Announcement about Exchange link in my blog

Few months ago I was updating my template then I unfortunately I deleted some widgets, one of it is "exchange link" widget. I'm so sorry for all who already set exchange link with me. I don't remember all who was member of my exchange link's friend, once again I'm so sorry. 
Now I make new exchange link widget with label "Anjieya's friend", if you feel that you had exchange link contract with me and you don't found your link in widget "Anjieya's Friend" please inform me about it but you must give me an evidence. The evidence is link back to my blog.  
To have exchange link contract with me is still same with the past. For example:
Anchor text  : Indonesia and world travel blog
Url               :
Or copy and paste the following code:
Indonesia and world travel blog

The rule about exchange link with me if you put on post page so I will put on post page also and if you put on blogroll so I will put on blogroll also. To contact me you can use contact page : " contact " with subject "exchange link"

**Attention sometime I will recheck the exchange link blogs so it's mean I will visit your website, if I did not find a back link to my website, then I will remove your link from my blog as well!!!** 

Thanks for visit.


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