Reason to spend holiday in Turkey

Turkey is a country located between Europe and Asia which made this country has specific characteristics of both continents. Spend holiday in Turkey should be in your vacation list because Turkey has many amazing historical places and the cuisine is so delicious. Let's talk all about them.

1. Cappadocia
Cappadocia located within the Goreme National Park of Turkey. Cappadocia are rock formation which was laid down three million years ago by the volcanic eruption of two local mountains that covered the plateau deep in volcanic ash. The wind and the weather molded those rock into amazing shapes like pillars, cones, and "fairy chimneys" in a rainbow of colors.

Around 4.000 years ago, people have carved and hollowed out dwellings in this soft rock. They said that the early Christians was created over 600 cave which has function as churches, chapels, and monasteries, some of which are still well preserved. In Cappadocia there are also underground cities which had function to retreat the people from waves of enemies passing through the area. Cappadocia is included as U.N. World Heritage Site and the cave dwellings around 20 years ago, most of it were abandoned for more modern life and concrete homes. About the last several years, the Turks and foreigners have started turning them into second homes and boutique hotels like the Cappadocia Cave Suites or Anatolia Houses.
Adventure flight above Cappadocia with hot air balon.

2. Ephesus
Ephesus is an ancient city, it was the major city of Asia Minor during the New Testament era. If you still remember history about ancient trade, Ephesus was a major port, it is located at the end of the Spice and Silk Road that ran west from Arabia and Asia. 
If you see the ruin, it is like Romanian architecture. Yes it is, the ancient city of Ephesus houses is the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean region and was once home to the Temple of Artemis (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world). Ephesus dates from the 13th century B.C but when the port silted up, most of the citizens left, abandoning the city in a short space of time. Some of those amazing building ruins still stand in surprisingly good condition. Visitors can still see the ruin of the amphitheatre and library, along with many other ruins and relics. 

3. Hierapolis and Pamukkale

Still talk about ancient history. On the road to Hierapolis there is a white cliff. That white cliff is Pammukake. Pamukkake translated as Cotton Castle is cascades of lukewarm calcareous water, which drop after drop of the thousands years the calcium deposits have covered the walls of the mountain with lacework creating a kind of natural swimming pool. In Pamukkake as dusk falls, the light is dazzling, creating a spectacle that is one of nature's marvels. Tourist visit Pamukkake only because of it's beauty but the water also contain therapeutic as being cure for rheumatism and asthma.

Hierapolis is an impressive ancient theater, it is beautiful and majestic with fifty rows of stairs. The theatre is still in use for dance performances during the city's festival. The theater's ruins showing how massive these cities must have been. The warning, because of the theater open air mean no air conditioner so you will getting hot if standing here  for long time in day time. 

4. Sumela Monastery
Sumela monastery is a monastery which located in Altındere village,  Maçka district, Trabzon province. İt settled on the side of "Mela" hill and it is a church and monastery that has a altitude of 1150 meters.  The architecture of the monastery building carries it's old tradition that settled beside of abandoned places like forests, caves or near water which no human existing.
The meaning of "Sümela" is from Greek language "sümela" which has meaning "colour of black" and that black word is coming from  mountain or hill that Monastery existed. That mountain name in Turkish is "Karadağlar". And that Monastery or church is named "meryem ana" from natives of area that word means "Virgin Mary"

5. Istanbul
Remember Istanbul, remember Turkey because it is the largest city in Turkey, and the only city in the world that sits and nested on two continents, Asia and Europe. I choose Istanbul in the last number of place on the list of the reason to visit Turkey because this city is the richest treasure of adventure to discover compare to the number of places I mentioned before. Istanbul has a rich history that can be seen all over the city. Sightseeing opportunities are everywhere – from the majestic Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace (centre of the Ottoman Empire for more than 4 centuries) in Istanbul’s old city, to the thousands of shops and stalls at the Grand Bazaar, the worlds largest covered market.

Almost forget to talk about Turkey's cuisine. Food is one of the reason people come to visit to a place and Turkey's cuisine is in among the top five countries in the world for cuisine. And here are time to jaw drooling for the photos of Turkey's cuisine. 

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