The mysterious Ascension island

Ascension Island is a point that is almost invisible in our world because the vast island of Ascension is only about 90 km. Ascension Island is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the St. Helena, a United Kingdom overseas territory. Geologically, the island of Ascension is an island that is quite young. The island was created about a million years ago from the hot magma from volcanoes under the ocean along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Until 1850, the island is an uninhabited island and is an active volcanic island.

Ascension Island is expected epidemic was first discovered in 1501 by Spanish explorer "João da Nova". Which the dry climate and lack of clean water to make Ascension barren, but the island is a major area for boaters to look for sea birds and green turtles.

Harsh conditions make an ideal Ascension into prison. In 1725, the Dutch officer Leendert Hasenbosch exiled on the island as punishment for sodomy. Almost a year later, British sailors found a tent, diary, and his stuff. most likely, the man died of thirst. Not until the 1815 epidemic in the island of Ascension to be permanently inhabited. That year, the British Royal Navy declared the existence of the island as a precaution after Napoleon was imprisoned on Saint Helena, about 1,300 kilometers to the southeast.

Under the occupation of the navy, established the post break for scientists like Charles Darwin and Joseph Dalton Hooker. Hooker was a botanist. With encouragement from Darwin which will develop a plan to turn the island into habitable, it became one of the most successful ecological experiment of all time.

In 1847, Hooker, with the help of his father, who led the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, set the tree to be sent to the island. The idea that the trees planted will collect rain water and make the soil fertile, changing barren into lush gardens. Year after year, a new tree growing variety of gardens in Europe, South Africa, and Argentina. Towards the end of the 1870s, this island is home to Norfolk pine, eucalyptus, bamboo and banana trees.

The plan worked perfectly. Green Mountain, the highest peak on the island, a "cloud forest," characterized by persistent low-level clouds. The trees draw moisture from the cloud, enriching the soil and allow vegetation to grow. Darwin, Hooker, and the Royal Navy to be effective change Ancension island oasis, and became the first architect in Ancension.

Ascension Island while still relatively unknown, the estate was finally able to prove that it is very important for humans to survive on an artificial island's ecosystem, which is one of several large-scale forests in the world.


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