10 days trip to the land of my birth (part II)

In the morning about 8.30 AM we were depart from Raja Basa terminal bus to Belitang. I still remember we went there by Belitang Jaya bus but the make me most remember was the bus driver was non stop to smoking. It was torturing my whole trip till I don't want to open my eyes or choose to sleep a whole trip and covered my nose with scarf. There is no AC bus from Bandar Lampung to Belitang, said my uncle or my uncle don't know. My father also told if we go by executive bus then it can't ride in narrow road. Really annoying because it was pain in my breath system, I did took a seat near window beside the driver but my uncle prohibit me then sat behind the driver. It was like a curse... (T_T) The window is high so I feel almost can't breath. The driver really smoking non stop for a whole trip if he stop it was only for 5 minutes. Just imagine for who can't breath properly like me took a trip from 8.30 AM till 5 PM with that bus, it was like a curse, right? I was crying inside of my heart but I didn't have other chosen. I didn't take the bus picture for evidence because it is not worthy to take picture of that bus. (T_T)
Arrived in BK 9 around 5, I was thinking that I was really arrive the destination but it was not arrive yet. Still 15 km far away from BK 9. There are no bus to the destination, we go there by motor taxi which has name ojek. We don't have number of family there so we took ojek to the destination. The ojek sales was cheat us, he gave high price for us. But it was fine as long as we are save till the destination because my father told me if we are not lucky sometime the local can do bad thing to us like take our money and hurt us. 
Pakde Cip home
That home is the home where I stayed for 2 night. The owner of that home is Pakde Cip (Pakde is big elder uncle). Pakde Cip was my father friend from Java, as the story Pakde Cip was invited to Sumatra because of my father but my father couldn't stay longer. Pakde Cip who is loyal stay there till he is life better. 
My father said that home was our house 26 years ago (but it was not beautiful as this) but we resided to other region because beside this home is cemetery and the soil was not fertile. My father said that time even grass can't grow but now surrounding are green. Beside this house still cemetery and I took the cemetery picture too. And the fact I was not born in here but after moved from here my mom pregnant me. Those pictures I took when we will go to a place where I born in the morning time.
The cemetery

Here are trip to my place of birth...

oil palm plantation

Before seeing my land of birth, we went to pak Jumiran and mbok Jumiran home first (they are married couple). Pak Jum and mbok Jum was like father and mother to my elder sister and my elder brother. They were caring my brother 3 months when my father reside to Palembang because my brother can't leave his school. That home is Pak Jum and mbok Jum's home. It was so touching when we visited there. It was like something already missing but almost desperate, so it was big surprise. And both of them are crying, I almst crying too but if I was thinking if I cry too then they will crying sober. I don't remember anything about them but I saw they are good and warm people. Meet them 1 time can make me missing them. Here are the couple.

Es Cendol by Mbok Jum
That house I took from behind, my father told me it was our house too but it was not like that, now it is better than before. We reside to there after we felt not save in the place where I born. I'm and my father walking into house where I born. It is not far from there so we just take a walk.

photo of rubber latex

That is my father, he walk into the house where I born. See... it is still exist but careless while there is people live there. I want to cry when I saw it. Only this one is worst than before while other become better and beautiful. I took some pictures there but I don't want to share all. Just for memories my birth time which I don't remember.

After from that house we comeback to Pak Jum and Mbok Jum home then go to other family who still loyal stay there. After finish take around we come back to Pakde Cip home then take the night there. So we stay 2 nights and 1 day there. On the morning time we were continue day trip to Mesuji. 

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