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I'm sure many blogger sad or maybe happy now because Google just updating the pagerank (PR). I feel sad now because I always hope that my blog's PR always increase never drop but today I realize that my PR is dropping. I know I did mistake that I was too much lazy in updating my blog but what other reason that makes my PR drop? I know it is out of travel topic but I feel sad because of my PR drop, PR drop mean I have to do hard work to make it up again. I try to search because I want to know why my PR drop then I found some article related to my curious. Here the reason why PR can drop immediately:

1. Rarely updating blog
Ya.. I know I was rarely updating my blog but I still updating my blog. Ya.. they said I should updating my blog at least at 3 days.

2. No visitor or less visitor
Ya.. I haven't proud about amount of my blog visitor but my blog visitor not decrease, I think it is still stable.

3. Less blogwalking
Blogwalking is visiting other blog and left a comment. Ya.... I admit it that I am almost never blogwalking since several months ago because my friend told me that it is only wasting time. Ya... I don't know but now my PR drop because I never blogwalking anymore.

4. Too many spam comment
Well... I do filter spam comment in this blog which the name is anonymous, I think it is not the reason why my PR drop. But if you didn't filter it then it can cause your PR drop.

5.  Inbound link from site which Google don't like
It is important that Google don't like negative site like a site which talk about gambling, porn, sex etc. But I think  it is not the reason of why my blog PR drop because I don't think I have inbound link from kind of that site.

6. Too much spreading link
Well... if you spread too much link into your blog then Google will indicate that your blog is spam so don't do it. Spread your URL is important but do over of it. But I think it is not the reason why my blog's PR is drop too because as I know I was lazy blogwalking and active in forum again.

7. Too many broken link
Just check if there are many broken link in your blog with webmaster Google tool. I did check too, ya... there are some broken links but I don't make it, I don't know why I had those broken links.

8. Post that hate by Google
Ehm... once again Google hate negative site so if you make post article about negative thing like sex, porn, gambling etc so it can make Google dropped your PR but me I think it is the first time I mention those words, it is mean that this reason is not a reason of my blog PR drop.

9. Many outbound link but less inbound link
Well... Many inbound link make your blog have good reputation. I don't know if it is the reason my blog PR decrease because since few months ago I wrote some article with some outbound link inside but less wrote article without outbound link (I wrote because of $_$). I think it is the reason... so I have to do hard work to cure it. I have to write many post without outbound link start from now.

10. Quality content of blog
I don't know if my blog content quality is not good because I feel I wrote my content by myself, ya.. there are some article post by guest but only few. I think quality content is important because if you did a lot co-past content then the content is not good anymore.

11. Quality link to our site
I think a good quality link is a link with good keyword, like the keyword is relevance to the blog/article or not.

12. Interlinking
Interlinking is link in your site to your site, like article to article. Bloggers said that interlinking is good way in blog SEO, but I think too much of it also not good make the reader don't like. In my blog only few interlinking, I only give interlinking if the article really related.

13.  Load blog speed
Everyone know that good blog or site must have fast load, less image and less widget will make your site load faster. So you should delete those things.

14. Bounce rate
Bounce rate is important. A good bounce rate mean if many of your visitor after landing into your blog or one article then they visit other article if bad bounce rate then after they landing they just left.

15. Page that indexed by Google
If you have many page that indexed by Google then it is good but if less then it is bad. Many indexed mean Google know all content of your blog. Well... I see in Google webmaster tool that my blog index is dropping immediately and I don't know the reason about it.

Ok... I hope this information can help your problem, well... I still feel sad because my PR drop. Thanks to which make me understand about this issue. 

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