Moyo Island a destination for your romantic honeymoon

After search some interesting exotic place to talk for this site then I decide to talk about Moyo Island in Sumbawa, Indonesia. I did think to write about Moyo island long time ago but I did some job which make me forget to write about this island. Why it is interesting to talk and share about Moyo island? Although this island is a small island but it is said that some famous people like Hollywood celebrities and the beloved deceased Lady Dianna ever spent their Holiday in here. After you know the beauty of this island then you  won't be doubt why those famous people choose this place to spend their vacation.  

Moyo island combines the beauty of the beach, sea and nature which still very natural. It is surrounded by reefs are still intact with the fish you may rarely encounter in other ocean. You can enjoy the fun of snorkeling, scuba diving, or just relax on the white sandy shore. For those who are planning a honeymoon, can be anchored to Amanwana Resort. Offers lodging in a very private location.

Amanwana resort's concept  is unique with exclusive 5 starts tent set in the coast of the Flores Sea with jungle as the background of your tent. You can see monkey that move and ignoring you sometime, deer came in at dusk, butterflies everywhere and sea snake huddled in the rock. Think of greens,breeze, deep blue, aqua blue and baby blues embracing light beige canvass tents as ceilings over a mostly windowed structure. Imagine those scenery of Amanwana resort in Moyo Island will make you sure that this place is almost paradise for honeymoon that exist in this world, feel close to nature and beauty.

How about the food there? I'm sure the food is great because I know some original food from there taste so great and delicious, it is not only my opinion but it is opinion among traveler from a whole the world. Ya... they call this island as hidden treasure because it is quite hard to reach this place long time ago but now everything is better because it is easy jump from Bali, Indonesia with Cirrus SR 20, Cessna or floatplane - all booked through the Amanwana.

Well let's share the beauty of Moyo island because a picture is worth a thousand words then let's check it out:

Amanwana a resort with unique concept. Tent with the view of seashore and jungle as the background. Bed with mosquito net to protect your skin from biting by mosquitoes. This resort also has great spa service which you can choose, one of it is jungle spa.

To visit Mata Jitu Waterfall is highly recommended because without it you will not have the full Amanwana experience, ya... something must to see to complete your adventure.

Clear, blue and beautiful underwater sea, for diving lover and snorkeling lover. Those scenery make you won't to miss to try scuba diving and snorkeling there, don't worry the instructor is very nice and patient to teach and guide you.

Happy traveling and happy honeymoon.

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