The hidden of amazing Bryce Canyon rock formation

I live in tropical country when I saw American movie which show Grand Canyon or other canyon make me feels that rock formation are amazing. Today I want to talk about a wonderful Bryce Canyon, I know it is not unique article anymore because this canyon already very famous and there are many websites talk about it. But I want to write it because I found a hidden beauty in Bryce Canyon, not me but I think it is the beauty side. I got this hidden beauty from beautiful mother nature sharing pictures. What is it?
Ok... Let's talk about Bryce Canyon first. From Wikipedia I got information about Bryce Canyon, it is a national park located in southwestern Utah in the United States. The major feature of the park is Bryce Canyon which, despite its name, is not a canyon but a giant natural amphitheater created by erosion along the eastern side of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. Bryce is distinctive due to geological structures called hoodoos, formed by wind, water, and ice erosion of the river and lake bed sedimentary rocks. The red, orange, and white colors of the rocks provide spectacular views for park visitors. Bryce sits at a much higher elevation than nearby Zion National Park. The rim at Bryce varies from 8,000 to 9,000 feet (2,400 to 2,700 m). The park covers 35,835 acres (55.99 sq mi; 145.02 km2)[1] and receives relatively few visitors compared to Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon, largely due to its remote location.

Then what the hidden beauty I talked about? For me the rock formation of Bryce canyon already beautiful but there is other thing that made me tell wow... I don't know a lot information about it. Because I'm very far from Bryce Canyon. Here are the hidden beauty I talked about.

Is that beautiful right? I don't know which one is right, it is in Zion national park or in Bryce Canyon. It is said that it is in  Bryce Canyon but there are 2 person said it is in Zion. They said it has name hoodoo formations. And I think this hoodoo formations is really amazing and beautiful.


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