Interesting places to visit in Israel

Talking about Israel tours and travel then we will thinking that Israel is a place that offer the traveler have a chance to see  fabled places which have had a significant influence on the history of the world. Travel in Israel can be dangerous so you need to book Israel tours guide professional and it is important to read the travel information section, and then decided on your own to visit Israel. Don't thinking and worry about it too much because many people from around the world visiting Israel every year because of many reason like  this place a lot of historical place or religion reason. Then here interesting places to visit in Israel:

Many people have reason to visit Israel because they want to visit Jerusalem, Jerusalem is one of the world’s oldest cities and the largest city of Israel. The attraction in Jerusalem: 
1. The Old City, UNESCO World Heritage Site with its Walls,
2. Me’a Shearim which inhabited by ultra-Orthodox Jewish people, 
3. The German Colony which full of nice restaurants and cafés,
4. Ein Kerem which surrounded by picturesque hills of olive and cypress trees, 
5. The Israel Museum is one of the country’s most important cultural institutions, housing the Dead Sea Scrolls and an extensive collection of Judaica and European art, the Garden Tomb, believed to be the tomb of Jesus.

Tel Aviv  
Tel Aviv is the most modern city in Israel (and also the most secular) which offers an active nightlife, good restaurant, interesting shopping, a scenic beachfront on the Mediterranean and an open and relaxed atmosphere. Tourist attraction in Tel Aviv:
1. Tel Aviv Museum of Art which focused on 20th century art
2. The Carmel Market which a daily open air/ street market located mid-city off Allenby Street for fruits, nuts, meats, clothes, jewelry and just about anything else you can imagine
3. Jaffo (Yafo) which is Arabic heritage and reputed to be the oldest port in the world. Its architecture reflects little of its important history, but it is a pleasant place for a walk, especially  in the modest Artisan Quarter.  Yafo Port as a great place for a meal, especially in a good quality restaurant with a view of the water. 

Haifa is the third largest in Israel and its history links back to Biblical times, its also a place as well as an educational and technology center. It is interesting to know that people said in Israel Haifa is for works, Tel Aviv for plays and Jerusalem for prays. The famous tourist attraction is The Bahá'i Shrine of the Báb (the prophet of the Bahá'i faith) and the Bahá'i Gardens are spectacular sights to visit and part of the pilgrimage of the Baha'i faith that includes Haifa, Acre and Western Galilee. The Báb Shrine and Bahá'i Gardens are part of the Baha'i World Center and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Acre (Akko)  
Acre is another of Israel's historic cities with an extremely interesting history.  The city is a remains of the Ottoman Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries and is a classic example of an Ottoman walled town including its citadel, mosques and baths. The  architecture was built atop the preserved remains of buildings constructed by the Crusaders.  During the time of the Crusades,  Akko was the dominant trading port in the eastern Mediterranean. Interesting place to see is the main Crusader fortress and the Knights Hall.

Tiberias is a large modern town located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee in the north of Israel, with ancient background and great tourist value. Interesting places to see in Tiberias is grand St.Peters church which is hidden along the northern promenade, an ancient Franciscan church built in year 1100 and the Berko Park, the excavations of Roman Tiberias.

Masada is a place located on high a plateau above the Dead Sea, Masada is a magnificent fortress site in Israel’s arid Judean Desert, symbolizing of the exile of the Jewish nation from the Holy land. It has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and holds a special place in the heart of the Jewish nation. They said the valleys to the north or south of Masada are for the bold and adventurous.

Dead Sea  
Dead Sea is a famous place in the world it is nested between Jordan, Israel and the West Bank of the Palestinian Territories. the Dead Sea is a highly saline body of freshwater located over 1,300 feet below sea level, surrounded by mountains and hilly, arid terrain. Since the waters entering the lake from the Jordan and other rivers have no way to escape the rift, they are subject to rapid evaporation in the desert environment of the Judean Desert so it is make the water 10 times salty than ocean water but it is have benefit for therapeutic healing. The high saline make people difficult to swim in the water, floating requires little effort and can be quite comfortable. 

There are 7 interesting places to visit in Israel which I choose although there are still a lot interesting place to visit in Israel but the 7 places are the best for me. Well... already talking about interesting places to visit in Israel then let's talk about Israel hotels. It is hard to choose which one is the best hotel in Israel because every one has own taste. For people who like luxury hotel then there are 11 best luxurious hotels in Israel chooses by the traveler:
1. Dan Eilat Hotel
2. Le Meridien Dead Sea
3. The David Citadel Hotel
4. The King David, Jerusalem
5. American Colony Hotel
6. Herods Hotel and Spa Eilat
7. Mamilla Hotel
8. InterContinental David Tel Aviv
9. Dan Tel Aviv Hotel
10. Inbal Jerusalem Hotel
11. The Carlton Tel Aviv

And here are the 11 best boutique hotels chooses by the traveler:
1. Hotel Montefiore, Tel Aviv
2. The Akkotel, Acco (Acre)
3. Alegra, Ein Kerem (Jerusalem)
4. Bayit Bagalil, Hatzor, Galilee
5. Scots Hotel, Tiberias
6. Smadar Inn, Zichron Yaacov
7. Palacio Domain, Safed
8. The Varsano, Tel Aviv
9. The American Colony, Jerusalem
10. The Colony Hotel, Haifa

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