Cableslaps, cable management/ties which do not cause interference with electronic devices

Cable tie is very important for me when I'm in home or when I have to go to travel. When in home cable ties make my gadget cables like laptop charger, iPad charger, mobile phone, camera charger can be save easily and when I have to go to travel cable ties make me easily pack and bring all my gadget cables. I call cable ties's simple function is to avoid the cable tied and messed like spaghetti.
Usually I use self-locking nylon cable ties but I think this kind of cable ties not suitable to ties my gadget 's cables because after tighten then its hard to un-tight again. Then after some time I found Velcro cable ties, ya.. I was like this stuff  and it was solved my problem because it is easy to tighten and un-tighten but after I used some decade, this cable ties look disgusting because of too many material cling on it like wool, hair, yarn etc. Ya... I have to find new Velcro cable ties, in my search I found nice cable ties with colorful choice. The cable tie's name Cableslaps.

Cableslaps is a new product founded in 2012. According to official Cableslaps website in, it was found because the founder felt frustrated with all the various cellphone, camera, ipod, and computer cables littering the kitchen counter and making a mess of in his junk drawer. Then he remembered the slap bracelets that were a fad when he was a kid in the late 80's and realized that with a fully-bonded, soft but grippe silicone coating replacing the traditional loose fabric jacket, would be effective at bundling cables. I think it is nice story that founding a great think can come from around as or sometime our child memories.

Cableslaps features
Cableslaps are vailable in two sizes, large and small. Small measures 220mm x 20mm when flat and large measures 280mm x 30mm when flat. The coil-up of large and small are same but the small size is suitable for for ipod, iphone, ipad, smartphone, cellphone, and digital camera cables while the large is heavier and has a more powerful coiling action that is best suited to larger cables, laptop cords with power transformers, extension cords and similar applications. Cableslaps are constructed with a solid steel bi-stable spring core for durability and a fully-bonded soft but grippy silicone outer casing to hold and coddle your precious cables. Cableslap unique design do not cause interference with electronic devices. In fact, performing musicians who have tested Cableslaps proclaim that these are the only cable management product they have found that does not add interference or noise even when used with powerful amplification.

For more information about Cableslaps just check out the official website of Cableslaps that I mention the above paragraphs. 


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