10 ways to get extra money during traveling

10 ways to get extra money during traveling is not my genuine idea but sometime I also wonder to some people who often doing traveling, they must be work but what kind of job who let them to take vacation a long time then I wonder to them from where they got money for their trips. Then I looking these tips of "some way to get money when traveling" in travel forum. Happily found this article and I think it is worth to share in here because I like traveling and I think it will be useful for all people who love traveling and good tips for people who like backpacking also. And it is also creative, get fun, spend money, enjoy but also earn money.

Here are 10 ways to get extra money during traveling:
1. Teaching language
If you go abroad this point must be very useful and I'm sure many tourist doing this. I saw many foreign in Indonesia were being language teacher when visit Indonesia for quite long time. They are teaching foreign language in some course like English school, France, German, Japan, Korean, Chinese, etc since there are many Indonesian citizen like to learn foreign language and there are many course which offer it so it is good change for foreign who want to stay for quite long and get some extra money. (I don't take this tip to Indonesia only because I knew some USA or EUROPE people also doing this in Taiwan and Japan.)

2. Writing travel stories
It's fun if you can do travel writing, many people are making money by writing their adventures experience when traveling. If you have the ability to write and have interesting stories to be written, offer an idea of your writing to magazines, newspaper or websites that are relevant or you can start with your own travel blog. Who knows one day you can be a travel blogger paid?
I think it is good idea, I want to be travel story writer and I was dreamed about it but I still didn't get this magical opportunity. I know some people who made me inspired to write travel blog and I was followed their travel story in newspaper online, magazines and some of books which tell about travel story too. I think many people dream it.

3. Travel photography
Photography is a hobby that is growing rapidly and there are a lot of photographers are more nimble with a camera. If you can distinguish the ISO from the opening (aperture), you may be able to earn money from selling the photos you produce. There are sites such as local or international fotografer.net istock.com site that allows photographers to upload their work and then spread it all over the world. If you are adept at making a video, you can create your own YouTube channel and get paid from it. My friend also doing travel photography but I think have talent in writing and photography skill will be gorgeous because good article need good good shot picture too like when I posted something I feel not complete yet if there is no picture. I usually borrow my sister camera for my travel photography, I love photography too and I want to have my own camera too. (I have many request in my wishing list ^^)

4. Singing or music
You have talent in singing or playing any kind of music like a guitar, play the violin, blowing the bagpipes or singing? Many traveler looking for extra pocket money by entertaining the pedestrians when they visit the city. A few hours playing or singing songs that were popular at rush hour can make money to continue next trip. So why not play music or singing as the income for your trip around the world? A musician named David Juriz, collecting an average of 83 pounds (U.S. $ 1.3 million) per day as well as finance the entire journey from busking. Hix... what I feel talent that really I want to have is art in voice like playing violin, playing piano or singing but I don't have this talent. So it is not good recommendation for me. (T_T)

5. Reviewing your holiday stories
You probably will not get cash from writing reviews of your holiday but you can earn points which can be exchanged for items of interest. Site that includes reviews of vacation like Qype gives eight points for every review you write, 20 points for a review on the place you are visiting for the first time, and two points for uploading a photo. If you include a video, an additional four points for you and if you invite a friend to visit Qype, you get 25 points. You are "Qype ninja" if you collect 1.000 points - as well as a box full of prizes.

6. Diving for Money
Perhaps the results obtained not as if diving for treasure, but diving is increasingly popular and the need  diving instructor and diving master increased. If you love the ocean, and is also have a diving certified instructor, you can easily get a part time job as a dive instructor in diving centers around the world. Without much effort, you will be able to work in tourist destinations such as the beautiful beaches in Fiji, Mauritania, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. 

7. Work in Ski Resort!
You do not have to be a ski instructor to work in a ski resort! Many jobs are available in this place, most of which provide accommodation at a low price even for free, discounts on food and all the needs for the winter. A variety of jobs, ranging from ski instructors (who needs instructor certificate) until the dishwasher (which requires endurance), and much more right here.
Every job has its good and bad sides with respect to payments, benefits and how much time you are able to be in the ski valley. It is possible to get a job at the ski resort in Europe, Canada, the United States or Japan. Visit the website to find a job Natives.com ski resorts. Depending on the work experience you have, it is possible to get paid USD 100 per day.

8. Summer Camp Workers
North America has a cultural summer camp where children will spend anywhere from a few days to a few months to learn the art and skill, developing sports talent and perform other new activities. Campgrounds outdoor activity where participants live together in cabins that create jobs such as activity leaders (who spend their time leading the popular activities), support staff (who helped behind the scenes both in the office, kitchen or in the field), and a camp counselor (who supervise children campers on a daily basis). Visit the Camp America website for more information. Revenue generated ranges from USD 60 to USD 1200 a month, depending on the kind of work but you get the advantage of free accommodation.

9. VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas or Voluntary Service Overseas)
This organization is an international charity that recruits volunteers to work on their projects in the poorest regions of the world. Volunteers come from many different backgrounds, there is a variety of positions for young people who do not have the expertise as well as to the professionals who have the experience. You can utilize your skills and work well in the local community in return for living expenses, accommodation, tickets and flight training.
VSO is an option for those who want to take a break from their daily work, sabbatical leave or short-term trips (available assignments of 1-6 months) - if you really want to make a change, joining the VSO is an ideal way to do it. For more information, please visit VSO.org.uk.

10. Search Visa and Go!
If you prefer not to be tied to a job, it is possible to get a working holiday visa (working holiday visas) from many countries around the world including: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. These states allow you to search for employment opportunities in the local labor market where you can take a part time job or a job with a longer period of time as long as you do not stay beyond your visa time limit. Included in holiday pay (paycation) favorites are harvest grapes, farmed and worked in hotels for young travelers.

Hope these tips will be useful and happy traveling around the world.
Article rewrite from : http://www.kaskus.co.id/showthread.php?t=16240728


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