukahati, Cibinong, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Jatnika train manufacture bamboo house experts, he has coached more than 20  groups of bamboo experts, each group consists of 25 people. They were equipped with martial arts skills Cimande martial arts. Martial arts typical of West Java this gives the power supplies so that they are able to build strong ties bamboo house and durable.

In addition to preserving the bamboo, Bamboo Foundation of Indonesia was also formed to develop and utilize bamboo Indonesia. Preservation of bamboo is a legal obligation on Bamboo Foundation of, in 1997 the Foundation Bamboo bamboo planting in an area of ​​11.5 hectares owned by the Government of Bogor regency, West Java. Bamboo is grown not just one type, but a wide range. Because this area also serves as a museum of bamboo.
Bamboo Museum Undagi Jatnika Nanggamiharja
The foundation is also active in conducting outreach bamboo planting on land owned by residents in the area Harbour Queen, Sakawayana, and Cikedang, Sukabumi. Bamboo Foundation of Indonesia was a pioneer in the effort to plant bamboo along the banks of Kali Ciliwung Cisadane, Krukut, Forest Grove, and Guest Houses. As Jatnika say that bamboo can be a barrier cliff erosion as well as retaining water collector. In addition to all benefits, Janika who is the author of Bamboo House: Typical Architecture of West Java and  bamboo also could be a cure for various diseases including liver disease.
Here are 360 flash about museum Bamboo Indonesia by Undagi Jatnika Nagamiharja (Undagi mean Architect) wait for a while to load the picture in flash mode.
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