Pink Sand in Komodo Island's beach

I ever talked about beaches with the most charming of sand's color in the world, in this post there is a pink sand beach in Harbor Island, Bahamas. Well... I never think and I just knew it that in Indonesia also have pink beach. Where is pink beach in Indonesia? It is in the lost world land in Indonesia, yap... it is in Komodo Island. As Indonesian I really love this island, it has so beautiful nature, rich with kind of flora and fauna which like from Dinosaurs time, included as best snorkeling and scuba diving spot in Indonesia after Raja Ampat and Wakatobi. Ok... maybe we need to look back to Komodo Island with some photos. Here are:

Do you remember with those pictures? Yes... It is the dragon Komodo and the Island Komodo. I did talk abou those before, now I want to talk about the beach which has beautiful pink sand colors. Here are:

Is it beautiful, isn't it? Pink Beach is a name that given by foreign tourist but by local resident this beach given name as Red Beach (Pantai Merah). Along the coast, there is no building and no populated  so beach is empty still natural, this is one of reason make the tourists who prefer a quiet and beautiful beaches really enjoy it. They said there are only 7 beached in the world which has pink sand color, one of it in Bahamas and in Komodo Island. According to the original, pink sand fraction is composed of red coral, but others say  this pink color is produced due to a sort of microscopic animals called Foraminifera amoebae that produce red or pink light on the rock, do not be surprised if we took a pinch of sand, then it looks red sand in between the white sand.
Interestingly from the beach, when the waves swept sand and pull it back, then sand the color changed into the dark pink, very beautiful. Grains of sand is soft and smooth, feels soft when walking or sunbathing on it. 
Activity there other than take pictures, can sunbathe, swim, or just sit and enjoy the scenery. Besides not too crowded and commercial, swimming activity was very pleasant and refreshing eye, because a lot of hard corals and soft corals and colorful still healthy, plus the number of ornamental fish, such as clown fish (Nemo fish), butterfly fish, bat fish and much more.
How to achieve Pink Beach, fairly easy, we flew from Bali to Labuan Bajo then hire speedboat or fishing boats from Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island. Prior to the Pink Beach, tourists usually come before the Park at Loh Liang to see wild life of wild dragons (Komodo) first.
For fans of scuba diving, the underwater world at the Pink Beach very amazing and beautiful, you can follow a dive trip with Dive Operators in Labuan Bajo.
For notes, because of the beach is no shop or restaurant, you are advised to bring your own meal supplies.

Enjoy for your vacation... Visit Indonesia and browse it till left. I love Indonesia....
Other pictures collection.


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