Vacation Tips to Beijing by top model LIU WEN

Liu Wen is a one of Estée Lauder’s new faces speak up about vacation tips to Beijing, China. An oriental face Liu When is also the latest queen of the runway (having walked 53 shows in the fall-winter 2012 season alone), the 24-year-old splits her time between New York City and her hometown of Beijing. 

Here are her summer vacation tips to Beijing (credit to Elle magazine):

What important stuff which need to pack for a summer trip to Beijing?
She said bug spray is important because the mosquitoes can be pretty relentless in the summer and an empty stomach. Hahaha..  surely because there are simply too many delicious places to eat so empty stomach is important!

How she stay fit and healthy while traveling?
She said a great healthy snack which she have in the mornings is honey water, which is delicious and wakes her up. Some tips for the road are just to get enough sleep, drink lots of water, and always take care of your skin. Avoid the sun more in the summer when you travel. (I'm agree honey is good for health and skin, drink plenty of water is cheap way to make your skin to be moister)

What’s the best way to see and experience the city?
Definitely find a bilingual tour guide—you can hire me, actually. I studied tourism back in school after all. (Nice... she ready to be your tour guide but how much I have to hire? Hahaha... I don't dare to hire her.)

Ding Tai Feng is world-renowned for its cuisine; Chang An Yi Hao (or Made in China) at the Grant Hyatt has the best Peking duck; and Hai Di Lao (Sea Floor Gathering) is a popular Szechwan hot-pot chain with amazing service—get a complimentary manicure or a shoe-polishing while waiting for a table!

Café Copy at the Today Art Museum—the furnishings are metallic, giving it a futuristic feel; Maan Café for their delicious waffles; and the café on the ground floor of Hotel Jian Guo.

While I don’t really drink myself, I know my friends frequent the Xiu Bar (on the sixth floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing), or the bars at Hou Hai, a Hutong compound next to a lake. Since you can’t see the ocean from Beijing, people come here to drink outside and enjoy being next to the water. The lake itself has lotus flowers in the summer and freezes enough in the winter for ice skating!

Xin Hua Bookstore is the national bookstore chain throughout China; theToday Art Museum has unique merchandise related to the arts (Mario Testino just opened his photo exhibit there); and San Li Tun Village is one long street of shops, bars, and teahouses.

Best View of the City 
Without a doubt, from the Great Wall! There’s a Chinese saying: If you don’t visit the Great Wall, you are not a good man. It is a national—and world—treasure, so definitely don’t miss it if you visit. The Commune by the Great Wall is a group of incredible villas in the mountains with spectacular views.
The Ritz-Carlton Beijing is five stars but has a wonderful homey feel. At Duge Courtyard you can get an great taste of traditional Chinese courtyard-style living quarters in a five-star setting. And Aman Resorts is in an incredibly scenic location with amazing views of ancient architecture.

Every morning, you can visit the parks of Beijing and learn tai chi from the dozens of people who practice it daily. It’s a great way to start any day.

Xin Guang Tian Di (Shinkong Place) is another great shopping area. And the 798 Art District is a huge place bustling with creativity: Many designers, artists, and art-based shops have bases there.

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