10 days trip to the land of my birth (part III)

Part III of story visiting my birth of place was in Mesuji. Visited Mesuji on Lampung include on stop by story but it was pleasure too. We went to Mesuji to visit my uncle citrus plantation. We went to Mesuji from BK 9  need to take travel car 2 times since there is no bus direct there. From BK 9 we went to Bumi Agung, I was lot of laugh on the way to Bumi Agung. Because it was a lot of dance inside the car, the dance was not by music but by shaking because of the rough road. When I was laugh there was a person said to me don't laugh, road like this is normal in Sumatra. It is different than Java. Than I quite my laugh just enjoy to be shaking and body dance, ya... it is some kind of exercise.
I didn't take picture during trip, now I regret. Everything is keep in my mind and you just can imagine it. Then from Bumi Agung to Mesuji the name of the road is Lintas Timur. The road so smooth and it was make faster arrived in to the destination (actually no too much smooth just it so smooth if compare to the road before). A long the road as I remember only plantation of rubber latex, oil palm and Acacia mangium,  it seem there is no wild forest anymore. They said the wild forest which still exist only in National Forest which is protected. 
The driver dropped us in market which has name SPUA. In SPUA my uncle picked up us to his citrus plantation. It still quite about 20 km and the road already damaged. Arrived in my uncle plantation just take a rest for a while and the rain drops. Ehm... it was cold and I was so happy seeing a lot of citrus fruits that still hanging in their branch. After the rain finish I looking around to measure how large the plantation. My uncle said the plantation is 6 ha large but only 5 ha which plant by citrus. 
I take a rest 1 night in my uncle farm house. In the farm house there is no electricity.. It was dark but the sky was clear so the stars look so beautiful and bright. All those reflections made me remember when I had a camp with my friends was on the mountain and in the beach.  I didn't took the picture of the house, once again I'm regret. hahaha. I remember to keep the citrus plantation save my uncle also look after 4 dogs, all are white and I'm still afraid with dog so I didn't take any picture them. Ya... they don't like stranger. 
Here pictures of my uncle citrus plantation.

After visited my uncle citrus plantation, we went to my uncle home again in Bandar Lampung. In Bandar Lampung we were only take 1 night stay then go to Jakarta by travel car. On the way to Jakarta there was traffic jammed in Tangerang. It was made us so depress because we angry to all people which don't know about their attitude using public road. Reached my uncle home about 9 PM took a bath then rest. In the early morning around 5 AM we went to my sister house in Cikarang. And on the afternoon we comeback to home to Sragen, Central Java.  See... It was so crowded schedule that is why can visited many places for 10 days.

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