Mirror Lake "Danau Cermin", Kalimantan

In East Kalimantan, there is a lake like a giant mirror. This lake has name Labuan Cermin. The reason why this lake has name Labuan Cermin which has meaning Mirror Port because the water of this lake is clear blue as if every image is reflected on it. Labuan Cermin lake is like a hidden treasure because not many traveler who knows this place, but the beauty of this lake like a giant mirror can not be denied. The lake is located in the village Biduk-biduk, Berau, East Kalimantan. To reach this lake, it takes approximately 20-24 hours journey by road from Samarinda or 6 hours by airline from Sepinggan Airport, Balikpapan Airport to Cape Redeb. If you already  know The Exotic Derawan, then this place can be reached within three hours by ship or boat from Derawan. Ya...It is quite tiring trip but don't worry the beauty of this lake is worth for that tired of trip we got.

Before reaching Labuan Cermin Lake, you should browse the jungle trekking for 30-45 minutes. Forests are very wild and challenging. You will find lush trees and wild animals such as monkeys, wild boar, birds, gibbons and sun bears, gibbons. Ehm.. it is really thrilling journey. On arrival in Labuan Cermin, a stretch of blue water that will invite admiration. Indeed, the view is hard to find anywhere. Large lake, the water is colored clear blue and surrounding with green trees, seemed to take you to another world. Not only that, the lake is like a giant mirror reflecting the image around any objects.

Labuan Cermin lake is very unique because it has a freshwater on the surface and at depths about 2 meters from the surface there is a flow of salt water to goto the bottom of the lake. What makes it unique is the second type of water is not mixed. This will be evident when you dive and feel the bubbles of water and some warm spots or white layer which like divide those waters. That is the boundary between sea water and fresh water. No one has done research in this area so that the formation of this phenomenon remains a mystery. Differences are what makes this lake is inhabited by two organisms from two of the world, freshwater fish that live on the surface, and sea water fish on the lake bottom. Prepare yourself for diving, snorkeling, and swimming. The water was very cold, clear, and fresh. The beauty of marine life should not be questioned. Water plants, fish and beautiful natural stones in the water makes you as if in a dream. If you want to scuba diving and snorkeling in here, you have to bring your own equipment because there is no rental equipment in here yet. It seem still so natural beauty...

Other photos collection of the Labuan Cermin Lake or The Mirror Lake

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