Kliluk, a Beautiful Unique Spotted Colorful Lake

After weighing and confused which article that I have to write first from many articles ideas in my head then I concluded to write an article about Kliluk. Kliluk is a beautiful lakes that near the town of Osoyoos in British Columbia, Canada, this lake is a lake in the form of spots and colorful. The form is spotty make a lot of visitors from all over the world visit this lake. Spotted Lake has a very high concentration of different minerals such as magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate and calcium. This lake also contains very high concentrations of 8 other minerals as well as several small doses of the four other elements such as silver and titanium.

Most of the water in the lake evaporates during the summer, leaving the "spot" large (pool / pool / point) minerals. At one spot will be white, pale yellow, green or blue depending on the mineral composition of the remaining. Puddles containing magnesium sulfate, will crystallize in the summer and harden naturally. During the First World War, minerals harvested from the lake for the manufacture of ammunition. Chinese workers on duty to transport salt from the lake surface which amounts to a ton and sent to the munitions factories in eastern Canada.

The lake named by the natives of Lake Okanagan as Kliluk, Kliluk also be culturally significant sacred site of the potential to become the new commercial area of ​​controversy. Water quality treatment has been known for thousands of years ago. Native Indians using mud and water of the lake to cure some diseases. According to the story, after the two warring tribes signed a cease-fire, on both sides were allowed to care for the wounded on the spot rate of the lake.

The lake was originally owned by Ernest Smith Family about 40 years. In 1979, when Smith tried to make the lake a commercial spa, native tried to block and try to buy the lake so that they can still make the lake as a sacred site. After more than 20 years of negotiations, the community still fails to convince Smith to sell his land, and finally in October 2001 an agreement between the Smith family and the government, they bought 22 acres of land with a total cost of $ 720,000.

Today, the lake is surrounded by a fence to keep people in, but you can freely get a beautiful view on the lake from the highway. For those who've come to the lake is said that their shoes become dirty because of mud after playing in the lake but the beauty of the lake and the experiences when they visit here made them not feel disappointed  if their shoes must get be dirty. Happy traveling and adventure ....



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