Anambas Island, a beauty in the border

Anambas is islands that part of Indonesia, before this island was not famous between Indonesia citizen but already famous as tourist destination from other country but after the issue that Malaysia want to possessed of it then it become populer among Indonesia citizen and then even more famous in abroad. Anambas is a collection of islands like as Matak island, Telaga island, Jemaja island, Temiang island, Ayerabu island, Bawah island and other small islands (total island large and small islands are no less than 238, about 212 islands which are uninhabited), those islands are included in Natuna island, Riau located in the South China Sea nested between eastern and western Malaysia and Borneo, Indonesia. 

Anambas have large reserves of natural gas that exported to other countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Other potential natural capital of Anambas is oil, Matak island is the main base for oil exploration. Anambas not only rich of natural capital but also have an exotic beautiful natural scenery (mentioned in CNN as the first top tropical island paradise in Asia) especially the beauty of underwater scenery then I can say that Anambas is like a beauty in the border. Yes... Anambas is a beauty in the border because it is part of Indonesia like the outer island and also near Malaysia and it is famous among scuba diving lover and snorkeling lover as I said the underwater scenery of Anambas is so beautiful. Best-known sites are the underwater reefs of Tokong Berlayar, the Malang Biru island which has steep slopes, the Katoaka reef, and shipwrecked vessels "Seven Skies" and "Igara".

Here are some collection of Anambas's underwater sceneries:

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