Tips Packaging The Luggage when Travelling Using a Private Vehicle

Because the holiday feast of Muslims or Eid al-Fitr, then tips this time associated with returning home (mudik in Bahasa Indonesia). For the event to welcome the holiday of feast a lot of the traveler chose to return home using a personal vehicle, on the following post I will share tips on packing when traveling using private vehicles although these tips for preparing to back home special to welcome Eid Al-Fitr but it is also important tips for traveling using a personal vehicle. Travel using private vehicles is provide comfort in terms of packing, but keep in mind wrong technique on arrangement of packaging the luggage when traveling using private vehicles can be fatal error because of the arrangement of goods in the car will determine the convenience, security and even driving safety.
For that, consider a few points and tips on how to package the goods when traveling using private vehicles from Astraworld following:

1. Define the purpose and will route you take. This helps us determine what items should be transported in a car.
2. After fix and clear, make a list and start the inventory. When compiling a list of do not forget to adjust the luggage capacity and haulage cars. This adjustment is important to avoid a risk of a bad time to maneuver or a car braking.
3. Luggage classified in two broad categories. First, the goods will not be used during the trip (for souvenirs, clothes for vacation, etc.). Second, the goods are most likely needed during the trip (our hometown, phone, snacks, medicines, books, tapes, CDs, one or two pieces of clothes / underwear if you need to replace when traveling, etc.).
4. Benefit from the car. If there are empty seats can be folded, use the remaining space to store goods.
5. Place the second category of goods in the area which is within easy reach so that unnecessary loading and unloading during the trip.
6. Prioritize heavy luggage in the down position, and stacking sideways with the meeting.
7. Avoid stacking items that could potentially interfere with driver visibility.
8. If necessary, use a cargo net to keep luggage securely in place even though shaken.
9. For reasons of stability of the car and the potential for disturbing other riders, carrying goods on the roof rack or less is recommended. Even if forced to place items on top, make sure bound fast, reasonably high and tightly sealed.

Happy planning Muslim holidays for Muslims and survivors plan a vacation as well for others. Happy Vacation and Traveling ...


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