Tips: Explore Universal Studios Singapore in 1 day

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is part of Resort World Sentosa is interesting place to visit in Singapore so you have to put USS in your list of places to visit in Singapore. USS officially opened on May 28, 2011 so it is relatively new attraction in Singapore. USS total area is about 20 acres so if you just walk around the entire area of USS may take about 15-20 minutes, but if you try all the attractions in the USS maybe one day is not enough because wrong time management and arrangement. Most people who first came to Universal Studio Singapore is entered, take pictures in the Hollywood area, enjoy the ride / show one by one around the region in sequence from left to the right or vice versa if everyone did the same thing then it just wasting the time to queue. Due to your time runs out to queue then you will not be able to enjoy all the attractions in USS, it is not a problem if you have enough vacation time and budget but if you have a busy schedule or a limited budget then you should maximize your time by explore USS in 1 day. 

Here are the tips to explore Universal Studio Singapore in 1 day.

General tips:

  • Before you buy a ticket, find information about promo first on the official website of Universal Studio Singapore. You may get discounts, meal vouchers, voucher souvenirs, and/or express pass for a particular ride.
  • If possible choose low season dates, avoid year end / public / school holiday. To find out when the low / high season you can see on the official site. Purchase the ticket far from the day of visit.
  • USS is not so wide it is only about 20 acre. If you walked around the whole area, it may only take 15-20 minutes. So you do not have to enjoy the attractions in sequence from left to right or vice versa, and this is what I suggest.
  • First in, do not spend too much time to take photos or buy souvenirs. Focus on your favorite ride first, especially the queue will be long. You can take photos later.
  • If you are carrying a baby / toddler, you can use the 'child swap' program. 1 person keep the baby, the other queue. After another is completed the queue, those who keep the baby can then immediately enjoy the attractions without queuing. Ask the clerk at the front of each attraction, they will help you.
  • Avoid the lunch hour at 12:00 to 14:00. Take a little lunch before 12 to avoid crowded.
  • No need to carry a tripod because officers is everywhere they will gladly help you to take pictures for the whole family.
  • Bring an empty bottle. Many tap water for drinking, it is saving pocket money.
  • Bring a hat and sunglasses because the area is quite heat in the afternoon.
  • To be ready to be wet particularly for Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure. Buy a poncho on the USS Store. Bring a change of clothes if you deliberately want to sit on while watching Water world Wet Area.
  • Use that comfortable footwear for walking. Do not wear shoes with strap because it is hard to put off especially in Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure ride. Flip-flops is ok.
  • Hollywood Dreams Parade held every Saturday, Sunday and certain holidays at 18.30 o'clock  Please check the schedule on the official site.
  • Hollywood After Party is the Hollywood area who opened the evening after hours of USS over. Opened every Saturday 19:00 to 23:00 o'clock, do not miss the fireworks show a very good at 21.30.
  • To enjoy all the ride in one day, studying the map first in the official sites or you also can studying map above but it is not very complete.

Tips to enjoy all the attractions in one day:

  • Come at least at 9:30. You can take a picture at Universal globe first. 
  • Lining up before the doors opened at 10.00.
  • Once inside, redeem your ticket with voucher / express pass at Guest Services on the left before the USS store.
  • Buy a disposable poncho in USS Store, to ride Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure later. Remember, only buy poncho, do not spend time to looking for other stuff, you can do it later before going home.
  • Download the guide and schedule studio show. Note and record the show schedule is: Waterworld, Monster Rock, & Madagascar Boogie (for those of you who bring children). Show only 3-4x a day, make sure you watch it. You can start from Water world first at noon, Monster Rock in the afternoon. Madagascar Boogie can be set as more of his show. Skip Madagascar Boogie in the morning, because the route is not suitable with these tips.
  • Walk headed to the 2 favorites first: Transformers, then Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure. In the afternoon the queue of each ride can be up to 2 hours. So make sure you go to those ride at the first time, where the queue is still small. Remember, do not spend the time to take photos.
  • Skip the ride where you have the express pass, you can use at any time because they do not have to queue long.
  • After Transformers and Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure you can go to the Canopy Flyer. Actually the ride is normal, but if you want to feel all ride in USS, go to here in the morning, due to start during the day there were long lines, while the ride of his own just 1 minute.
  • Then you can go to the Treasure Hunters. For those of you who have small children, this ride is suitable, but began the day were long lines. So make sure this becomes your priority.
  • After that you can climb Mummy, Battlestar Galactica Human & Cylon in the same region. Third favorite roller coaster, but my experience was not so long queue, except during peak season. Should third ride this roller coaster before lunch or in the afternoon. Do not just after a meal, you can get nausea & vomiting. Unless you do not like a challenge, you can choose to skip and go to the Far Far Away, Shrek 4D shall enjoy the spectacle.
  • As much as possible grab lunch before 12:00 to avoid crowded, especially at the Discovery Food Court in The Lost World. Another alternative is Marty's Casa Del Wild Madagascar in the region, is not as crowded as Discovery Food Court.
  • Note Waterworld schedule. Do not pass up. It usually starts at 12:30.
  • Until this point, if you managed to enjoy the ride / show at the top without spending the time to line up, you have the possibility to enjoy all the attractions in USS. Guaranteed at least 2-3 hours are not wasted due to queue.
  • Well after that please relax, take photos, while towards the other attractions that have not been visited.
  • Before going home at the night, it's time to buy souvenirs in the USS Store.

Rides & Shows, sort of best opinion from traveler:
- Transformers the ride
- Revenge of the mummy
- Battlestar Galactica Cylon
- Battlestar Galactica human
- Jurassic park rapids adventure
- Shrek 4D adventure
- Waterworld
- Monsters of rock
- Lights camera action
- Madagascar: a crate adventure
- Enchanted airways
- King julien's beach party go round
- Treasure hunters
- Canopy flyer
- Dino-Soarin '
- Accelerator
- Live donkey

Rides & Shows, who queued the longest sequence of:
- Jurassic park rapids adventure
- Transformers the ride
- Canopy flyer
- Treasure hunters
- Shrek 4D adventure
- Madagascar: a crate adventure
- Lights camera action
- Revenge of the mummy
- Enchanted airways

Rides & Shows, for kids:
- Madagascar boogie
- Treasure hunters
- King julien's beach party go round
- Madagascar: a crate adventure
- Dino-Soarin '

Recommended places to eat:
- Madagascar - Marty's Casa Del Wild (Southeast Asian food)
- The Lost World - Discovery Food Court (Singapore food)
- Hollywood - Mel's Drive-In (Western food)

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