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UK (United Kingdom) or Britain is The United Kingdom of  England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and many smaller islands. United Kingdom's political is a unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system, with its seat of government in the capital city of London. As we know there are many attractions that we can visit there because UK is one of the most popular destination place . The capital city (London) also have many free attractions with good facilities, it is different with other capital city in Europe because many of them like no free attraction there. So we still can have a lot of fun and save money when we go to London. To have more fun then it is important to looking for professional of London and UK guided tours so you will get the best trip and vacation there.
What are the best places to visit and the most famous sightseeing of United Kingdom (The Britain)? From many sites I got these recommendation about 10 best and famous UK's sightseeing and a little information about it.

British Museum
British Museum is one of popular museum and happy news for you to enter the museum is free but the exhibitions are ticketed. British museum has good facilities, accessible via lifts, has a map and leaflet for disabled visitors is available plus there are facilities for people with hearing and visual impairments e.g. sound guides and sign-interpreted talks and assistance dogs welcome.

Tate Modern
Tate Modern is one of the city’s most beloved attractions and it is the national gallery of international modern and contemporary art from 1900 on wards. Information about Tate Modern facilities is it has good wheelchair access to all areas plus various facilities for people with hearing and visual impairments, such as touch tours, audio guides, materials in large print and raised image, induction loop, radio mics, and British Sign Language interpreted events. Assistance dogs are welcome.

National Gallery
Who love art must love The National Gallery because it is has many collection of arts of Western European painting. The entry ticket to the National Gallery is free but the exhibition are ticketed. The facilities of National Gallery is wheelchair accessible, with the exception of the Portico entrance and mezzanine. There are good facilities for people with hearing and visual impairments e.g. BSL interpreted events and touch tours. Assistance dogs welcome.

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum I think is a museum where the movie of The Night at The Museum have been shot.  The collections of the museum is Botany, Zoology, Mineralogy, Entomology and Paleontology, it is mean that you can see dinosaurus skeletons in here too. The entry ticket to the Natural History Museum is free but the exhibition are ticketed. It is said that the museum is also wheelchair accessible, apart from the Earth Lab. Facilities are available for people with hearing and visual impairments. Call ahead about assistance dogs. If need to have any access requirements, it is essential to pre-book a tour. 

The EDF Energy London Eye
The EDF Energy London Eye is one famous icon of London. From London Eye you will get breath taking of 3D views of London in big capsule on the high. The facilities for disables are wheelchair accessible (wheelchair spaces should be booked in advance, maximum of two per capsule) and can be temporarily stopped to allow safe entry. A fast track service is provided for elderly and disabled people (must be booked in advance). Assistance dogs are welcome.

Science Museum
The National Museum of Science and Industry must be a good place to learn and play, as we know science is interesting because our life is about science but it feels always find something new when we learn and study it. So The National Museum of Science and Industry will be good place for all people from all ages, from children to adult. The museum facilities is wheelchair accessible, except for the flight/ships gallery and rides. There are exciting "hands-on" exhibits. Visitors with additional needs are advised to contact the museum. The IMAX cinema is wheelchair accessible with an infrared hearing loop system. Assistance dogs are welcome.

The Victoria and Albert Museum
The Victoria and Albert Museum if you know this museum maybe you will say that this museum is the greatest museum in the world. This museum near the Science Museum and Natural History Museum in London. The museum contains a great collection of design and art and holds over 3000 years worth of artifacts from many of the world’s richest cultures, there are sculpture, photography, ceramics, furniture, and much more. This includes the most comprehensive collection of British art and design from the 1500s to the 1900s. The museum's facilities is largely accessible for people with hearing and visual impairments including subtitled videos, BSL interpreted events, large print materials, audio and Braille tours. Assistance can be arranged. Assistance dogs welcome. Good news again entry to the museum is free but exhibitions are ticketed.

Madame Tussaud's
Madam Tussaud's is a museum of wax figure of famous people, like singers, artist and actors. The wax figures at the museum are have similar with the real figure. So it is interesting to take pictures with many artist in the one building. The facilities in the museum for disable people are good access for wheelchair users. However the Spirit of London ride is not wheelchair-accessible. Only 3 wheelchair users may visit the exhibit at a time. Therefore it's best to book tickets in advance. There are facilities for people with hearing and visual impairments. Happy news for you museum lover and traveler that entry for accompanying assistants or carers is free.

National Maritime Museum
Who like the pirates of Caribbean maybe will like this museum because The National Maritime Museum from the name we know that this museum has collection about maritime things and stuffs but when you go in deeper then you will gets more interesting and fun. The focus of museum is on Britain’s seafaring past, including the bullet that felled Horatio Nelson, a replica of Ernest Shackleton’s life boat and plenty of kid-friendly interactive exhibits. The museum facilities very good too, like wheelchair-accessible and there are good facilities for people with hearing and visual impairments, including British Sign Language interpreted events and touch tours. There's free wheelchair-accessible transport (the Road Train) that runs between the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory. 

The Tower of London
The Tower of London actually is a Royal Palace and Fortress but it is commonly called as The Tower of London. I don't want to talk a lot about this place because this place look scary for me, they said there is Royal family murdered, beheaded, executed and imprisoned there. But this castle was important to controlling the country. Sadly this historic building has limited access and there are suggested routes for wheelchair users. Touch tours are available on request and there are facilities for people with hearing impairments, such as touch screen computer panels, transcripts of tours, and subtitled videos. Assistance dogs are welcome.

Finally I finish writing about sightseeing UK. Hope all reader enjoy it. 

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