Festival Sarung in Samarinda

I think I become often to talk about Borneo (Kalimantan) recently. Ya... Borneo island is amazing, many interesting place there and it is the biggest island in Indonesia. And the news about it that in Samarinda, East Kalimantan will introduce one of the city's heritage that is 108 years old house on the Festival circuit Gloves Samarinda. Head of Culture and Tourism Office of Communications and Informatics of Samarinda, HM Faisal, on Friday, said the house was built in 1904 manor named citizen of Chinese descent, HKLiem, who then bequeathed to his youngest son, Lo Be Long, will become the object of the photo contest to be held on Sunday.
It is said that the house is located on Yos Sudarso road is currently occupied by Ronald Lolang as the third generation of Lo Be Long. Until now, the house became part of the history of the city of Samarinda was never renovation but only the first part of the roof made ​​of asbestos shingles replaced.

Photo contest themed `it` Tempo Doeloe Faisal said okjek deliberately took 108 years old house is now known as the `Anne` Villa in an effort to introduce and promote the home to the public, especially young genarasi.

According to the interview there are still many people who are not familiar Samarinda house as one of the city's history that cleaved the Mahakam River.

"I am sure, there are still many people who do not know the history of Villa Annie as part of Samarinda and the buildings are 108 years old. So, on this occasion we want people to know one of the oldest buildings in this city," Faisal said.

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