Whangarei is one of beauty of New Zealand

Remember New Zealand remember that there are a lot of Hollywood movie which take shot there. I don't want to mention all movies which took shot there but the movie which make me amazed and want to visit New Zealand is all series of The Lord of The Rings; The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Avatar; The Adventure of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn and The Hobbit.  Maybe many people also have planned to visit New Zealand soon then don’t forget to visit Whangarei. Where is Whangarei? Whangarei is the most northern town in New Zealand and the regional capital of Northland Region. Many fun and tourist attractions you can find and explore in Whangarei town. 
What make Whangarei special? Whangarei is a small city with over 50.000 population and it is said that Whangarei have beautiful beaches and scenery. Let’s take a look a little of attraction which make Whangarei special. 

The beaches
There are some beautiful beaches in Whangarei ie Ocean Beach (recommended for surfing), Pataua, Frogtown, Smugglers Cove and Taurikura and Sandy Bay. Sandy Bay is a sub-tropical beach, in Sandy bay the popular activities are swimming, surfing and sun bathing. Other activities up and down coast line are find fishing, sailing, and other water sports for entertainment. This beautiful clean beach is a best spot to spend the day.

Mount Parihaka
Mount Parihaka is famous mount in Whangareis, it is offers the highest lookout point about 241 meters above Whangarei. Doing mountain climbing and enjoy the fantastic views over the city including Quayside and the yachts.

Mount Manaia
Mount Manaia also has titled as the castle rock because of its like 5 castle peaks which sit approximately 460 meters above the entrance to Whangarei Harbor.  There is famous legend about this mount. It is said the Maori consider the peaks to be Chief Manaia, Pito (his wife and ex-wife of chief Hautatu), his two children and last but not least chief Hautatu in pursuit of his wife. When the God of Thunder judged them they were turned into stone. From this Mount Manaia’s trails offer great views of the costline, islands, and the harbor.

A H Reed Kauri Park Canopy Walkway
A H Reed Kauri Park Canopy Walkway is a remnant of the original Kauri Forests which were once extensive throughout Northland. In this park you can see is 500 year old Kauri trees with the features a canopy walkway giving a bird’s eye view of the forest. 

Whangarei Falls
Whangarei Falls is a fomous waterfall in Whangarei and it is a must to see for visitors. This waterfall is about 25 meters high and situated about 5 km northeast of Whangarei at Tikipunga. The short paved trail offers different perspectives to take photographs.

Town Basin
Town Basin is a popular area, it is located in the center of Whangarei. Structure the town is with a waterfront, colonial style buildings which invite the tourists to the many galleries and museums housed within. It is like every building is a home to a different type of art or business. There are a lot shops, restaurants and cafes nestled among the streets as well. The tourist said that pizza in Town Basin is unforgettable
1 meter pizza in Town Basin, Whangarei

Want to know more about Whangarei and about accommodation there just visit http://www.whangareiviews.co.nz/ hope you enjoy and happy traveling.

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