10 days trip to the land of my birth (part I)

First of all Happy Ramadhan to all Muslim around the world and universe. ^_^ 
Last month I only wrote 2 posts because I was so busy traveling to East Java and to Sumatra Island. Travel to East Java I still don't have eager to write about it whereas travel story to Sumatra Island really want to write since few days ago but my internet connection too worst maybe it has been fixed because it is quite good now. (I'm happy ^_^) Then why I really want to post about my travel story in Sumatra Island? Because Sumatra is the island where I was born. It was more than 20 years I left Sumatra island and reside in Java island. It was like wonderful trip but I'm sorry I don't make many pictures there, now I'm regret. (T_T) I was too exited because it just like a dream after so long time never visit that place and I even not remember about this place then I have a time to see it. I go to Sumatra Island by road trip so I saw many places. The trip journey was like this Sragen (central Java as the departure place - my home) - Bandar Lampung (Lampung-Sumatra = my uncle home) - Belitang (Sumatra = place where I born) - Mesuji (Lampung-Sumatra = my uncle citrus plantation) - Central Jakarta (Jakarta = My uncle home) - Jababeka ( Cikarang = my sister hause) - Sragen (back to my home town). It was long journey, right? How could traveling to all those place only take 10 days? It was took 10 days because for some of those place just for stop by, the reason just for stop by because the time was limit. Ok let start to talk about how was wonderful feeling to visit my place of birth and I will write it into some part.
Take trip by road was really good choice to have a lot memories about our trip as long the time is enough and the destination is not too far. Sragen to Lampung is about 1 day and 1 night trip by road trip. The departure time from Sragen was afternoon and I arrive my uncle home about 8 PM. It was also need to cross the sea between Java Island to Sumatra island, we can call this as strait and the name of this strait is Sunda strait.
In Merak harbor when we were waiting for the ferry to sail there is attraction of boys who swim to collect coins from the voyagers. I made video about this kids but the quality does not good because I took with my mobile camera and it is only 2 MP so better not sharing in here. Here is the picture from other blogger.

Crossing Sunda strait from Merak harbor to Bakahuni harbor, my bus carried by ferry. Hahaha... I don't know why it was feel  so amazing maybe it was so long time I don't take trip by ship. The last trip by ship when I went to Bali was about 9 years ago. When arrived Bakahuni harbor I don't know why the feeling like so cool and comfortable, maybe my soul also missing Sumatra island.
Crossing Sunda strait by ferry took about 2 hours. After seeing that Lampung icon made me feel like finally I will visited Sumatra island after more than 20 years. That icon has name Siger, Siger mean that Lampung is great and it is reflect philosophy of 5 good attitudes of Lampung's citizen. They are:

1. piil-pusanggiri (shame lowly job in religious as well as having self-esteem),
2. juluk-adok (has a personality according to his custom he assumed),
3. nemui-nyimah (visit each other to stay in touch and friendly welcoming guests),
4. middle-nyampur (active in the association community and not individualistic),
5. sakai-sambaian (mutual help and mutual help with other community members).

Then continue the journey from Bakahuni to Bandar Lampung. I don't remember how far it is but arrived in home about 8 PM. On the way to Bandar Lampung there is also other Harbor, the name of the harbor is Sepanjang. My father told me that before Bakahuni the harbor was Sepanjang it was took 4 hours sail then it  moved to Bakahuni which closer that only took about 2 hours. Sepanjang also still busy but I think it is using for coal transfer from Sawah Lunto.

Arrived to my uncle home feel like finally I can take a bath. Hehehe... Ya... it was like that because I didn't take a bath for 1 day and 1 night feels so not comfortable. This is the first time I visited my uncle home, the most reason we came there because my aunt is sick and because it is close to my place of birth then my father decided to visit there also. Near my uncle home there is hill and it is destroying to make it flat for housing so it was noise in day time because of the hard machine which was attacking the hill. We took a rest for 2 days and 3 night in my uncle home then continue trip to Belitang in the morning in the days of three.

The story continue in the next part

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